The Engagement Affair (Part 9) 18+

moved the last box into the store. “That should
be the last of it.” He said. He stretched his arms from
the pain of the heavy lifting. Sofia turned and locked the
store and Nataniel’s eyes briefly gazed at her arse clad
in her tight bum shorts. He sat down on a chair and
sighed. Sofia turned to him.
“That’s it. Thanks for the help. I couldn’t have done it
without you.”
“Nah. It’s part of my “training”, remember? How I
should help my wife in the future?”
“Oh yes!”
They both chuckled and stared affectionately at each
other for a while. Nataniel’s heart skipped a beat. For
the past week he had been looking forward to working
with Sofia as her right-hand man running the resort
together, making sure everything went well. At the end
of each day they both went to the main house to have
dinner before returning to their beach house. Nataniel
had to admit it – he liked her a lot. Too bad he was
going to marry Emelia instead. He winced.
“You okay?” Sofia asked him.
“Yeah I’m fine. I thing I just sprained my shoulders a bit
from all that heavy lifting.”
“Oh poor baby!!! Let me see.”
Sofia placed the board she was holding on a table and
walked towards him. She stood in front of him and bent
slightly to massage his shoulders. Her fingers digging
into his skin felt lovely. Nataniel groaned in
“You like that?” Sofia asked.
“Yeah, it’s nice.”
In the position she was Nataniel was able to look down
her crop top at her bra-encased breásts. A lump formed
in his throat and he swallowed. He forcefully dragged
his eyes away from her deep cleavage and looked into
her eyes.
Sofia could see the desire in his eyes and she bit her lip.
She had gradually developed a fluttering in her tummy
anytime they were together, and now in the position they
were, she began to aspirate. Her fingers mechanically
worked on his shoulders as she gazed into his eyes. To
her mild surprise, he placed his hands on her waist,
right on the spot where her skin peeked out. His cool
touch on her hot skin sent a shiver through her. Goose
bumps immediately broke out on her skin. She glanced
briefly at his lips.
“Sofia.” Nataniel whispered her name softly. He moved
his face closer to hers and Sofia slowly closed her eyes
as their lips met. He gently kissed her like only a lover
would. Her lips parted and he slowly caressed her lower
lip with the tip of his tongue. She felt herself begin to
melt but almost immediately thought about her sister.
Before her growing desires betrayed her, she broke the
kiss and pulled away from him. Nataniel sighed,
“I…I’m sorry Sofia. I shouldn’t have done that.” He
She couldn’t bear to look into his eyes again. She didn’t
want him to see the longing lurking deep in her eyes.
“It’s…it’s okay.” She squeaked. If he had kissed her
longer she knew she would have been defeated. She
tried to steady her beating heart and breath.
“I think we should go back now. I’ll head up to the main
house to see how everyone’s doing. You wanna come?”
“Nah. I’ll just go home and take a rest. My muscles are
aching and I stink. I need a bath.”
“You do that. I’ll see you when I get back.”
To Be Continued…


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