Keys to a better marriage!!!

Your key today is to let go and start fresh daily. Do you
want to know a main secret to a happy marriage? It is
learning to let go of the little hurts, pains and
disappointments. Learn to forgive and choose to move on.
Now I of course know that isn’t easy. Our brains love to
retain information especially stuff we can use in our next
fight. I did this for the first few years of my marriage as
well. I had a good inventory of all the skeletons in my
spouse’s closet and every hurt she ever caused me. Do you
want to know what I got for all my detailed bookkeeping?
Well let me tell you, I got lack of sex, poor communication,
frustrations, resentment, anger and never getting anything
resolved. That did not seem very rewarding if you ask me.
Then thankfully we got into a marriage Bible study and were
taught how to forgive and give it all up to God. In a very
short time our marriage turned around, love bloomed again,
communication improved and this woman I couldn’t stand
being around became my best friend and love of my life
again. We went on to have 19 more wonderful years of
marriage before she got called home to heaven. God can do
miracles in your relationship as well but it all starts with
closing the book on yesterday and starting fresh with new
love and forgiveness today. This is not the easiest key to
use but it can be the most rewarding.


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