Adventure with aunty Caro part 9 {18+}


Fast forward to saturday, Arsenal versus Spurs match…lincoln had
already informed me, he won’t be around,he told me he’s going to his

uncle’s place… But he promise to drop his key incase there is light,
so that i can watch the match at his place… 12pm there is no sign of
light.. Not even flashing.. 1pm light no show, thirty minutes past
light no show.. And match we start at 1 : 45.. I had already gave up
on watching the match.. Caro left for saloon at 5 minutes to two..

I was following the match on twitter… 15minutes played already no
goal from both side, i was getting bored about everything.. I decide
to reward my body with nap.. My body had barely touch the bed when
phcn brought the light.. I quickly jump up..picked lincoln’s key rush
to his room.. Switched on the tv and the gotv set… I lay on his bed,
the game was in firsttime stoppage time when TANIA walked inn..

TANIA: you can’t even come and call me.
ME: am sorry, i don’t even know your room.
TANIA: haba, but you saw when i entered the room opposite your sister
room yesterday.
ME: i can’t be so sure because of that..
TANIA: what am i putting on, when you saw me yesterday ?
ME: you mean when you entered that room ?
ME: towel
TANIA: so you expect me to visit someone with just my towel
ME: i dunno, it’s your choice
TANIA: ok, i can’t do that oh..
ME: ok ma oh
TANIA: but, you are a lier
ME: Why ?? When did i lied to you
TANIA: what about the day i caught you starring at my Bosom
ME: i was starring because i love what i saw that day
TANIA: you mean it.
ME: yea
TANIA: so will you love to touch them ?
ME: i won’t even mind, if you order me to suck them.
TANIA: Bad boy, lets get naughty then.
ME: after the match
TANIA: common, time not on our side,
ME: lincoln won’t be back till 7 and this is just part 2
TANIA: what about your sister.
ME: she can’t come here.
TANIA: she will, if she didn’t meet me in my room..she warned me
already to stay off you

“i wanted to ask if she’s that

Prosmicious that caro warned her to stay off me.. But i know such
words could forfiet everything..

She stood up went to the door, locked it from the back…
She join me on bed, we kissed and foreplay for like 15minutes, she
pull off my shirt and shorts, i help with hers too, we were both Unclad
on bed when she picked her trouser, dip her hand inside the back
pocket and brought out a condom..

ME: so you already prepare for this..
TANIA: no time jare.. But don’t see me a Lovepeddler.. It’s just that i love
you, but i can’t date you because of our age difference..
But we can still enjoy ourselves..

“she rolled the condom on johny, we start the match with woman on top
later switched to doggy.. She Pour after 20mins, we later switched to
leg on shoulder style after she had release..
I also dump my juice in condom 8 minutes later..

“We both dressed up after the scene, she left the room immediately
while i continue watching the match, she later came into the room with
two bottles of nutri c..

To Be Continued…


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