Ex game season 2 chapter 12


“Do you trust me, Katie?”
His hands gripped my hips as he increased his pace slightly.

“Yes.” I moaned and closed my eyes as I fell forward
slowly. “Let me take you in a way I’ve never taken you
before.” He grunted and I cried out as he withdrew his cock
from me. “What are you doing?” I moaned, wanting to feel
him inside of me. “I took one of your cherries, let me take
the other one too.” “What?” My jaw dropped open and I
froze. “Let me love you, Katie.” His thumb grazed my butt
hole and I jumped. “I don’t know.” I shook my head and
turned to look at his face. I watched as he took his thumb
and sucked it. Then he lowered it back to my asshole and
rubbed it gently. He rubbed my asshole and then down to
my clit and back. My legs buckled every time he touched my
clit and my nerves were on high alert as his thumb trailed
back and forth. I didn’t say anything as he continued
teasing me. He then reached his fingers in-between my legs
and his fingers played with my clit before entering me. I
groaned as I felt a small orgasm shake my body. He
withdrew his fingers and rubbed his cock with my juices. He
pushed me forward and rubbed the tip of his cock along my
slit to my butthole. I groaned as his cock rubbed against my
clit and I pushed back into him, hoping he would enter me.
“Hold on, sweetpea.” He kept teasing me and then I felt the
tip of him at the other entry. I froze as he slowly entered me.
It was a weird and different feeling. I felt strangely aroused
by the feel of him in a place I’d never had a man before. He
groaned as he slid into me slowly. “Fuck, it’s so tight.” He
muttered and I felt myself grow wetter at how turned on he
sounded. “Oh, Katie. Fuck. I’m going to cum.” He moved
faster and faster and I gripped the bedsheets as he stole my
anal cherry. “Oh, Katie.” He shouted my name as he pulled
out of me and entered my pussy again. “Oh, fuck.” He
groaned as he slammed into me, his fingers holding my hips
tightly against him as he fucked me hard. “Oh, yes.” His
body shuddered as he came hard and fast, pulling out of me
and spilling his cum on my ass and legs. I collapsed flat on
the bed and he pulled me into his arms as he spooned me. I
fell asleep with a small smile on my face, feeling sore and
happy. He never had sex with Maria, I sang to myself, he
can’t love her if they never had sex. And then I fell asleep.
The phone rang and woke me up, but I didn’t open my eyes.
I felt content and happy as I lay in his bed. I was hopeful for
the future now. Maybe we really had a chance. I had given
myself to him freely and let him do things to me that I would
never have let anyone else do that I didn’t trust. Deep in my
heart I knew that everything was going to be okay.
Everything had worked out for the best. My perfectly
orchestrated idea had gone according to plan. “Maria,
what’s going on?” He whispered into the phone and I peeked
at him through my lashes. “No, I’m not busy.” His words
hurt me as I lay there, but I tried not to feel jealous. He
didn’t love her, he hadn’t even slept with her, I had nothing
to be jealous of. I had just given myself to him, trusted him,
he would do the right thing. “What happened to Harry?” His
voice was sharp. “Oh my God.” He gasped. “No, it’s okay.
I’m the boss. I’ll explain. I’ll be on the first plane home. Just
tell him that daddy is on the way. Give him a big hug and
kiss from me.” And then he hung up. I sat up then, my heart
beating and my head pounding. “What’s going on?” I spoke
up and he looked at me in surprise. “I’ve got to go. My son
is in the hospital.” “Your son?” My face paled as I stared at
him. “Yes, my son.” He turned away from me and started
pulling on clothes. “I don’t understand.” I spoke softly, but I
wanted to scream, *I thought you told me you never had sex
with her.* “What don’t you understand?” His voice was
annoyed. “I’m not a monk. I had sex. I wasn’t wearing a
condom. My sperm swam. I now have a child.” “But you
said…” My words drifted off as he threw my dress at me.
“Get ready. We have to leave.” He walked out of the room
and I stood up slowly, my heart breaking and my asshole a
sore reminder of how once again he had screwed me over. I
pulled on my dress and my shoes slowly. I felt numb inside
and out. This was worse than before. This time I felt like I
would never get over the pain. I was forever ruined by this
man, this man that I both loved and hated. “Come on,
Katie.” He called out to me from the front door. “Let’s go.”
He drove me back to the hotel in silence and I jumped out of
the car in a hurry, feeling like the world was about to end.
“Thanks for last night, Katie.” He called out to me as I
walked away. “It meant a lot to me.” I increased my pace as
I hurried into the hotel and it took everything in me to not
turn around and tell him to fuck off when he told me he
would call me. ————


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