The cartel episode 22


By Nitefury
Episode 22
At the beginning of this story, I gave a warning about
its contents and length.. So please for those not

interested in the s-x scenes, please endure
It was somewhat around to 10pm that she woke up to
the sound of people entering the living room. She had
slept off while sobbing about the death of Victoria
blaming it on herself. Seeing vibangs acting up in front
of the camera and crying made her realize she had
really underestimated the witch and her capabilities.
Her quest for vengeance was on an all time high.
Also that her mom was rushed to the hospital was
killing her likewise the pain Vicky’s parents were
passing through right now. As she sat up on the couch,
she stretched out yawning before cleaning her eyes as
she tried to make out the faces of the people in the
room. She recognized her mistress, and two men she
didn’t know but concluded they must be her dad, Chief
Adams and her brother. While she had expected the
man to be pot bellied or fat, she was surprised to see
him well built and physically fit.
“How are you feeling my angel?” her mistress asked
her sitting next to her. When she looked up to her, her
mistress asked her “you’ve been crying?. What’s the
matter?” as she placed her hands on her thigh and
began to caress her.
She simply shook her head saying “nothing”.. By then
chief and his son sat down on the other couch next to
them. Chief then called out to her “come here child” as
though to remind himself she was just a child and he
would be fvcking her soon.
With shaky legs, she walked up to him and he stretched
out his hands guiding her unto his laps. Her school girl
skirt was short and the man wasted no time in dipping
his hand under it as he began to rub her thighs while
lightly brushing her crotch area.
“What’s your name beautiful?” he asked assaulting her
“Jane.. Jane Duke” she replied with heads looking
down at her palms which she was rubbing against
each other.
“Wow.. Your mistresses name is Jane also. You’re a
very pretty girl Jane, just like your mistress” he said. At
this point he had pushed her panties aside and was
running his hands through her slit.
“Thanks you sir” she said still not looking up but
noticing her mistress leave the room
“You know what Jane.. Today is my birthday and
we’re going to have a special after party with you. All
of us here. So don’t be afraid or shy. No one will hurt
you ok?” he said dipping his finger into her p—y as
though to confirm her virginity status.
Removing his hand from her panties, he lifted her up
and placed her between himself and his son who
immediately placed his hand on her thigh. Just then,
her mistress returned from the room with a tray
bearing two wine bottles, four glasses, a small bottle
containing white substances and some small wraps of
paper which she assumed to contain Indian hemp
Her mistress popped open one of the bottles and
emptied the contents into the four glasses. She then
added a little of the white substance into the four
glasses and then handed each of them a glass before
picking up the last one for herself.
During their training on the island, she had drank
different alcoholic beverages knowing most of them
were drugged because she always does stuffs she
wouldn’t believe she would ordinarily. Although she
didn’t know what that white substance was, she felt it
was cocaine and was particularly grateful because she
needed all the moral boost to go through this right
Chief and his son each picked up a wrap of paper, lit
them up and began puff. The smell confirmed to her it
was indeed weed. Her mistress returned to her seat
with her own drink in hand while with his glass and
weed in his right hand, the chief’s left hand went under
her skirt and into her panties again.
Dropping his wine on the table after another sip, the
son inhaled one last time from his weed before taking
it to her mouth. Though cigarette was what she was
thought how to smoke back on the island, she inhaled
from his wrap deeply. Immediately she began to cough
with the son smiling happily and kissing her while
sucking out the smoke from her mouth as she exhaled
it. Smiling at her he said to his mistress, “where did
you find her?.. We’re definitely keeping this one”
By then her body and brain were already relaxing that
she couldn’t have understood whether he meant
keeping her for good or keeping her after the night. She
just smiled back at him.
Next chief dropped his drink in the table, inhaled deeply
and then put the weed into the ash tray and turned to
face her. In one fluid motion, he tore her top, ripping
off all the buttons. “oh yeaaa” he whispered as her
grabbed her large bra clad boöbs and began to föndle
them roughly. “So tender.. Just as a love it” he added
pulling the bra cups under the boöbs and watching
them bounce out freely.
Starting with her her nipplës, her began tweaking them
to life. Going down, he took one in his mouth and
began to suck, pausing to tease and roll it over his
tongue. She didn’t realize when she gave out a muffled
whimper “mmhmmm” as his action sent shock waves
all over her body. She closed her eyes tight as she held
onto her glass with both hands firmly.
While the father s—-d and föndled her boöbs, the son
worked his hand into her panties with her spreading
her legs wider for him. She had lost control of her body
which was now acting on its own.
“hmmm.. Lacy panties” he said as he massaged her
crotch before adding “and shaved p—y” while
spreading her lips apart. Pulling out his hand, he licked
it clean from her wetness before undoing his belt, then
the zip as he pulled out his D–k. Collecting her glass
from her hand, he placed it on the table and then pulled
her hand towards his D–k. She grabbed the D–k and
began to stroke it while he resumed working his hand
inside her p—y.
Then chief lifted her leg and placed over his while
pushing her into a lying position on his son’s laps who
had adjusted his position a little backward. “seems
you’re overdressed for this party” he said as he tugged
