Written by nite fury
Break time, Felicia cleared her desk and left the office
without even looking at the English teacher. She went

straight to her car and waited till when she knew he
would have left left for the gate. While she waited in
the car, she removed her wet panties and put it inside
a brown envelope.
Driving towards the gate, she saw him walking and
stopped to pick him as though she was just giving him
a lift to town. Opening the front passenger seat, he sat
next to her looking very tensed. As soon as she was
outside the gate, she passed the envelop to him asking
him to open it.
When he did, he looked inside and saw her panties and
turned to face her with confusion all over his face.
“Bring it out” she commanded, to which he did and she
told him “You can keep it, I wore it specially for you. I
see you like looking at them”
That statement made him uncomfortable, but he
smiled putting the envelope aside. Then she asked him
“I bet your girlfriend wears something like that?”
“I don’t have a girlfriend ma” he said sounding sincere
“You can call me Felicia here. We’re not in the office.
So why don’t you have a girlfriend? With all the
beautiful girls in calabar? Why don’t I believe you?” she
asked just to put him at ease
“Hmmmm. Lets say I’ve not been lucky with girls” he
“Or you’re just shy to approach US?” she asked
indicating ahe was included in the “us”, as she moved
her right hand and placed on his thigh just inches away
from his obviously hard D–k.
“Something like that ma” he said looking out the
“So what happened to Felicia?” she asked rubbing the
head of his D–k with about three fingers. Her tone was
reminding him to do away with the Ma he just called
her again.
She flirted with him all through the drive to her house,
stopping over at a super store somewhere around
Marian to buy two bottles of alcoholic wine. When they
got to her apartment, she led the way in with him
following behind sheepishly.
Locking the door behind them, she offered him a seat.
Minutes later, she popped open one of the wine bottles
and poured both of them a drink saying “In celebration
of the day you stopped being shy”
He smiled as he received the glass from her nd they
both took a sip. Leaving him in the living room,, she
excused herself and went into the room saying she
wanted to change into something casual. Inside the
room, she quickly changed into the lingerie her
husband had got her on Saturday and then exited the
Immediately she returned to meet him she went
straight to sit on his laps and began to kiss him. He
wasted no time in putting away his glass on the table
as her began to grope her boöbs while she wiggled her
bare a-s on his lap drooling and smearing p—y juice all
over the place. The fact that this was the first time she
was cheating in her husband after being married for 12
years made her feel so hot. And right now, the younger
man wasn’t disappointing at all.
Then he broke the kiss, lifted her up from his lap and
placed her back on the couch. He then resumed the
kissing while undoing the ropes holding the lingerie in
front. Seconds later, her boöbs sprang free. At age 35
and having never suckled a child before, her C cups
were still very much firm and attractive.
He paused briefly to admire the hip formed by her
boöbs before going back down to take her itching
nipplës in his mouth one after the other. “Oh my god”
she cried out as he swirled the nipplës around his
tongue like someone who had been reading
instructional materials. Its been so long she enjoyed
this. Or maybe it was because she knew it was wrong,
that’s why it felt so good.
Then he stood back up to take off his shirt after
undoing just about the first three buttons. It was
followed immediately by his vest before he came back
down and began to kiss from her belle button
downward. He kissed down to her pubes not minding
her bushy it was.
Chris Duke her husband, a devote Catholic and
legionary rarely gives her head. The best he does is
suck her nipplës all through, use his fingers in her and
then just kiss the top and her p—y lips. Though she
was frustrated, she had become used to it and didn’t
bother shaving again. At least he could fvck for 10
minutes straight which was ok for her.
But here was this young dude munching on her pubes
and p—y like no man’s business. It made her feel so
good and her body responded by giving producing
more juice. Placing her legs on his shoulders, he
spread her p—y open, lapping up like a dog drinking
water, but making a sound of someone eating a
peppery soup. His hot breathing drove her nuts as ahe
dug her hands into his head holding him in place.
