Adventure with aunty Caro part 25


By olabep
Lincoln: i want you to break any relationship you are having with my girl
Me: like seriously, i don’t have anything with her…

Lincoln: thats not what i mean.. She’s beginning to fall for you.. And
you know what that means !… All i want from you is stop talking to
Me: ok.. I will try and stop talking to her.. She’s the one that do
even call self.. But i will try and upset her.. So that she would
leave me alone.
Lincoln: blessed up bro..

We both went to a nearby chemist.. He ordered for a drug.. Have
forgotten the name.. He told me to make sure there’s someone i want to
fvck before taking the drug…

I neglected his advice.. I left his room, when i get to the door, i
notice caro is not yet back.. The door is still locked.. I went inside
took three out of the drug.. He had instructed me earlier that two is
the normal dosage. Anything above two is overdose… I was expecting
junior to rise immediately, but nothing happen.. I ignore it, and went
to bathroom.. Took my bath nothing still happen..
I had made up my mind to go watch X-rated again… I dropped my shirt and
jean in the disturbing… Put on my boxer.

Left the bathroom, i was surprised meeting caro in the room.. Brother
johny nodded immediately.. I quickly jump on the bed to cover up.. She
had pull off her shirt and singlet.. She was just on skirt and bra..
She went to the bathroom minutes later with her towel…
For my mind.. Whao lincoln is a genius.. Johnny that refuse to rise
when i watch X-rated act by unclad ladys.. Now stand gidigba like calabar
fufu on sighting a babe on skirt and bra…
I was expecting the idiot to go down after erasing everything s*x of
my mind.. But it didn’t…. I couldn’t informed lincoln since he had
warned me not to take the drug, if there’s no match, and he even
warned me to take just two…
I was laying facing the bed since coming out of bathroom.. Thank God i
dropped my phone on the bed before going to bathroom.. I was just
flexing with my phone that evening.. Now its past 8.. Caro call me out

Caro: ola food is ready.
Me: can’t you bring the food for your baby !!
Caro: (laughing out loud) trying to be romantic tonight
Me: yes now
Caro: ok am coming sir..
She brought the food minutes later.. She dropped it on bed.
Me: Won’t you kneel down..
Caro: ah my king sorry.. But i can’t kneel down.
Me: why ??
Caro: because you had also been neglecting your duties..
Me: which duties ??
Caro: the duties that deserve, i kneel when serving your food..
Me: i don’t want to become a father oh. I streesed the “oh”
Caro: what did you mean by you don’t want to become a father ??
Me: if we had s*x, won’t you get pregnant ?
Caro: i can’t
Me: how ?? Are you telling me as i am not i can’t be a father..
Caro: you can.. But there are a lot of precaution…. Or did you want
to tell me you have not heard about condom before ??
Me: did you have it at home ??
Caro: no we will buy now.
Me: who are we ?? You are the one that will buy it na..
Caro: no i can’t oh
Me: i can **door knock*

To Be Continued…


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