The Engagement Affair (Part 11) 18+

Emelia turned around and slammed the door to her
room in her sister’s face. Sofia knocked a couple of
times and gave up when she didn’t get a response. She
walked down to the stairs to where her dad and his
young wife sat.
“Still no success?” his dad asked.
“Give her more time. She’ll definitely snap out of it.”
Sofia knew she had no more time. Each passing day
she was close to Nataniel made her longing for him
“Why don’t you folks just accept the fact she may not
like him?” her dad’s wife asked.
Sofia gave her a “stay-out-of-this” look before turning
back to her dad.
“Please try talk to her. I’ve almost had it with her
“I’ll try. You know she has the fighting spirit of your
Sofia rolled her eyes and stepped outside. She could
see the roof of the beach house a short distance away.
She had to somehow contain her feelings. She knew it
wasn’t going to be easy. Hugging herself from the
gentle breeze blowing from the sea, she walked the
back to the beach house.
Nataniel got to the edge of the sea. A large number of
people had gathered. He pulled one of the boys they
were with earlier, the one called Vlad.
“What happened? Where is she!!!” he shook him hard.
“We don’t know!!!”
Nataniel pushed him away and walked up to another
guy who was holding onto a pair of binoculars. He was
scanning the waves. “There she is!!!” he yelled.
Nataniel grabbed the binoculars and looked through
them at where the guy was pointing. He could catch a
faint glimpse of Anastasja’s red hair in the fading light
as she bobbed in and out of the waves.
“I have to go get her.” Nataniel said.
“You can’t!!! It’s suicide. She’s gone!!!”
“No she’s not!!!” Nataniel yelled back angrily.
He tore off his shirt and dived into the sea. Fighting the
strength of the waves, he swam fast towards where he
thought he had seen the red haired girl earlier. It
seemed more than an hour but in reality was just about
four minutes. He couldn’t find her. He looked around.
The beach seemed so far away. Anastasja had
Just as he began to despair, he caught a glimpse of her
red hair as it came to the surface. Diving, he swam
towards her and grabbed her before she disappeared
again. Keeping her head above the water and fighting
against the waves, he managed to drag her limp body
back to shore. Some guys dove in and dragged them
both to shore. Nataniel carried Anastasja’s seemingly
lifeless body and lay her on the sand. He knelt down
beside her as people crowded around him. Blood flowed
from a nasty gash on her head and seeped into the
sand. Her face was a deathly white and her lips had
started turning blue.
“Please don’t let her die!!” Leah cried into his ear.
Nataniel bent over her and put his ear near her face.
She wasn’t breathing and he began to panic. Breathing
slowly, he forced the emerging fear down.
“Please give me some room everyone!!!” he yelled.
“Give him room!!” the guy with the binoculars said,
pushing people who had crowded around back.
Nataniel pinched Anastaja’s nose shut and breathed
deep into her mouth. He watched as her chest fought to
expand against the tight surfing gear.
“You have to get the gear off!! It’s constricting her
chest.” Binoculars said.
Nataniel grabbed the neck of her gear and with one
swift movement, he ripped the tough material open.
Ignoring the swell of her huge breásts that burst into
view, he returned to her head. He breathed into her
mouth again and watched her chest expand. Placing
one hand over the other, he began to push down on her
“C’mon Anastasja, wake up!!” he said. He kept forcing
air into her lungs and pumping her chest with his hands.
Leah wept uncontrollably over him. Everyone held their
breaths and watched him eagerly.
To Be Continued…


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