Written by Nite fury
ViBangs thought this was the only chance she had to

get rid of Jade once and for all. Now the plan was to
pretend she was no longer hating on or beefing Jade.
Today is Monday, Saturday was the dead line. “Gosh,
this boring lecturer should just fvck off” she cursed
under her breath silently knowing Prof. Eyang was not
one of those lecturers students could mess with in the
faculty of law. He was feared by staff and students
alike. Its a know that fact he is a senior patron of the
Vikings confraternity, being one of the founding
“You must submit this as a term paper on or before
10am on Wednesday” Prof. Eyang said as he made to
exit the lecture hall.
“Finally he’s going, thank you Lord” she said rather
loudly to the hearing of the Prof. A mistake that was
because if she was paying attention, she would have
noticed he was still putting his stuffs together
“Who said that? Young lady, do you mind taking this
files to my office?” he said to her in a command tone.
He had been watching her for most part of the lecture
and pretended not to have been aware she was
fidgetting with her phone all through his lecture.
“Oh my, I’m finished” she said silently as she walked
down the auditorium. The Prof had already left by the
time she got down. Grabbing his files with her mates
laughing at how scared she was, she ran after him.
Inside the the Prof’s office, she locked the door behind
her, placing the files on the table, she hugged him from
behind as he stood pretending to be checking the
Calendar. Passing her hand around, she grabbed his
D–k, squeezed it a little and spun the Prof around.
Undoing his belt, she had his trouser form a hip on his
feet in no time. Grabbing his pants, she tugged down
revealing his semi hard rod.
In no time, she had it in her mouth as she began to
suck his D–k to life. With the expertise of a s-x
instructor, she licked the head, put the tip of her tongue
inside his peel hole while massaging his balls at the
same time. With three minutes of the ministrations on
his D–k, she knew he wouldn’t last much longer if he
penetrated her.
Standing from his feet, she walked over to the table,
lifted her skin tight thigh-length black skirt up, pulled
her g-string panties down to her feet, before spreading
her legs apart. Leaning forward until her boöbs
touched the table, she positioned her p—y for him.
Prof Eyang so much loved this girl, ahe always knew
what to do. Stroking his D–k as he walked behind her,
he gently rubbed his huge D–k head up and down her
slit, coating his D–k with her p—y juice. Going down
on his knees, he continued stroking his D–k as he
licked the young tight, bald p—y dry, making the young
s–t moan. If only his old hag of a wife would trim her
forest to bush level, he would manage, talk less of bald
like this glistening young p—y.
Standing up when he was done, he guided his D–k
inside her hot love canal and began to bang away with
the fury of a guy in mid twenties.
ViBangs, had a deadline to meet, hence she needed
Prof to climäx quickly. She began to push back to him,
meeting his D–k halfway. When she realized it’s
already 5 minutes and he wasn’t near cümming, she
professionally closed her legs around his huge meat
making her p—y’s grip and friction on his D–k tighter.
This did the trick as less than two minutes later, he
grunted out as he erupted his weekend of no s-x c-m
deep inside her. Collapsing in her back for another
minute, he e gently föndled her bra clad boöbs through
her open white blouse.
“Prof, I got to go now” she said, as she made to stand
“Alright sunshine” he said as he stood up.
Grabbing a tissue from her handbag, she wiped her p—
y lips of the c-m that spilled around, pulled up her
panties and adjusted herself. One of the reasons she
preferred the Prof. He was always discrete when it
came to office s-x and would never touch her hair.
“You’ve been running from me since last week. I
deliberately saved all that c-m for your p—y” he said
as he tucked in his shirt and reached for his seat
“I’ve not sir. Been busy. Besides, we agreed the
coming seeking, not this one” she said searching her
bag for her perfume
“I know I know sunshine. Just that I can’t get enough
of you.. You special sunshine” he flattered her.
“By the time Chisom in year 4 come in here later in the
day, you’ll tell her the same thing” she replied mocking
“hahaha… Don’t mind that one.” Reaching inside his
drawer, he pulled out 2 bundles of Dr. Clement Isong
and Alh. Mai Bornu and gave it to her. “Here 200k,
remember all weekend, 4 girls including yourself
making 5. Usual venue. Like I said before, my guests
are very special, so no “mgbeke” girl.. Everyone must
be willing to do anäl.. You get your balance after the
show” he said to her reminding her of their seeking
Putting the money in her bag, she quickly left his
office, went back to where her car was parked and
drove off the the bank to deposit the cash before
returning into the school, but this time to nursing
Prof. Eyang, though feared by all, is just like the
average Nigerian lecturer, always fvcking their female
students . But in his case, not for marks (well, his girls
never fails his courses or that of other lecturers) but for
fun. To maintain the feared personality, his PIMPS, or
girls suppliers (ViBangs, Chisom, Vera and Aniekan)
spread in different levels all pretended not to know him
on a personal level. That way, no one suspected any of
But amongst all his PIMPS, ViBangs was the best. She
never failed to meet up to standard. Having attended
FGGC Calabar, she always had and knew more than
enough girls who were always willing to do what she
wanted. And again, she was the best fvck of them all.
Prof Eyang was also a Greenhorns member or patron.
He actually introduced ViBangs into the syndicate and
the girl was a top contender in leading the southern
district. Her future is sure bright he smiled as he
settled down into his work. He couldn’t wait for the
weekend as it was his turn to hosts his friends from
To be continued


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