The cartel episode 41


By Nitefury
Guys, how do I go about this task now?” Emem asked
his friends when they got back to their apartment later
that night. “Saturday is just one week from now” he
added wondering how he would be able to pull that
“Omo relax jare, you got the easiest task yet you are
whining like a baby” Jide answered
“You call kidnapping easy? A matured lady. In this
Lagos?” He asked angered by the nonchalant respond
Jide gave him.
“Guy relax jor. I wonder what your response would
have been if you had picked going to the cemetery to
exhume and behead a corpse” Chucks shot back at
“What did you say? Was that the task given to you
two?” Emem asked surprised and shocked
“We’re the Night Crawlers, The undertakers, we do
unconventional stuffs. We’re the most dreaded
brotherhood in the West coast dude, so you don’t
expect to get easy tasks. You have to prove that when
it matters most, you’ll be up to the task. Ain’t that right
Raven?” Jide said asking Chucks who was christened
Night Raven.
“You’re right Rider” Chucks replied him calling his
fraternity name, Night Rider. “Don’t worry, since we’re
the ones who brought you, it is expected that we’ll help
you with whatever task you pick” Chucks added,
addressing Emem
“Yea.. That’s why we’re brothers. The point is we got
your back always. And you must always watch ours
too” Jide reassured him smiling and nodding.
“Thanks guys.. So what’s your plan? How do we go
about it”? Emem thanked and asked his pals
“Jide, what do you think?” Chucks redirected the
question to Jide who always had solutions to almost
every situation they find themselves in the past
“I’ll have to see one of my dad’s taxi drivers and collect
his car that day. Since he’s among those who make
weekly returns to me, I’ll ask him to take Saturday off.
Then we’ll go to Berger or Ojota and pick up one of
those girls coming to Lagos for the first time. E no dey
hard to know who be JJC… Guy abeg I wan sleep, we
go plan later” Jide said crashing on his bed.
“The Rider himself, see as the tin just dey flow like say
you already know say na like dis e go happen” Chucks
hailed his friend for coming up with such brilliant idea.
“Guy chop knuckle” he offered.
“So what will even happen to her?” Emem asked a bit
“Dude you don get the girl?” Chucks asked him in
“No like that, just…” Emem replied but was cut short by
“Guy go to bed. Your worry should be getting the girl
first and not what will happen to her” Chucks answered
That was last week. The had finally arrived and
the time is 10:30 pm at Ojota park. Jide parked the Car
just outside the entrance of the park like he was
waiting for someone. Being familiar with how things
worked around the park and with a registered taxi, he
got no disturbance from the touts there. Chucks was
seated at the front seat with a bag on his leg which
suggested he had just arrived Lagos.
Emem sat down by a food vendor just at the entrance
of the park eating. From where he sat, he had a view of
the taxi and other buses arriving the park to drop
passengers arriving Lagos. They’ve been here for the
past thirty minutes and Emem was already nervous.
Jide dressed in a Yoruba attire with cap to go sat on
the hood of the taxi like most drivers do. From this
position, he screened travelers, looking out for the
perfect prey.
Each time a bus dropped passengers, he’ll approach
looking for a potential victim while acting like he was
looking for someone he was waiting for. He succeeded
in speaking to a lady who looked like one in her mid to
late 20s but turned out she wasn’t travelling alone.
Her male partner was yet to alight when he
approached her. Then a Nissan Civilian bus pulled up
and a woman and a young girl alighted. Initially he felt
they were together, so he sat back on the car hood. But
when he saw the girl talking to the lady in a way that
suggested she was seeking directions, he approached
them. They were indeed lucky he thought.
“Excuse me ma, which way is it to the army barracks”
she asked the lady who had alighted from the bus with
“Which army barracks?” she asked Ima
“Ojo army barracks” she replied
“Wow.!!. You are so far off. Why then did you stop
here? This is Ojota and not Ojo. You should have
followed the bus up to Mile 2 where you would have
joined another bus which would drop you at the
barracks. Your best bet is to join a bus going to Oshodi
now, from there to Mile 2 and to Ojo” the woman
answered her like she expected her to know all those
places she was mentioning.
But she kept staring blankly at the lady who was
obviously in a hurry to get home herself. “I don’t know
my way around ma” she finally revealed.
