The Engagement Affair (Part 16) 18+

“Here, let me help you wash your back.” She stood up and pulled out a small stool from behind the tub.
“Come, have a seat here.” She commanded. Nataniel hesitated.
“Come on, don’t be shy.” She repeated.
Nataniel slowly lifted himself out of the Jacuzzi and hiding his huge erection with his hands, he sat on the stool. He quickly reached for his own towel and covered himself up. Sofia’s eyes bulged a bit and she smiled when she caught a glimpse of his sizeable package. She was mildly impressed. Her smile widened as he reached for his towel. She knelt behind him and reached behind her for a sponge and some soap. She began to scrub his back slowly.
“Nataniel, I’m sorry about how Emelia has been behaving.” She said after a few minutes of silence.
“What?” he suddenly jerked back to the present. His mind had been on her and had been trying to control his urge so far with little success.
“Emelia’s behavior.” She continued. “She’s…she’s a little bit confused right now. She really means no harm.”
“Oh, right. Well, I really don’t blame her,” he replied with a smile, “she’ll be a bit shocked with all what’s going on.”
“Yeah, but still…” she paused as she adjusted the tiny towel across her breásts. Nataniel’s eyes followed the movement of her hand.
“Urmmm…Sofia? How long do you think is this…teaching’s going to take?”
“As long as I can observe you.” She gripped his arm and began to run the soapy sponge over it. Nataniel jumped a bit as he felt her pull his arm against her soft breásts. They caressed his arm gently.
“Perhaps I chose the wrong words” she laughed. “What I meant is I want to make sure if you’re a good match for Emelia.” She moved again and her breásts slipped onto his shoulder blades. “So far you’ve been doing great.”
Nataniel couldn’t control it and his rod grew much harder, bulging and nodding visibly under the towel on his laps. Sofia noticed the movement under the towel. She peered over his shoulder for a moment and continued to wash him. Lifting a small bowl by her side, she scooped some water from the tub and poured it over him, rinsing off the soap from his body.
“I…I’m sorry Sofia.” He said in embarrassment.
“Now let me wash your chest.” she said, ignoring his apology.
“Umm, no you don’t need to…”
Sofia walked around him and placed a finger on his lips.
“C’mon, don’t be shy.” She knelt down again in front of him and Nataniel could do nothing than to behold her magnificent beauty. He was awed by her náked beauty.
“Sofia…” he whispered. His dìck throbbed painfully. Sofia looked into his eyes as she smeared the soap over his chest and abs. His dìck continued to nod vigorously with each heartbeat.
“I…I’m so sorry about this.” Gawd she was so beautiful! He was ashamed he was getting so aroused by her.
“Don’t apologize.” Sofia rubbed her hands around the bar of soap she held. “It’s so natural for a young…man like you to be aroused by a lady, especially in this kinda situation.”
“Uh, yeah…but…” Nataniel began to respond, but before he could do anything, she slipped her soaped up hands under his towel and wrapped her long fingers around his dìck.
“S…Sofia!!! Wait…what are you…?!” Nataniel cried out. He tried to grab her wrists but Sofia gripped him tightly. She pulled the wet towel off him and flung it aside. They both watched as she ran her hand up and down his hard shaft. Nataniel’s body began to respond and his willpower to stop her evaporated totally.

To Be Continued…


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