Vacation in obudu chapter 14


By Nitefury
She kissed me full on the lips, then started tracing her way downward kissing my colar bones, my chest, sucking my nips, my belle button and finally she pulled my shorts down..

I lifted up my a$s to help her get rid of the shorts. Then getting on her knees, she grabbed fury who was by now restless and throbbing freely. She gave it a look that seemed to say “you this fury, you are the one that touched me in places i thought only existed in movies”.

The next thing i saw was her opening her mouth and engulfing fury. She sucked, licked and squeezed the innocent creature.

She then paused and looked up to me just as i notice fury was dripping with her saliva and said “I’ve wanted your Joystick back in me, at dinner, in the living room, while i showered, i even dreamt about it, was rubbing my cl*t this morning with it in mind”

“Fury…I have to Bleep you.” she said as a matter of fact

All the while she held the open condom on her hand. Giving fury one last lick (cleaning up her saliva), she fixed the condom neatly over it.

Still kneeling across with her back to me, she moved forward and positioned her pvssy right above my swollen Joystick head. I was so turned on and could barely contain myself from thrusting upwards in an attempt to enter her beautiful pvssy whose swollen lips i could see from my vantage position protruding as her labia were few inches away from the tip of fury.

She then slowly lowered herself on to my Joystick untill i was balls deep. I can barely describe the feeling because despite the condom, i felt the heat and wetness of her pvssy.

After she settled all her weight onto me, she then began to grind away slowly at first before picking up pace. This is the reverse cow-girl

Supporting her hands on my knees, i could see her booobs swinging in both directions just as i enjoyed the view of her as$ as my Joystick explored her depths.

In this position, i knew my Joystick was rubbing her center of gravity and it wouldn’t be long again before she climaxxed with the speed at which she was going about the fvcking me business. “Aaaah aaah aaaah aaaah aaaah, Mmmm” she moaned out loudly as she kept pushing back, taking more of me inside.

Her movements were steady and fast as i notice her hold unto her booobs and began pinching the nips as she bounced on me. While i kept thrilling at the sight of my entire 8inch disappearing into her pvssy.

Then she added a new twist to her bouncing. She would bounce like 4 times, then when she touches bottom on the fifth attempt, she would wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle. Then bounce bounce bounce, and wiggle wiggle wiggle.. She went on like this counting down.

Then she screamed “aaaaahhhh, yessssssssss” grabbing my toes fiercely as she came. Her body was obviously beyond her personal control because she just kept on shaking violently, same way her vagee held tightly to fury.

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To my amazement, immediately she calmed down, she started bouncing again only this time our genitals making slurping sounds. Grinding back aggressively on me, she rode my Joystick like a girl possessed.

This was driving me overboard and i didn’t know how much more time we had or how long i would last. Then all of sudden without breaking contact, she spun around and was now facing me. She laid down and looked me in the eyes and whispered “who gave you this Joystick”.

AS she was bent close to my chest, i watched her booobs keep bouncing and shaking in my face. Putting my hands around her hips, i began guiding her pvssy on my Joystick as i pumped back into her.

There was no way i could resist this beautiful tities in front of me, so I reached up and took hold of them. I squeezed them, tweaking her nips. Perhaps the combination of my fvcking her back and tweaking her nips really got to her as she said “o my God, Fury you are making me maddddddd” she said the word “Mad” crying.

I started to pump my Joystick into her hot pvssy in a bid to climaxx lifting up my Buttocks feeding her every inch of fury. Remember i told you Fay was a screamer? She was
Literally screaming for me to fvck her.

I think its only fair game i climaxxed also. So taking hold of her did body, I flipped her over onto her back. Spreading her legs out and I began pounded her pvssy.

It no longer mattered to me at that point if there would be signs on the bed, i just wanted to fvck her hard in that bed bed. I was quite sure she craved my Joystick because she kept telling me to Bleep her for as long as I could.

Breathing heavily under me she said loudly ” you are touching places that no one had before”. Then, once again, she screamed “I’m cummmming………” eyes shut tight just as her pvssy walls began the ritual of gripping my fury. This was all i needed as my bouncing became uncoordinated as my Pour poured into the condom far inside her.

I collapsed on her as she began to massage my back like a little baby hugging its mother.

As i began to soften, i quickly pulled out of her pvssy asking her to get up and make the bed. I headed into the bathroom to discard the used condom by flushing it. After which i washed my Joystick to remove the smell of s*x.

But my boxers smelt of one who just got fvcked so i walked back into the room Unclad to the surprise of Favour as i made for my bag to change up.

Favour had finished the bed, opening the windows, i turned on the fan to blow away the s*x smell. Fortunately, her pvssy juice had spilled only on my boxers and my lap when she rode me, the bed sheet was clean.

By 6:15, we heard Frank honking. Favour went to meet him, while i switched off the lights in,the room and covering the bed sheet, i pretending to sleeping.



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