Adventure with aunty Caro {18+}…… Part 6


tried watching movie, I was watching earlier, could not concentrate
the whole scene is just playing in my head.

Was expecting her to come back, because she left her head net..

5 mins after 6 she’s not back I quickly pick the head net I keep it
inside my back pack. Because caro should be back from school soon.

Thirty minutes past six my aunty is not back.. I pick my phone dialed
her no,,, Ton ran ton ran heard her phone ringing outside …

I cut the call, when I heard her ringtone close to the room.. My
common sense notify she’s around
Me : Welcome Aunty
Caro : Evening dear.
How are you?
Me : am good..
How was your day ?
Caro : Mehn it was stressful..
Had Four lectures today.
Me : ehyah
Caro : hope you are not bored .. “Home alone all day”
Me : not at all,your laptop keep my company..
Caro : but how come.. We both exhausted the power yesterday. .
Did phcn brought light.
Me : no.. I charged it at Abraham’s place..
Caro : OK.. So how did you know my password..
Me : I input your usual password and it worked for me.
Caro : hope no body came to check on me
Me : No… But Sheyi came to return the iron
Caro : How did you know her name ?
Me : she told me.
Caro : OK.. Have you eating ??
Me : no.
Caro : omg,, you haven’t eaten since..
Me : I only ate bread.
Caro : ohh… And I won’t be able to cook tonight..

I don’t know when I ask WHY ?
Caro : am having a 7am test tomorrow, am going to school soon to read
But I promise I get you what to eat before leaving..

She put off her clothes, tied her towel and went to the bathroom, 30
minutes later she’s fully dressed , she announced she will going with
her laptop, because the material she wants to read is a soft copy…
She carry her backpack and told me to follow so that she could get me
what to eat.

We trekked for like 10 minutes before we saw a eatery, she keep asking
if I know my way back..
Which I keep replying her with yes..

Enter the eatery she ordered for 2 plates of rice in a take away
dish.. With 2 plastic Coke..

Within 5 mins the waiter is back with the food with a bill of one
thousand two hundred naira, she brought out her purse and pay the
She took one nylon and stretched the second one towards me, collected
it her follow her.

She stopped a bike when we get outside, she instructed me to call
when I get home…

What was bothering me now is,, this another opportunity to explore
Sheyi but there two things involved.
One.. I don’t have her no..
Would have informed her Caro is not gonna be at home all night
Two.. I don’t have the mind to talk to her face to face.. That seems
insane to me, we only just met yesterday..

And if I even want to try mount courage to talk to her face to face..
She don’t stay alone..
What about if I went to knock and she’s not the one that we come and
open the, who will I tell that person am looking for or what business
am I transacting with the person..

I just zero my mind, continue with my trekking am almost at home when
my phone rang….

Guess who ???
Catch you in next episode

To Be Continued…


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