her skirt down revealing a floral pattern white lacy
panties. “Hmmm.., beautiful pants” he said as he went
back down licking her p—y through the panties. By
now the son guided his D–k into her mouth which she
began to suck hungrily like a pro while massaging his
balls. The drug was definitely taking its effect on her as
she had now become bold.
Then from the corner of her eye, she saw the father
pull out a little key holder, pressed the middle to reveal
it also had a little knife within. Holding it, he continued
licking her panty clad p—y until he used the knife to
cut the sides of the panties. Then grabbing it with his
teeth, he pulled the ruins off her hips. Her bra, socks
and the torn shirt were the only clothing materials left
on her body.
She felt his hot breath on her p—y which was
immediately followed by his hands grabbing her a-s
cheeks and lifting her up as her p—y met his tongue
halfway. Pouting his mouth, he spread her p—y open
before releasing his tongue that seemed to be longer
than normal inside her wet maiden pink hole and began
to lap.
The feeling was unlike anything she had ever felt
before or imagined. Not even the few times ahe played
with her self could be compared to this. Her body
vibrated immediately his wet tongue split open her slit
upward as it made contact with her c–töris. The feeling
was simply breathtaking. A little part of her sanity was
ashamed at how she was enjoying being violated, she
didn’t bother fighting it because she had lost all
Her virgin p—y kept on leaking juice from deep within
her which the man lapped hungrily with his own saliva.
Then she began to feel funny somehow as her body
began to tingle. The son was busy pinching her nipplës
rather painfully but the pleasure of the tongue on her
p—y and c–töris overshadowed the pains she felt on
her nipplës. She moaned both in pains and in pleasure
with the D–k in her mouth which she never stopped
sucking. Where she got all that energy from remained
a mystery to her.
Her heart began beating faster, her eyes were hazy,
her breathing became raged, she didn’t understand
what was happening…. Then it hit her. Her entire body
shook like a building collapsing. The pleasure was too
much and she felt she was dying. Removing her mouth
from the D–k, she screamed out in pleasure as she
experienced her first orgäsm.
After the little girl had experienced an earth shaking
orgäsm thanks to his tongue, she lay helpless trying to
recover. Her eyes were shut and her p—y lips were
breathing too. This was the best time to penetrate this
beautiful birthday girl his daughter bought for him.
Removing his trouser and boxers together, he held his
well endowed D–k in his hand. Using his legs to spread
her as wide as he could, he lubricated his large D–k
head along her p—y lips coating it with her juice. Then
he position the head right over the opening and
pressed into the small and tight virgin hole.
The teenage girl suddenly gasped and tried to push him
out but his son quickly seized her hands holding them
together with force in a way that she only watched his
big D–k wide eyed as he prepared for the final push.
Gently he pressed further until his D–k met her maiden
head and he smiled to himself. It’s being a really long
while. His beautiful daughter watching from the next
seat was the last virgin he deflowered. Every other girl
had just been very tight but not virgins.
Then he pushed in with force with the girl screaming
“ahhhhhh” before he began to t—-t into her forcefully.
With the alcohol, coke and weed in his system, he
knew he wasn’t cümming anytime soon so he never
bothered about starting slow. Fortunately the girl had
just cüm and was still very wet so the friction wasn’t
dry. As he banged away, the teenage girl whose hand
was held behind her by his son shut her eyes tight as
she sobbed while thrashing her head about in pains.
But again, nature took control of her body and she
began to relax as her p—y kept on releasing p—y
lubricant. After about 5 minutes of thrusting, he facial
expression had changed and he began to feel the grip
around his D–k relax as it began to go in and out with
relative ease. Another 5 minutes later, ahe had started
moaning “mmhmm.. Ahhh… Ughh”…
Then he felt his orgäsm build and quickly withdrew
from her p—y. Turning her into all fours, he and went
over to her mouth while his son took his place behind
her. His son immediately replaced his D–k inside her
p—y and began pounding just in time for the teenage
girl to be thrusting back into him. Then the boy licked a
finger and then pushed it into the girl’s butt hole and
began to slowly move it in and out while the girl
Pushing his D–k into her mouth, he continued fvcking
her mouth. The break he took from her p—y had
delayed his c-m and since her mouth wasn’t as tight as
her p—y, he had to wait a little more.
After about five minutes, his son stopped pounding and
withdrew his D–k frim her p—y. He noticed him coat it
with her juice again and he could tell he was going for
her virgin butt hole. He stopped pounding and held the
girl’s shoulder firmly just in time for his son to start
pushing his D–k inside her butt hole. Slowly, the head
finally popped inside. When he had about half his
length inside her, he began to pull out slowly again.
Her facial expression showed she was in pains, but
she didn’t scream this time around.
After about five minutes of slow butt fvcking, he picked
up pace and began thrusting in with the girl moaning in
pains and pleasure. He then held her head and fvcked
his D–k back into her mouth with great force. It didn’t
take long before he was shooting inside her mouth with
his seeds spilling out from the sides of her mouth and
his D–k.
Done, he wiped his D–k on his face and made to seat
down when he heard the whisper of a silent gun as he
saw a man in all black hit the ground with a loud thud.
His daughter stood behind the man with a gun. Her
next action and words shocked him to his marrow.
TBC ..


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