Then he paused and removes his tongue from her p—y
to her disappointment, but he tapped her p—y lips
reassuringly. This was then immediately followed by
his middle finger inside her p—y and then the index
finger as her fvcked her for about 10 seconds before
adding his tongue on her p—y. She almost passed out
from pure bliss as her pupils went behind her eye
As he licked her p—y and finger fvcked her
simultaneously, she in turn rocked back, wiggling her
hips and p—y around face and p—y. Then without
warning, she felt his tongue on her c–töris. It was a
short lick at first, before he eventually took the whole
c–töral hood in his mouth. He pulled the hood up,
before going back down and sucking the clït out of the
The orgäsm that hit her was so intense that her juice
came out of her p—y like water thrown out of a cup
from upstairs, splash, splash and a little more. And the
son of a gun was waiting with his tongue to dry her up.
“Thank you Emem, thank you Emem, Thank you
Emem” she cried in happiness.
All the while his fingers was still inside her p—y as he
gently stimulated her geespot. Losing all self control
and inhibition, She begged him, “Ogar fvck me now
please.. Fvck me please. As she said this words cried.
But this time the tears were of pity. Pity because here
she was not only going against her promise to stay
true to her husband, but was actually begging to be
fvcked by another man and she had no control over it.
When he undid his belt, trouser and pants (yes pants.
He wore a pant) she didn’t know, all she felt was a
huge D–k rubbing gently up and down her slippery love
channel. She closed her eyes tight, never bothering to
look at his size, but she could feel he was larger than
Chris. Making no attempt at inserting into her, he
rubbed his D–k head up to her super sensitive c–töris.
She couldn’t help but pray he just drove it in, because
she was dying in anticipation.
Finally ever so gently, she felt her p—y begin to spread
open as his rod came in. “ahhhhhh” she had moaned
out while grabbing the couch for support. Slowly, he
slid into her, filling up every available space her her
love box. By the time,he was balls deep, she could tell
Chris was definitely longer than him, but right now,
she’ll pick his D–k over her husband’s a thousand
times over.
He held still, enjoying the action her p—y walls were
playing on his D–k. Opening her eyes and looking into
his, she wrapped her arms around him and whispered
“fvck me”, only this time in a bossy like tone because
she had had enough of his teasing.
“Ok ma” he had answered in a tone that suggested he
deliberately called her ma. Then he pushed into her
one more time before he began to pull out with his a-s
cheeks relaxing. When his D–k was halfway out, he
contracted his a-s cheeks thrusting back in almost
immediately making both of them moan “mmmmm”
The pace of his thrusting finally increased as he fvcked
her pounding on all cylinders while kissing her and
föndling her boöbs all at the same time. Then pulling
up to a kneeling position, he closed her legs and held it
up in the air while he continued thrusting into the now
tighter p—y. From his vantage position, he had
watched how his big D–k filled her p—y and all she
did was to urge him on by pulling on his a-s each time
he withdrew.
As her p—y kept on contracting around his intruding
big D–k, she noticed his thrusting became a little bit
uncoordinated and she realized he he was about to
cüm as he began panting “hmmm hmmm hmmm”
“c-m in me, Ogar c-m in me” she commanded as the
look on his face said he was trying to delay his release
a bit longer and was actually gona pull out and c-m on
her belle. Spreading her legs free from his hands which
could barely hold them then, she wrapped them behind
him pulling him on her tummy just in time for him to
start shooting his load.
The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect
because as soon as she felt the the first hot load hit
her, she had climäxed unexpectedly probably because
that was the moment she had been waiting for. Her
p—y contractions was in sync with his throbbing and
cüm spitting D–k head. She could feel their joint
mixture flow out into the couch. Its definitely been a
while he met with a woman she thought because his
cüm was just too much.
Contracting her p—y walls around his D–k for the last
time, she milked the last of his sperm into her already
overflowing p—y. He collapsed on her as they both lay
in the same position. Just like him, neither of them was
sure of what to say.
Then like someone who had just come to her senses,
she pushed him off her body saying “You should leave
now ogar”. Closing her lingerie as ahe ties the ropes
together she had seen the look of confusion on his
face. But in not wanting to raise her voice because of
the anger building in her she said “Mr. Ogar, I’ll see
you tomorrow in school, but you must leave my house
right now”
Quickly she began to clear the wine bottle and the wine
glasses while he quickly but confusedly got dressed.
By the time she exited the kitchen, he was buttoning his
shirt and she just walked towards him and began to
push him out. Closing and locking the door behind him,
she ran into her room and began to cry..
Why was she crying guys? After two great orgäsms???
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