The cartel episode 45


By Nitefury
Jama, Idris, David and Bello reached a closed
door leading to the deck. Emmanuel and the
rest kept engaging the other guys who were
showing their faces from the upper deck.

Standing at the door, he knew the bad guys
must be behind o possible set an ambush
pending their attack. Standing by the sides of
the door, Ahmed turned the handle and then
used the tip of his rifle to push the door
slightly open while Jama threw two flash hand
grenades into the darkened room.
Less than 3 seconds later, the grenades went
off emitting bright lights and ringing sounds
which caused temporary blindness and
deafness to the men laying ambush for them.
These was followed by screams of the men as
they opened the door, pouring into the room
while opening fire on distressed men. Four in
all, with Jama taking out two, Bello and Idris
1 each.
The room became silent as Jama began to use
signals to direct their next move. He was
barely done when a bust of bullets came flying
in their direction from the stairs. Their training
kicked in as they all took cover and began to
return fire in that direction. Some 10 seconds
later two Ak 74 bearing bodies fell down the
stairs. That was when they realized David who
was by the door was hit on his left thigh.
Making sure he was okay, Jama proceeded
upstairs with Bello and Idris.
Sweeping the floor for other hostiles, Jama
asked Bello and Idris to proceed to the lower
floor while he quietly went upstairs, where the
captain’s room was located. Gunfire was still
ringing from outside. As Jama stepped into
room, he saw two armed men running down
towards the direction he was coming from.
Before they could aim him their rifle he had
already put three bullets in their chests. As
one of the men fell, he pulled his trigger,
releasing several blind rounds with one
narrowly missing Jama’s left hand. Getting to
their fallen bodies, he added one more bullet
into each men’s head ensuring they stayed
down forever.
Then Jama heard the sound of several rounds
going off from the lower deck for like 2
minutes before Bello talked into the mic that
they had cleared the place and the other crew
members were unarmed and had surrendered.
After which the sound of two helicopters could
be heard and Jama knew the ground team
were close by already. He knew he had to
move fast. Just then Emmanuel confirmed
outside have been cleared and they had gotten
heat signatures from three different containers
where the girls were being held. Jama then
ordered the other guys go down and secure
those crew members with Idris and Bello.
“Copy that” Emmanuel replied as Jama
removed the almost empty magazine to reload
before proceeding. Just then, like the man had
been waiting for the perfect opportunity, Jama
saw a male figure bearing an axe charge at
him. His rifle was empty so he quickly pulled
out his side arm and shot the man. Without
even looking at the body of the man, he
spotted another figure charging at him, but
before he could take a second shot, the
Chinese man kicked the pistol away from his
Jama threw a punch towards the man’s face
but the man docked making Jama to miss his
mark. Instead, the guy delivered a total of ten
fast and powerful punches on Jama’s belle.
With the presence of a bullet proof vest, the
effect of the punches were hardly felt as much
taller Jama delivered a power kick at the
man’s reproductive organs. The man writhed
in pains, catching his D–k and balls in the
process. With no time to be delayed, Jama
caught him by the neck and lifted him up just
as the man held his hand to release the grip.
Pinning him against the wall, Jama pulled out
his knife and drove in into the man’s chest
three times. As blood gushed out of the
pierced points and the man’s mouth, Jama
left him to die.
Picking up his pistol, he reloaded his rifle and
moved towards his main target, the captain’s
room which was where the Doctor and the
package he was to retrieve were.
With his rifle leading way, he climbed the
stairs that led to the vessel’s captain
quarters. He had been told the man would put
up a fight so he had to be extremely careful.
The passage leading to the room was a bit
dark just as he spotted a young girl of about
15-17 years walking out of the room. Leaning
by the wall, he waited till she got to his
position and quickly held her by the head.
Closing her mouth in the process, he pulled
her against his body.
Then slowly, he turned her around and
demonstrated with his other hand for her to be
quiet. But when he looked into her eyes, he
saw that she had been crying so he released
the pressure on her mouth and motioned to
her to stay put in that corner. She nodded and
he proceeded towards the room just as he
realized the girl had obviously been raped by
the doctor. By now sounds of siren from the
immigration boats could be heard. He had to
move quickly before the officers come up
But just he entered into the room, he felt the
nozzle of a pistol placed on his head. The
man asked him drop his rifle which he did.
Then the man proceed to pull out the pistol
out of his sidearm holster.
“Drop the knife and keep walking” the voice
bearing the gun instructed. He did as
instructed and walked inside the room with
the man kicking the knife back down the
He entered the room with the man walking
behind him. Inside, he saw the Doctor sitting
on a couch at one corner of the room. Just as
the voice behind him asked him to kneel with
his hands behind his head.
The doctor began talking in a French accent,
“You know, I’ve never really trusted you
Nigerians. Bad business all the time. I knew
your General was not to be trusted, but Henri
wouldn’t listen to me. I guess he’s dead now
right?” the man asked standing up and
walking over behind him.
“Answer me, you b—–d” with that he said
some curse words in French
“Who’s Henri?” Jama asked calmly
“The fvcking Captain of this ship” the guy
raised his voice kicking Jama on his back.
Jama fell to the ground as the guy continued
“Your General delivered, got paid and turns
back to double cross and snitch. Don’t worry
son, I know how this ends. Immigrations are
here, they’ll take us in and before daybreak, I’ll
be on the first flight out of your forsaken
country. But before they come in here, I’ll give
you a message for your boss, tell him he’s
never getting away wi….”
He barely completed his statement when from
his position in the floor Jama saw someone
attack the man. As the man screamed out in
pains, his accomplice turned to shoot the
man’s attacker but Jama kicked his knee
which made him miss his target. And just then
the man screamed out again as Jama quickly
rose up and attacked the accomplice who
wanted to point the gun at him. Seizing the
hand bearing the gun, he delivered two head-
butts on the guys nose which made the guy
drop the gun. Then quickly holding his head
with both hands, Jama snapped it, killing the
man in the process.
Bending down to remove his own pistol from
the dead man’s sidearm holster, he also
picked up his rifle but froze temporarily. He
watched in shock as the girl he had asked to
stay back a few minutes earlier continuously
stab the now mutilated body of the doctor
while breathing hard and crying. The back of
his head, his neck, his back all had stab
She never cared to stop and not until Jama
quickly held her hands up saying his dead, did
she release the knife while looking up at
Jama. It was his knife. Obviously when the
Doctor’s accomplice kicked the knife when he
dropped it, she picked it up and decided to
attack the doctor. Collecting the knife and
making sure to pick the other man’s pistol, he
realized the man must have really hurt the
Just then Captain Yakubu talked into his
earpiece “Come in, alpha. what’s the Sitrep?”
Responding “I had a little hold up” he began
to rummage round the room. On the couch
where the Doctor had been sitting, he saw a
bloodied panties which obviously belonged to
that girl. Which confirmed his thoughts that
the Doctor had violated her for her to kill him
in that manner.
Then he saw as safe constructed into the floor
under the table which had a combination.
Putting the combination which was given to
him early, he open it and saw to brief cases
and some bundle of cash. Removing the two
boxes, he stacked the other bundle of dollars
into his bullet proof vest and called in Captain
Yakubu that he was headed to the rendezvous
with the package.
Asking the girl to follow him, he climbed to
the top of the control room and within a
minute of getting to the top, he and the girl
that saved him were airborne. With them in
the chopper were the Williams sisters, Captain
Yakubu, and 2nd Lt David who was shot
earlier and the pilot. Immigrations were
already all over the place.
To be continued


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