The cartel episode 32


By nitefury
His giving Fury N15K was far from him being able to
get a girl for him. It was more for his company and the

time spent with the boy. After all he was the same
person that couldn’t hold back that girl earlier in the
evening. They was actually nothing that suggested he
could deliver on his specs. This was a guy who
requested a bottle of malt drink when everyone else
around here had a bottle of wine or beer in front of
them. He just wanted to give the boy the benefit of
doubt when he made him that offer.
He watched the boy making a call from a corner of the
open restaurant. He smiled when the boy began to
scratch his head in a way that suggested things
weren’t going smoothly. Poor boy, perhaps he needed
a lesson or two from him how to get a lady, he thought
to himself taking a sip of his drink. Another fail he just
realized, the boy stood up from the table leaving his
drink behind. A few minutes after what was obviously a
short phone call, the boy returned to the table smiling
prompting him to ask “So what’s up? Did you get any?”
“Yes sir, she’ll be here in about 15 minutes” he said
taking his seat
“So is she as good looking as your friend?” he asked in
way that suggested he wanted to call Jessica’s name
“Jessica?. She’s way better” he said picking his glass
from the table
“Next time when you go drinking with someone, even if
its your father or brother, don’t leave your table without
your drink in hand or finishing it. It might just save your
life” he said sounding it as an advice to the boy to
avoid getting himself poisoned through a drink.
“Ok sir” the boy responded confused. Before adding
“Thanks for the advice sir”. He believed the boy got his
message and didn’t say anything anymore about it.
Sensing how uncomfortable the boy suddenly became
after that advice, he called one of the attendants and
demanded another drink and roasted fish for him. As
the attendant left, the boy’s phone began to ring.
Before he picked it, he looked towards the entrance to
see a car drive into the car park.
“She’s here” he said excusing himself as he stood up
picking the call while walking towards the entrance.
The fact that she came with her car made him smile
that she was definitely a student or some high classed
chick. The type he makes use of for his business in
Abuja, Lagos and Kaduna. To say he was impressed
with who emerged from the car would be an
understatement. As they both walked back towards
him, he agreed she was by far hotter than Jessica.
Perhaps her skimpy and cleavage revealing dress,
nose ring and the way she carried herself made her
stand out.
Her dad had been scolding her for sometime now that
she no longer called at home even during weekends.
But after Jade’s abduction, the pressure became much
from her dad who claimed she shouldn’t be at the
same place all the time for her own security. According
to him, “Anyone monitoring you would find it difficult to
understand your movements or routine”. So she had
gone home Saturday evening after joining other
students to protest at the UCTH. She attended church
service with her family on Sunday and had gone to
school Monday and Tuesday with her dad leaving her
own car behind. She had actually stayed till Tuesday
evening because she had serious engagements the
coming weekend.
She had just left her parents residence and was on her
way home when her phone rang. Her neighbour and
friend Fury was the one calling. She wondered if he
was missing her since she didn’t tell she wouldn’t be
coming back home when she left on Saturday evening,
and hadn’t returned up till that point.
“Fury sup” she asked when she picked up the call as
she negotiated into Marian road. He went on to tell her
about a certain Major General of the NA that had just
come to town and was looking for a companion for the
night. Firstly she was surprised and wondered how
shy, good boy Fury got to meet the man, but when he
told her the man demanded someone like that little girl
he (Fury) had been chasing in his class, only two of her
girls came to mind.
But unfortunately one was sick and the other she sent
on an escort service with a Lebanese contractor to Uyo
and wouldn’t be back till Friday. After telling him the
situation, he sounded downcast. But out of curiosity to
see this man, whom of all the sharp guys in town had
settled for Fury for such a task, she asked “Him go pay
Fury’s response to that question sounded sincere, and
besides that, this might just be an opportunity to
expand her network and boost her profile amongst her
competitors in their organization.
When she then told him she was coming after asking
where they were, she could feel the surprise in his
voice when he asked if she had someone for him and
she said no, but she herself. “A senior military officer
ready to splash the cash, probably one of them with fat
tummy. She would just ride the man silly and make him
c-m fast” she thought to herself as she negotiated a
junction and headed back, having driven past the
restaurant in question.
As she drove into the place and headed towards where
cars were parked, she dialed Fury’s number to notify
him of her arrival. But before she turned off the
ignition, he was already standing next to her car, by the
driver’s side. She was dressed in a very short free
flowing dress which exposed much of her thighs and
her cleavage. From inside the car as she grabbed her
bag while smiling at Fury, she could see how
uncomfortable he was looking at her because not only
was her boöbs on display for him, her white panties
were also visible to him. The dress was that short.
Enjoying the confused look on his face, she decided to
tease him the more when she opened the door and
threw her legs wide open for him to catch a better view
of her panty clad p—y as she stepped out of the car.
She could bet she saw an egg plant in his trouser right
then. She wanted to hug him but she knew that might
make his heart fail at that point so she just shook
hands with him and let him lead the way back to meet
this “Major General”.
She had no bra on and it was periods like this that she
usually became very proud of her firm C-cups boöbs,
which bounced with youthful arrogance as she swayed
her hips in movement. As they approached what was
obviously the table they were seated, she saw the
handsome but though looking man trying hard not to
appear to be staring at her. While she had been
expecting to see a pot bellied fellow, she saw a real
hunk of a man.
“My p—y you go hear am dis night” she said in her
head and smiled as she greeted the man “Good
evening sir”. For a long time she had been the one
fvcking people but seeing this man, she knew he would
be the one to fvck her. Something she had really
missed. “Gosh I don’t even have a boyfriend” ahe
reminded herself in her head while also saying “thank
you” when the man asked her to grab a seat. She sat
next to “useless” Fury who kept smiling like he just
won the lottery or perhaps would be the one to Fvck
her tonight.
When the attendant returned with Fury’s drink and fish,
the man asked what she wanted but having had dinner
before leaving home, she asked for Smirnoff Ice. After
the formal introductions and get to know you talks,
they went on to talk about nothing in particular for the
next 20 minutes before the man said it was time to go.
Time was 8:45pm.
“Fury you’ll have to take my car home and pick me up
before 7am in the morning. I got an 8 o’clock
tomorrow” she said to Fury as both of them walked
ahead of the man.
“No sweats” he replied collecting the keys.
Approaching the car park, she turned and told the man
she wanted to grab a few items from her car. Asking
Fury to open the trunk, she picked a bag containing her
toiletries. As she arranged her stuffs, she heard the
man call out to Fury. By the time she was set, she saw
Fury punching the buttons of his phone, which was an
indication he was taking down the man’s phone
number after she heard him call out his.
“We’re good to go” she said walking up to them.
“Alright sunshine” he responded pressing his remote to
open his car. An impressive SUV by her standard.
They drove out with Fury following behind, but
negotiated a bend at a point while Fury continued to
their lodge.


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