The cartel episode 25


By Nitefury
She was shown a room where the man asked her to
shower and get some rest after giving her a robe and

towel. Minutes later, she was under the shower and
she saw for the first time the cuts on her body and her
boöbs as she felt the stinging sensation the water had
on her wounds. Washing away the dirt and dried blood,
she flinched in pains as water made contacts with her
Washing her way down, she discovered dried blood on
her p—y lips. It then occurred to her that she had
actually lost her virginity that night. Though she felt
sore in both openings, she admitted she actually
enjoyed the experience, and wondered if an
aphrodisiac was what was actually added to her drink
because she was turned on all through the sexual acts.
Before she knew what she was doing and to her
greatest surprise, she found herself inserting a finger,
then two inside her p—y.
Exiting the shower after about 15 minutes, she tied the
robe and laid on the bed. Wondering what has
happened to her, she found it had to believe she
actually killed a man and felt nothing. What happened
to her sense of humanity? Well, as long as she took her
vengeance on vibangs, whatever it was that has made
her to be emotionless is welcomed.
If there was any thing she had learnt during this saga,
it was how to betray someone when least expected.
Vibangs had befriended her only to get her kidnapped
and sold into s-x slavery about five days later.
Her late mistress had spent a fortune purchasing her,
treated her nice and promised her her freedom and
even made love to her. While behind all those sweet
voice, promises and love making, she was only a pawn
to be sacrificed after a greater evil plot had been
This was definitely the strategy she would use against
vibangs. Paying her in her own coin.
The time was 8:15am, he had been up since 4:am after
just a few hours sleep. He had been following and
monitoring events of the previous night when he
noticed the girl tip toe behind him.
“How was your night Jane?” he asked making her
pause in her tracks.
“I don’t remember telling you my name!” she asked him
in response
Turning to face her, he saw her beautiful she really
was despite having just woken up from sleep. Both in
the other hand, he knew the girl’s psyche had been
severely damaged or altered by her captors. Hence he
had to thread carefully with her.
“Come here” he motioned to her before adding “Have a
seat” indicating the couch directly opposite him.
“You must be hungry?” he asked her as she sat holding
onto her robe.
“Do you have food in this house? You don’t strike like
someone who have time to cook. You stay alone?” she
asked him rather than answer his question as she
looked round living room as though she was observing
the living room.
He smiled in admiration of her cockiness and sarcasm.
There was just something about her that reminded him
about someone special he would really like her to
“So tell me, how were you abducted?” he changed to a
more serious demeanor so the girl could take him
“My friend sold me…..” she went on to explain how
everything happened and how she got to be bought by
Jane Adams.
“…and then you showed up gun blazing, and I had to
save your life from huge man” she concluded while
finding it expedient to remind him she played a part too
in their escape
Ignoring her last remark about saving his life he began
“So you’ve been on tv and o happened to watch the
news in the evening. I’m sorry Victoria died. Perhaps
that was the reason I decided to help you because for
one, you would have been killed since your mistress,
sorry since Jane had been killed. They would definitely
have wanted to cover any loops that might lead to the
real story getting to the press. So I believe you
understand why I said you have to lay low and let me
ensure no one is looking for you. I’ll personally take
you to Calabar to ensure your safety” he said to her
before picking his phone from the table. Handing it
over to her, he asked her to call her parents and tell
them she’s ok and would be coming back soon.
Collecting the phone, she dialed her dad’s number…
“Hello?” she heard her dad’s voice on the other end. All
the while, she never really believed this man as she
had already learnt how not to trust easily, but hearing
her dad’s voice on the other end of the phone made her
eyes become teary and she lost her voice
“Hello..!!” her dad sounded out for the second time
With a teary tone, she said “Eteh mi” (meaning my
father in Efik). Though English was just about the only
language spoken to her and her younger siblings back
at home, growing up she had learnt the language from
her mother and had always called her dad Eteh mi
whenever she needed a favour from him
“Jane” she heard him scream into the phone despite
the fact her voice wasn’t clear and was more of a
“Yes daddy” she managed to answer
“Where are you? Are you ok? What happened? “Why
are you crying?” Jane talk to me..
She kept on crying and couldn’t say anything making
him rise and collect the phone from her.
“Hello sir..” he decided to talk to her dad
“Hello… Who are you? what do you want? Please don’t
hurt my daughter.. How much are you demanding?
“You daughter is safe, she’s coming back soon” said
and ended the call.
“He’ll call back” she managed to say while still sobbing
“Only if he has the number to call” he replied indicating
the number was hidden.
Just then the program on tv just switched to a breaking
news item and the broadcaster said: Breaking news,
Billionaire Banker and oil baron, Chief A. A. Adams and
daughter, Jane Adams assassinated. Chief Adams who
celebrated his sixtieth birthday anniversary yesterday
was said to have been assassinated along side his
daughter by unknown gunmen just hours after his
birthday party on his private Island.
We do not have any report about his son Fred Adams,
who is said to have survived the attack….
“So what are your plans when you get back home?” he
asked her
“Kill Vivian” she said point blank
“Ok… But what’s gonna be your story? How do you
plan on achieving that without going to jail for murder?
What’s gonna be your story concerning your
abduction?” he asked sensing vengeance was just
about the only thing on her mind
“I dunno.. But you’ll help me right? I saved your life
remember?” she asked reminding him yet again she
killed the huge man.
“Our first plan is the story to come up with concerning
who kidnapped you and how you escaped or how you
were saved. We don’t what you anywhere near that
scene” he said making reference to the Island.
“But helping you means, you’re gonna be working with
me and for me. You’ll follow my instructions religiously
and take my words as your gospel. If you can do that,
then we’re good” he said, pausing to let her digest
what he had just told her.
“I’m ready to do whatever you want as long as I kill
her” she said
“Jane, this goes beyond just killing Vivian.. As a matter
of fact, you might not do anything to her for a long
time to come as you might just have to go close to her
and pretend to be her pal. I need certain information
about the Greenhorns and Vivian being a member, and
you having witnessed their cruelty, should understand
the need to crush the group.
“What are saying?” she asked wanting to be sure she
understood him perfectly
“You’re going to join Vivian in her trade. You’re going
to get all the information about the Greenhorns and
their mode of operations. You’ll only get your
vengeance when she least expects same way she sold
you when,you least expected. You’ll have people to
work with and to protect you but in all you’ll remain
low and unknown. You’ll have a team under your
command plus all the protection you might ever need.
In all, you’ll be working for me.
“You haven’t told me your name?” she digressed again
“Go to the kitchen and make breakfast for yourself.
“I need clothes and undergarments” she said as she
stood up heading into the kitchen
He just chuckled without saying anything to her.


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