The Engagement Affair (Part 8) 18+

“Look Oleg I’m trying my best.” Emelia screamed over
the phone. “I told you he means nothing to me. I’m not
going to marry him. Pure and simple.”
“Have you told your dad yet?”
“No. I want to give them some time to process the fact
that I don’t like him.”
“Then how long do you want to take?”
“Look Oleg things aren’t as simple as that. If you were
here things will be much easier for me. Everyone is on
my case. My sister, my dad, the only person who seems
to support me is my step mum.”
“Okay baby don’t cry. I’ll try see if I can come down
before the end of the week.”
“I really miss lying in your arms. I need you here with
me badly!!!”
“I miss you to. I’ll come out as soon as I can.”
Drinks on their table, they had been talking and laughing
for about an hour. When not being a pain in the neck,
Anastasja was quite the girl. A bit blunt and tomboyish,
but aside those flaws she was actually a very nice girl.
She was entertaining them with another funny story
when a girl with a big arse and obviously large fake
boöbs spilling out walked past. She was having
problems keeping her assets in her swimsuit and kept
adjusting it to cover her bulges as she walked by.
Nataniel couldn’t help but stare and he instinctively
gawked at her jiggling arse as she walked by. The girls
watched him closely as he turned his head and followed
the girl’s movement.
“Do you like her, Nataniel?” Anastasja asked out of the
blue. Like they both knew he was going to take a second
look, both of them had been watching his face closely
as he peered over his shoulder at the girl.
“No…not that…I…” He knew he was caught and was
about to offer an explanation when Anastasja
interrupted him.
“But you’re still looking at her arse.” She said. The girl
disappeared up the beach, just beyond Leah’s back.
“No. Lemme explain. I…I was just wondering how
comfortable she is with her…assets. I don’t do fat girls.
In fact I don’t really like them.” He said defensively.
“She’s not that fat.” Leah said.
“She is fat to me. See, once a girl can’t comfortably put
on a bikini but would rather a swimming suit, I consider
her fat.”
“So you don’t like me right? You think I’m fat?” Leah
blurted out, a wounded look on her face.
“No Leah, that’s different. You’re not fat.” Nataniel tried
to defend himself.
“Then what am I?”
“You’re…curvy, not fat.”
Anastaja laughed. “She’s not only “curvy”. She’s busty
and well-endowed too.” Leah glared at her, a funny look
on her face.
“What about you? You’re not really a slouch yourself.
Those poor boys you surf with must have problems
keeping their hands to themselves with those floating
devices you call your boöbs.”
“Really?” Anastasja replied dryly.
“You jealous I’m hogging all their attention?”
“Why would I be jealous?”
Anastasja scoffed and turned back to Nataniel.
“But your dislike for fat girls didn’t stop you from
looking at her after she passed.” She insisted.
“Still doesn’t mean I like her.”
“Admit it. You like her.”
“I don’t. I prefer normal girls.” He said laughing
nervously into his drink.
Anastasja guffawed. “Normal girls?! Pray tell – what’s
your definition of normal girls?” A curious look appeared
on her face. Leah was looking at him quietly as well but
now with an amused smile too.
“Well…you and Leah are normal in my definition.” he
said turning to look at Leah.
“But you just called me fat!!!”
“And I said you’re not fat – you’re…full bodied, curvy,
“And me?” Anastasja asked.
“You too. You’re both beautiful ladies. Very s*xy** too.”
He responded. “If I can’t toss a girl around in bed, then
she’s fat to me.” he added without thinking.
Anastasja laughed. “So you’re thinking of getting both
of us “normal girls” in bed, right?” she fired at him. The
look that immediately appeared on his face was
priceless. He blushed scarlet.
“I….no…that’s not what I meant. What I mean is…” He
stuttered a reply.
“Then what did you mean?” Leah asked. The girls both
stared at him intently.
Nataniel held his tongue. He didn’t want to make it
worse so he just smiled sheepishly. He took another sip
of his drink as Anastasja turned to her friend.
“Men, right? Always thinking with their dìcks.” She
turned back to Nataniel. “Don’t worry Nate, nice try.
Since Leah and I are your definition of normal girls, we
might just decide to fück you together one of these
“Ana!!! He’s my cousin!!!” Leah yelled at her.
The discussion was becoming a bit embarrassing for
Nataniel. Luckily for him a call came into his phone and
bailed him out. He stood up. “Erm…excuse me ladies. I
have to go now. I’ll see you both later.”
“Where’re you going?” Leah and Anastasja asked.
“Back to the office. I’m needed over there.”
“What for?”
“Restocking of supplies. Sofia just got back and she
needs a hand.”
“Okay. Will you still come over to the hotel tonight?”
asked Leah.
“I’ll try.” He gave them both quick kisses on the cheek
and hurried off. Leah and Anastasja both watched him
as he walked away. Leah looked at her friend, who had
an amused look on her face as she watched Nataniel
disappear up the beach.
“Anastasja, that wasn’t really nice of you. He’s my
cousin for Christ’s sake!!”
“But you’d like to fück him, just like you’ve always
wanted to since you both were kids, right?” Anastasja
replied before turning to look at Leah.
“No!!!” Leah responded rather too quickly.
“Or maybe I’ll just go ahead myself.”
“I won’t forgive you if you do that!!”
“Okay. Why don’t we make it interesting then? You and
I, together? Tag-team?” Anastasja said, looking at her
friend dead in the eye.
“You’re kidding, right?” Leah replied. The twinkle in
Anastasja’s eyes told Leah she meant it. All her friend
had told her about her cousin had made Anastasja very
curious about Nataniel, and their interactions so far
since Leah had introduced them already made her begin
to like him, so she just smiled back at her without a
To Be Continued…


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