“You’re new in Lagos?” she asked with Ima nodding in
affirmation. “You should have said that now.. The best
thing to do is to get a taxi driver to take you directly to
the barracks. Only it’s gonna costs you much more”
With that she grabbed her things and was about to
point to where taxis where parked when a driver
approached them.
“Good evening ma.. Where Una dey go?” Jide asked
certain that the woman wasn’t with the girl.
“How much you go carry this girl go Oji barracks?” the
lady asked him
“Only the girl or are you not following” he asked
pretending not to have understood her initial statement
“I say the girl. Yes only her” the lady replied in a way
that suggested she was already angered by the fact
that helping the girl was wasting her time. Something
that forsaken driver of their bus had already done on
their way.
“Ok sister, make you pay N5. Time don go already ma”
he said addressing the Ima as “sister” and the woman
as ma
“Is that ok with you? Its already late and before long
there’ll be no one around here again” the woman asked
and told Ima
“No problem. Thanks ma” she replied as the woman
turned and left without acknowledging her thanking
her. The taxi driver collected her and then led the way
to his cab.
Opening the door for her to get in at the back, she saw
another guy sitting in front with a shuttle bag on his
lap. Then there was a second shuttle bag on the other
part of the backseat of the cab. She wondered if cabs
in Lagos worked differently from those in Calabar. Why
was he collecting that much if he was carrying other
passengers? Because she had felt as its the norm,
she’ll be the only passenger. Well, te lady talked about
the place being empty in a few minutes time and
looking at her wristwatch, the time was already some
minutes to 11pm.
Opening the driver’s door, he entered and told the guy
sitting in front “Oya o.. Go and call your brother lets go.
It’s late already”. She watched the guy alight and
walked to a roadside food vendor to call someone. It
didn’t take up a minute, and she saw him walking back
with someone who opened the other side of the car
and got in.
“Sorry oh.. driver. I no chop for road and hungry no
gree wait make I reach house” the guy apologized to
the driver. Then turning to face her, the guy greeted her
“good evening my sister. Sorry you had to wait for me”
Faking a smile, she politely greeted the guy saying a
simple “Good evening”. He smelt of local gin and she
wondered why he was drinking while he said he was
As they left the park and moved on the highway, the
road became a bit empty safe for big lorries and
buses. They had barely been on the road for up to five
minutes when suddenly the guy who sat behind with
started coughing and sneezing like he had flu.
“Sorry” she said to the guy who kept on coughing while
reaching and searching for something inside bag. In
her head she concluded the young boy must be an
addict to local gin which is definitely eating him up
from the inside.
“Thank you” he managed to say whilst still coughing.
He then brought out a white handkerchief from the side
purse of his shuttle bag and folded it like he was going
to cough in it.
Then without warning, she saw him charged at her
bringing his left hand which contained the
handkerchief. By the time it landed on her face
blocking her nose, through the corner of her eyes, she
saw him change into a kneeling position on the seat as
he applied force on his grip on her face. By the time
she realized that the handkerchief was obviously
soaked in chloroform, she had lost consciousness. As
a science student back in FGGC Calabar, they done
several Biology practicals where they had to sedate lab
rats or rabbits using chloroform. She still remembered
the smell.
She woke up to the feel of cold water being poured on
her face. Feeling the need to wipe the water off her
face, she attempted to move her hand but realized she
couldn’t. Her hands were tied behind her body. The
room was dimly lit but she was able to see the feet of
the person who poured the cold water on her face
standing next to her.
“It’s game time guys, I told you she’ll wake up” she
heard the familiar voice say to the rest with other
voices saying things she couldn’t hear clearly. But the
were obviously happy at the announcement made by
their partner in crime. She felt slight headache because
of the aftereffect of the chloroform she had inhaled.
“Raven, come give me a hand to hold her up” the voice
said as he dropped the cup he must have poured the
water from on a table.
“Please, I beg in the name of God don’t hurt me” she
begged and began to sob as the Raven guy came over
and together they lifted her into a standing position.
The first thing she noticed was the guy were six in
number. The room on the other hand looked
abandoned, or like it was hardly been used. There was
a table next to where she stood, about four chairs and
a center table at one end where the rest of the gang sat
playing cards.
