Jor-El and Lara episode 6(a tale of love and Tragedy)


But as Jor opened his closet and looked at the Phantom of
the Opera costume he was going to wear to the party, his

spirits lifted.
If everything gets blown to hell, at least tonight Jor would be
able to pay Kru back for what happened earlier today.
So Jor put on the black costume and attached the white
paper mashie mask to his face, which hid it. Just then, his
Video-Phone came on, revealing the faces of his cousins…
the black haired Lor and the brown haired Naj.
“Come on Jor! We’re all ready to go!”
“Hold your horses, I’ll be right there!” Jor said as he walked
out the door. He reached the main hall where his two
cousins where standing, dressed as characters from the
movie “Dressed to Kill”. Lor was dressed as the hero, Ethan
Allen, a secret agent fighting against the imperialistic forces
of the Space Cartel and Naj was dressed as Robert Dubois,
the villain of the flick.
When they both saw Jor’s getup, the laughed their butts off.
“You call THAT a costume?”
“It’s from the Holo, ‘Phantom of the Opera’. A great movie.”
“A chick movie, more like it.” Naj butted in.
“You wouldn’t know a great movie if it bite you in the ass.”
“Well, ‘Dressed to Kill’ was a great movie!”
“Like I said, you wouldn’t know a great movie if it bite you in
the ass.” Jor said with a smile.
“Let’s go, already. I want to crash the party soon, so we
then can muck things up.” Lor said as he exited the front
door, and then took off into the sky. Jor and Naj followed.
Soon, the three cousins were in the heart of Metropolis and
above a very special building. It’s not a building in the
normal sense of the word, rather it’s a living organism
found 5 galaxies away from here. It has an abnormally
small brain, but it’s talents lie in its unparalleled ability to
shape shift. Using a special machine or a high level
telepath, you can ‘feed’ it an image of the type of house you
want and it morphs it’s entire body to fit the type of house
you need. The Kal-El clan discovered it and they routinely
use it to hold parties.
Tonight, it has taken the shape of an old 19th Century
Victorian House.
“Okay, you guy’s ready to infiltrate the party?” Lor asked his
cousins and they nodded in agreement.
You see; the Kon-El clan doesn’t use Secret Identities. Much
like their Gene-Father, they detest them. On the other hand,
the Kal-El clan does use them. And their Secret ID’s are
very well hidden. Every once in a while they hold a social
gala in their Kryptonian names to socialize with Celebrities
and old friends. Partially so that they can show that they
too have Kryptonian names, and they deserve to use them,
not the ‘cloned bloods’. And since this is a rare occasion,
it’s seen as a rite of passage for the younger members of
the Kon-El clan, where they infiltrate and try to pull some
pranks on the other clan.
“Okay then, let’s turn invisible.” Lor says as light begins to
bend around him and he disappears. Jor and Naj do the
The float down to the ground, and when the doors open to
let in newly arrived guests in; they walk straight in as well.
They look around for a bit; to see hundreds of people
dressed up as numerous characters, brightly lit chandeliers,
and lavishly decorated curtains hanging from the barristers.
The 3 cousins float up and find a shadowed corner, which
they stop bending the light around them and they step out
of the shadows.
“Let’s go mingle, Cousins!” Lor said as they split up and. Tbc
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