Written by Nite furry
Be it class, beauty or wealth, Jane Duke is always
better than every other girl around her. She’s smarter,
and more gifted than they could ever attempt to be.
JaDE as she preferred to be called, is culled from her
name JAne DukE.
Every girl in their neighborhood prayed to wake up and
look like her one morning. So beautiful was Jade, that
her smile alone brightens peoples days.
Back in FGGC Calabar, Jade was the Head girl of her
set. She was loved and respected by Junior students.
Jane was very decent there.
Vivian Abang is the most beautiful, sultriest, badass
girl around the neighborhood. ViBangs as she prefers
to be called wasn’t an exception to the rule that only
pretty girls are called Vivian.
And like her name, Vibangs is full of life. She’s fun and
loves adventures no matter how wild. She’s always on
the go. She was the assistant Head girl of her set back
in FGGV Calabar. No girl around could be compared to
ViBangs…. Well, except her nemesis, JaDE..
While both of them are stunning, from rich homes and
intelligent, JaDe right from their primary school days
was always a step ahead of her and was always the
preferred choice to her chagrin.
In school, JaDe was love and respected by all… Fvck
that.. ViBangs needs no fvcking love from no one.
ViBangs was hated and feared by Junior students and
she loved it that way..
Jade and Vibangs have both known themselves from
their neighborhood, attending same primary and
secondary schools before both proceeding to the
university of Calabar. Jade was a Nursing student,
while ViBangs was for Law.. Both girls dads were
professors of medicine and just like their parents,
they’ve always seen themselves as rivals. Jades’ dad
was the CMD of the UCTH while ViBangs dad was his
subordinate. Despite the familiarities, both girls were
never friends, but instead saw themselves as rivals.
The rivalry was healthy initially.
ViBangs being a spoilt kid, had everything she ever
wanted and all the freedom in the world, hence was
exposed to the immoral side of life early on in life.
Having lost her virginity as early as 15 in SS1, she
holds the record as the only student to have banged 5
male staff in one month back in secondary school.
As assistant head girl, ViBangs had alot of junior girls
frolicking around her, and with her gang, she
introduced a lot of girls into lesbianism. Somehow
because of her intelligence, she had maintained a good
girl appearance which qualified her for the post of head
girl-ship… But a better person, Jade, loved by all, was
given that position, while she was made to assist her.
Vibangs never stopped looking for a way to confront
Jade. Whenever Jade gave a directive, ViBangs looked
for a way to counter it just to get them to exchange
words. The rivalry finally climäxed the day Jade caught
ViBangs molesting an SS1 girl. As punishment for
what ever crime Jade didn’t want to know about, she
had found the said SS1 girl eating out her assistant
head girl’s p—y..
Although she knew many senior girls involved were
involved in the act, she never believed ViBangs was a
member. This led to another confrontation between
both girls and finally Jade reported to the authorities.
ViBangs got a two weeks suspension (thanks to her
parents influence) and had her post stripped off her.
She was never gonna forgive Jane Duke aka JaDE.
This happened during the first term of the final class.
By the time they registered for their SSCE/WASSC,
ViBangs was well known to be a leader of a ring of girls
who engage full time in lesbianism in school. She
couldn’t be expelled, but was only sent out of the
boarding house, coming from home to write her
exams. This didn’t go well with her parents, especially
her mom who saw nothing wrong with her daughters’
lifestyle and choices. It was at this time she mentioned
the fact that Jane was an adopted child to Vivian.
Armed with her new found knowledge, Vivian had
accosted Jane few days into their exams with her
gang. In class, she openly kissed another girl knowing
fully well Jade would complain.
And in her usual way Jade told asked her “When are
you gonna stop this habit vivian Abang?” she was the
only one that called her full names.
“What’s your own Jane Duke? Nothing more can be
done to me. At least I was suspended and I went back
to my parents house.. Unlike a b—–d here who doesn’t
know she’s adopted and thinks she’s with her parents”
Vivian replied her laughing with her friends who all
shouted b—–d daughter..
Surprised Jade asked “So who are you calling a b—–d
Vivian Abang?” finding the whole thing funny
“You of course. b—–d. The mark on your back was
giving to you by your “ashawo” mother, who dumped
you in front of Dr Dukes residence. So that she can
come back and look for you one day. And you have the
guts to be forming. Useless “Born throw away” like
you. Open your back lets see if I’m lying, b—–d” she
replied happy for the first time in their rivalry, she had
the upper hand as Jade broke down in tears.
Jane somehow had taken after Mma’s nature and was
a very calm person, but in being Ima’s daughter and
Itoro’s grand daughter, she had her hot tempered side
also when pushed to the wall. None of the girls saw
her coming, but the next thing they all realized was
ViBangs bleeding from her nose profusely and
screaming. Jade had charged at her, grabbed her by
the hair, and smashed her face against a desk. It
happened so fast that other girls bolted from fear at
how the once calm and quiet Jade could cause such
The year was 2007. Jade a quiet nursing student was
in her first year, while ViBangs a well known runs girl
and dreaded female cultist was in her second year.
Jade had found out the truth from o. parents, when
she got home. She had cried for days when she learnt
the truth and the incidence had affected her
performance in her exams, which meant she had to sit
for the exams the next year. Reason why ViBangs was
ahead of her.
ViBangs somehow hadn’t forgotten how she was beat
up by Jane back in school.. Well that was two years
ago. She’s now worst than before and was still
planning her own vengeance on Jade. When the
opportunity came, she gladly took it with both hands.
Being a hoe, she also works for a drug and human
trafficking syndicate called The Greenhorns.. These
were top business men, with connections in the
government and all military bodies in the country. She
had supplied several girls and also taken part in orgiës
before. But right now, a client wanted 10 girls, virgins
were added advantage, and was willing to pay N2m per
virgin as against 500k for non virgins. The girls are to
be shipped out of the country as s-x slaves.
The challenge was thrown upon to ViBangs
competitors, but she was sure she could deliver. She
already had two virgins in mind. Jane Duke and her
friend, Victoria.. Finding other girls won’t be a problem.


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