“Drop her on the bed and untie her hands” she heard a
voice command the two guys holding her up. That was
when she noticed there was a bed behind where they
Dropping her on the mattress, she picked up a smell
that suggested the mattress was very dirty. Though
that was the least of her problem as she kept pleading
and sobbing. The guy who poured water on her began
to untie her hands. Once her hands were free, she
made to sit up on the bed but was roughly pushed back
down by the Raven fella.
“For your own good, stay quiet” she heard the guy
instruct. Nodding her head that she understood, she
kept pleading in low tunes. Then she saw the
remaining guys move and stood around the bed, six in
all. She couldn’t and refused to believe she was about
to be violated by not just one, but possibly six guys.
She saw clearly the guns being brandished by three of
her assailants.
Then the voice that had instructed she be placed on the
bed said “Rookie, I must confess you got a pretty
young catch. Now get your a-s on that bed and take
her. Prove to us you’re worthy of being a Night
That was when the other guys moved away from the
bed and she sat up begging them, none paid her any
attention. No one moved as the Rookie guy hesitated.
She began to plead with her arms stretched out in front
of her as she wondered who was the Rookie. Some 10
seconds later, the Raven dude pushed a guy forward
and she immediately knew that was the Rookie. As he
moved closer to the foot of the bed, she saw him
unbuckle his belt and pushed his trouser down. He had
his shirt and boxers on as he moved into position on
the bed.
Though his colleagues where there, the idea of the
initiation rite was for him to single handedly force
himself into the girl. Holding her feet with both hands,
he attempted to spread her legs apart but she quickly
shut her thighs together. Coiling into a ball on her side,
she bent her knees upward with her arms crossing her
chest as if to protect her b—–s.
He had been smoking weed ever since they arrived
because he had been told he would have to violate the
girl first. Before she was abducted, he had been taking
local gin to boost his moral and remove all forms of
fear or pity. Being well built and muscular, he forced
her legs open as she trashed around the bed moving
up until her head touched the wall with no where else
to go. She was able to pick up the smell of gin and
concluded this was the guy at the backseat of the cab
with her.
Pinning her left leg with his right knee on the bed, he
pushed her right leg down and and reached under her
dress to pull her out panties as she kept struggling and
pleading. When she wouldn’t let him have his way, he
slapped her and dragged her downward towards his
waist. Pressing his body on hers as his colleagues
cheered on, he held her by the throat like he was going
to strangle her. As she began to choke and relax due to
his grip on her neck, he used his D–k to push her
panties aside. Guiding his D–k to her opening, he
jammed his D–k into her dry p—y.
Despite the grip on her throat, Ima still managed to let
out muffled screams as she felt the pain spread all
over her body. As she struggled to breathe due to his
death grip on her neck, beads of sweat ran down her
face. Realizing that the more she struggled, the more
the guy increased his grip on her neck thereby making
breathing difficult for her, she stopped struggling. The
guy made quick but short thrusts into her and within 5
minutes, that looked like 5 hours, he began to explode
inside her p—y. As he climaxed, he again held her
throat firmly each time he t—-t forward with her having
her struggling to cough.
All Ima had ever known was the act of love making
because Jama never forced himself into her. She had
always been wet (thanks to his foreplayy), whenever he
made love to her. This was a whole new feeling. An
unpleasant one at that because her p—y was as dry as
the Sahara. Some thirty seconds after he began to
erupt in her, the Rookie guy stood up to the cheers and
approval of his gang. She coiled up again and
continued sobbing while pulling down her dress to
cover her abused. The leader began to address the
“You have proven that you are up to task and world
definitely represent the Night crawlers. Having passed
all three rites, by the powers bestowed on me, I hereby
officially christen you “Nightshade” and declare you a
Night Crawler. Welcome to the brotherhood” the leader
said. After which he used his left hand to tap Emem’s
shoulder six times with the rest of the gang doing
As she sobbed, she wanted to believe it was over by
she knew deep down it was far from being over. Her
fears where confirmed when the leader said “Rider,
Raven, Hawk, Night Owl, lets share from Nightshade’s
spoils”. With that she began to hear them unbuckle
their belts as she watched the one who poured her
water pull down his trouser to reveal what was a
monster D–k. Somehow she believed that was the
driver, referred to as Rider. Though he had struggled to
speak English back then, the voice was the same even
though he had changed his attire.
