The cartel episode 55


Written by Nitefury
*A New Beginning**
Friday night, 8:10pm, the door to her cell room was

thrown open and in came two inspectors. Saturday will
make it exactly one week since Michael’s death and
her subsequent arrest. Twice Mrs Margaret had
showed up to see her just torment her with swear and
curse words.
No one else knew her in Lagos so no one else visited
her. No one gave her food as she was at the mercy of
the few female cell mates with her whose loved ones
brought food for. Twice she was taken into the
interrogation room, where she faced all sorts of verbal
and a few physical assaults from the inspectors with
the hope of getting her to confess to killing Micheal.
Talking about Micheal, whatever it was that had
become of his corpse was unknown to her. While she
had no evidence, she was certain Mrs Margaret had
killed him.
The touch light beamed on her face as she laid on the
floor preparing for what was going to be another dark,
lonely and hungry night. Two university of Lagos girls
were brought in earlier in the evening. She had been the
only one in the female section after the last of her old
cellmate got bailed in the morning. She had been too
hungry and weak to engage her new cellmates in any
meaningful discussion when they were brought in. She
was only happy that at least she might get food in the
morning when their people get notified of their arrest.
The two girls wouldn’t stop talking and swearing in
Yoruba. She could make out from their intonation that
they were promising to go exert vengeance on whoever
is was that made them end up there.
A flashlight beamed on her face and was followed by a
voice commanding her to her feet. “Hey you.. Calabar
girl.. Get up”
As she struggled up to her feet wondering what it was
they wanted from her by this time (well, she had no
time source to know the actual time), a hand grabbed
her and yanked her up to her feet. Cuffing her hands
behind her, she was then pushed out of the cell. The
other man locked the cell gate with the two girls inside,
after which she was led to a room she hadn’t been to
Immediately she stepped foot inside the poorly lit
room, she was pushed to the floor. With her hands
cuffed behind her, there was no way she could cushion
the effect of the fall on her body with her hands. She
screamed and began to groan in pains having landed
on her knees, b—–s and face.
“ahhh.hh.. My God o.. What have I done to get this..
Ahhhh” she cried sorrowfully in Efik as she writhed in
pains on the cold concrete floor.
“We don give you one week to confess but you no gree.
You wan form harden girl abi?. Na dis night you go
sabi say we no carry you come here to occupy space.
If you like call you village god or your maami water
people from your village, dem no save you today”. The
second man who pushed her down bowled at her.
“Young girl, you better start talking” The first officer
said to her locking the door behind them.
“Officers please.. I swear I didn’t…. Ahhhhhhhhhhh”
She was cut short and screamed when a kick landed on
her stomach. She wanted to retch, but produced and
coughed out only saliva while choking because her
belle was empty. The pain was so excruciating as she
felt it first on her belle, her spine and then all over her
Again without warning as she cried in pains while
holding her stomach, she felt a sudden gush of water
on her body. The first officer could be heard dropping
the iron “pail” bucket her poured the water from on the
Her gown was torn from her body with her tried to hold
the shreds together. Her panties and bra pulled with
force until they ripped. She was kicked, slapped, and
punched all over her body by the two men. While it
lasted, they kept asking her to confess to the crime.
When she could no longer take the beatings after about
30 minutes, she screamed “I killed him.. I killed him…
Officer please just stop.. I killed her”
“Did you use poison?” the first officer asked
Before she could respond, the other kicked her butt
which made her say “Yes.. I used poison” while
Again the first officer asked “Shebi it’s love potion you
put inside his food?”
Same kicking repeated by the second officer which
made her accept. “Yes.. I put love portion inside his
He went on to suggest words and answers to her by
asking other questions
“You didn’t know it will kill him abi?”
“You brought the love portion from your village”
“You wanted the man to leave his wife for you”.. And
so many others.
She accepted everything because the other man was
there to kick or slap her.
Done, the two men left her in the room and on the floor
with no piece of clothing. They took with them the
shreds of her torn gown and her undergarments. It was
some 20 minutes later that they returned to the room.
Exhausted from crying, she was almost sleeping while
shivering as a result of the cold. She was held up by
two of them who then took her out if the room down a
passageway to what was a bathroom.
But for their torchlight and an electric bulb which had a
low voltage, everywhere was dark. She couldn’t even
see the faces of the men. Leaving her to stand by her
self, the second officer began to pour water on body.
She gasped and shivered the more when the water
touched her body. With her teeth chattering from cold
and her elbows pressed against her boöbs, the man
began to soap her body.
He proceeded to give her what was a sensual bath as
her deliberately paid more attention to her boöbs,
between her thighs, her p—y and her a-s cheeks.
Occasionally the first officer who held the flash light
would pinch her nipplës.
“See your fine b—-t and tot* (Lol.. I don’t like or use
that word. Pardon me guys for sounding so dirty).
“Something wey you for carry give better person like
me. Na person wey help you husband sabi fvck. Yeye
Calabar girl” The man said to her while curving his
middle finger through her p—y slit in a deliberate bid to
finger fvck her
The first officer just laughed saying “O boy hurry up
abeg.. My p—k wan tear for here as I dey see her body
so. Thank goodness my girlfriend come from village
this afternoon”
Her spirit had been broken from the initial beatings. So
their current assault only made her sob silently.
But after what seemed like forever, the man bathing
her began to rinse her body. Turning her around sand
pouring water on her back, her placed his palm on her
a-s cheeks and then ran his middle finger through her
a-s crack to her p—y. He fingered her a little before
declaring to the first officer he was done.
The first officer then removed from a nail on the wall, a
towel she hadn’t noticed was there and dried her body.
Done, he then gave her a folded cloth to wear.
Unfolding it, she saw it was a gown but couldn’t make
out what the colour was under the light condition of the
room. She wanted to ask for her panties and bra, but
decided against that and just wore the gown. It was a
bit bigger than her but she felt comfortable in it. She
very hungry and sleepy at the same time. Her body
was also in pains
“See how beautiful you look!” The first officer
complimented her after pointing his torchlight on her
She wondered if he was mocking her. The same man
who just beat her up and forced her to confess what
she didn’t do. Well the other man actually did the
beatings. Giving her a slippers they led her out of the
room. “Does it mean this one was nice?” She
wondered. She decided to try her luck by asking him
for a favour.
“Please sir, I’m hungry”. She bloated out unexpectedly.
She could barely hear herself.
“Oga will give you food” he said calmly.
“Oga? Who is Oga?” She wondered as she moved
slowly and in pains with them. Not until they went past
the cell building and heading towards a different
building did she begin to worry where exactly it was
she was being led to.
To be Continued…


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