The Engagement Affair (Part 19) 18+

“I’ll swallow it! I want to! Please!!” she begged. She
slurped over his leaking head, drooling saliva all over it
and sucking like a hungry baby. She released her
mouth and gave him a couple of quick strokes. Nataniel
couldn’t stand it anymore. Sofia felt his dìck jerk
sporadically in her hand and immediately crammed it
back in her mouth. He blasted another large load and
she squealed and shuddered as the combination of his
warm cüm blowing into her mouth and her fingers
rubbing furiously at her cünt brought her too to her
orgasm. She struggled to swallow as fast as he
ejaculated into her mouth but it was no use. Cüm
began to flow out of the corners of her mouth and she
struggled to keep it in. She pulled him out of her mouth
and milked the rest out of him, the rest of his cüm
dripping onto her thighs. She swallowed and laughed.
“Was that enough for you?” she asked in delight.
“Yeah,” he breathed his reply, “It was so wonderful.”
“Did you like it?”
“Yes, I loved it.” Nataniel laughed nervously.
Sofia stood up, her breásts, face, tummy and thighs
dripping with cüm. She bent over and gave him a quick
kiss on his lips.
“I’m glad you did. You taste really delicious.” She
whispered seductively at him.
She turned and stepped into the Jacuzzi tub. Nataniel
sat on the stool exhausted and watched her as she
took her bath. A calm euphoria came over him as he
drowsily watched her. She finished, wrapped her micro-
towel around her body, and with a smile, left the
bathroom. Nataniel sighed in content as he finished up
his own bath.
To Be Continued…


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