Just as Emem was beginning to feel good with himself
for finally being able to go through with it, he heard the
girl say in Efik “Oh my God, is this how you chose to
punish me?”. He was stunned by the realization that
with the aid of his friends, he had just kidnapped and
violated his townswoman. What ever was left of his
hardness due to the hemp and gin flew out the window
as he was filled with guilt and regrets. But there was
nothing he could do to stop his gang from gang raping
the girl.
Raven and Rider held her hands apart while two other
guys, Night Owl and Nighthawk held her legs apart in
an eagle spread position on the bed. The driver/Rider
then pulled out a knife, took it to her throat and said “If
you wanna live up till tomorrow, just lay your a-s still.
If you move, struggle or kick, that would signal the end
of your story. Do you understand me?” she nodded
affirmatively with teary eyes.
With that he passed the knife to the leader who was
already on the bed between her thighs. She just closed
her eyes tight and continued begging them just as the
leader began to cut her dress from the hem to the top.
The guys on her side pulled the torn dress apart as the
leader began to föndle her bra clad b—-t saying “d–n
guys, it would have been a sin not for us not to partake
in this sweet cake”. Done föndling, he used the knife to
cut her panties and then pulled the material off from
under her body.
He asked the guys holding her leg to release them. He
then held her by the ankles and lifted her legs up. She
felt a thick D–k head probe her p—y opening and
before she could brace herself, she felt it pushed into
her p—y. Unlike Hitler’s, this guy’s D–k just had a big
head but was short in length. Hence, his thrusting was
short but very hard and fast. With each forward
thrusting, she kept screaming into the palms of the
driver/Rider who now covered her mouth.
Aside this new guy’s D–k being short, Nightshade’s c-
m served as a lubricant thereby reducing the pains she
felt because of her dryness. Though that was the
physical pain, the emotional pain was still unbearable
to her. Then he climaxed.
The driver/Rider was next. As he raped her, he grabbed
her b—-t in a painful manner, using them to propel his
weight upward sending his D–k far up her abused p—
y. He continued until he came.. Raven was next after
the driver/Rider
After Raven, Nighthawk took position, and lastly Night
Owl. Different D–k sizes, different time spent on her
and different amount of c-m produced. Everything
lasted about 1 hour and each time anyone withdrew,
she felt c-m spill down through her butt hole. By the
time the Raven was climaxing, she was so exhausted.
She realized it was absolutely pointless struggling
because she believed she would be killed at the end.
The last two two had their way without anyone holding
her. She began pleading with her last strength “kill me.
Kill me. Just kill me please”.
Most times they just dump their victims along the
Lagos-Abeokuta highway but Emem pleaded they take
her back to town where she could get help easily. After
much pleading, Chucks and Jide agreed.
6am, some four hours after the rape ended, she woke
to the feel of someone tapping her. She saw that she
had been lying on the corner of the walk way. About 5
persons had gathered around her while other
passersby looked and went on. As she sat up, she
became conscious of the fact that her body was
exposed save for the ruined dress still on her body.
She pulled the two part together covering her b—-t and
thigh as she looked at the people who where asking
her questions she couldn’t understand. She was lost.
As her senses returned, she realized that the people
who were talking to her were obviously going to church
courtesy of the bibles in their hands. Her bag was by
her side and she began to cry. “There were six of
them… There were six of them” she kept saying and
“What’s your name? Six of who? What happened to
you? Where you raped?” were some of the questions
the people kept asking her as she sobbed.
Then she heard a familiar voice scream “The
blooooood of Jesus… Imabong”. Everyone turned
around to see who the new comer was.
Having arrived her house in Yaba some minutes after
11pm, Mrs Margaret Etuk bathed her baby then
herself. Fixing herself and the child a simple meal of
sliced bread and cold tea, she had hit the bed crashing
immediately. The sales girls staying with her weren’t
expecting her so they didn’t prepare an keep any food
for her…
The next morning she woke exactly by 5:30am and
began to hurry up so she wouldn’t be late for the 6am
mass she usually attended.
She just alighted from the bus at Jibowo and was
about to cross the road when she saw about 5 persons
gathered around a young girl sitting on the floor.
Conscious of time and not wanting to be late, she
wanted to go her way. But her soft and compassionate
side compelled her to take a look at what was
happening. But when she did, lo and behold it was the
same girl she traveled with just the previous day from
Calabar, Imabong..
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