The cartel episode 56


Written by Nitefury
[]Before I proceed, I’ll like to state my stand on rape.

Because it is a reoccurring event in this story.
1: Rape is wrong and nothing a fe(male*) does should
be deserving of it. I abhor violence and consider rape a
disgustingly violent crime deserving of a lengthy jail
2: While I am an unrepentant advocate of modesty on
the part of ladies, no lady deserves to be judged by the
content of her underwear. You can always look the
other way.
3: Cradle robbers, paedophiles and pederast are all
bunch of reprobates deserving of time in a secured
mental institution before being locked up.
4. There’s no language in the world in which NO
means YES. Once she says NO, that should end
whatever was going on. It doesn’t matter if
“consensual” s-x was about to happen. Nigerian men
should learn this.
5. Rape remains a tolerated form of terrorism in
Nigeria. Victims are usually blamed, ostracized and
slüt shamed into not reporting or seeking help. A lot of
rapist roam around free looking for their next victim.
Nigerians need reorientation in that regard.
But for the sake of this story, and as stated in the
caveat, I’m still gonna write about and describe rape
scenes. You might wanna skip this update.
She was led into a different building block away from
the cell and torture room. Passing an officer who sat
down on a bench with a rifle, they proceeded into the
building. Knocking on a door, they were ushered in by a
voice from inside.
This was the office of the Divisional Police Officer, DSP
Terna. At one end of the vast room was an office table
with the DPO sitting behind it. Then there were two
wooden chairs directly facing his table and a longer
couch by the side. On his table were several files, a
half filled bottle of “Pasties” (Hope I got that), and
must about anything else you can think of finding in an
office setting.
Saluting his boss, the First officer said “Here she is sir”
while pulling Ima forward from behind him.
While he was dressed in mufti (which isn’t out of place
considering the time), his uniform was hung on the wall
behind him. He held a full scalp sheet on his left hand
which he was reading from. He looked up at them, then
Ima, and then back to the sheet while asking “Why isn’t
this murderer you brought here in cuffs?”
If Ima had hoped to ask him for food, those words
made her resolve to go to bed hungry.
“Sorry sir” The first officer replied just as he pulled out
his cuffs.
“Cuff her hands in front” The DPO said still without
looking away from the table.
“Done sir” He declared after cutting her hands.
“Dismissed. Good night” He declared to the men
Saluting, both of them exited the room saying “Good
night sir” simultaneously
“Young girl have a seat” He finally offered some 5
minutes after the two men had left. She could barely
stand which he had noticed but had deliberately
ignored her while writing on the full scalp sheet he had
been reading.
Ima whose whole body was in pains, literally collapsed
into the chair after heaving a huge sigh of relief.
“Thank you sir” she managed to say. Her throat was
“I’ve just gone through your confessional statement of
how you killed the husband of someone husband who
took you in. Its so unfortunate that you did that” He
said removing his reading glass before pouring himself
a drink from the bottle on the table.
“I did not ki..” She began to say when he cut her short
“Shut up that mouth before I slap your teeth off” He
rebuked her. “After confessing you want to change
your mouth abi?” He asked her
“They beat me and forced me to say I killed him” She
replied as she began to cry again while lowering her
head. She was experiencing both physical and
emotional pains.
“Who beat you? Who forced you?” He mocked her.
“Those men that brought me here” She said lifting up
her cuffed hands and pointing towards the door to
indicate she was referring to the men that left.
“Look here young woman, there’s nothing like that on
this statement I’m afraid” He said picking up the sheet.
He began to read the written text “After cross
examination and days of investigation by men of the
Nigerian police force led by inspector Onoriode Ajine,
the suspect admitted to killing the victim, one Mr
Micheal Agba by food poisoning. She claimed it was
supposed to be a love portion which was supposed to
make him leave his wife and child for her…..” Her
voice cut him short
Shaking her head as she wept she said “Sir it’s not
true… I didn’t kill him.. I was force to say those things”
Putting the paper down, he said “Look here young
woman, crying won’t help you right now. But I want to
help me that’s why I asked them to bring you here. The
punishment for murder is death or life imprisonment.
Do you want to die by hanging or spend the rest of your
life in jail?”
“Noooo” She replied shaking her head while still
“Good.. Now stop crying and listen to me” unrolling an
amount of tissue paper, he offered it to her saying
“Here, dry your eyes”. After which he gulped the wine
in the glass. Pouring himself another glass, he stood
up and came around the desk, pushing the empty chair
away, he sat on the desk. This was when she noticed
how huge, tall and intimidating the man was
Touching and running his hand on her face as if he
was cleaning her tears,he began. “You know you are a
fine girl. Even if I believe you that you didn’t kill him,
with this your confessional statement, it will be had for
the judge not to sentence you. But since this case is
still on my desk, it is only now that I can help you” With
that he boldly moved his hands to her left b—-t and
began to föndle gently.
“Can today ever get worse?” She wondered. From
having to go most part of the day hungry, to being
beaten cruelly and her body molested. She had thought
that was all the day had to offer. But here was this
man trying to……” Her thoughts were cut short by his
“On your feet” Her thundered.
She stood up slowly while maintaining eye contact on
her fee. Holding her by the back of her neck, he pulled
her forward and kissed her by firmly pressing his lips
against hers.
Disgusted at him, she shut her mouth as tightly as she
could while also squeezing her face in protest of his
assault. When he placed the drink on his left hand on
the table she didn’t know, all she felt was the hand
running through her dress and around her thighs while
pressing her p—y. His right hand held her firmly
behind the neck as she felt his tongue all over her lips
in his bid to make her open her mouth.
Then without warning, he released his hold on her and
unexpectedly slapped her. Without giving her much
time react to the slap, his large hand lunged forward
and seized her by the throat. Temporarily cutting her
air supply, he pulled her head to his face. Then from no
where, he pulled out a pistol with his left hand, cocked
it and placed it on her head and said in a completely
different and harsh tone “I can do this the easy way or
the hard way young girl. Whatever your decision is, I’ll
still get to have you tonight. So tell me, do you want it
the hard way?”
Broken and scared, she shook her head in the negative
“I thought as much” He said letting go of the grip on
her throat. “On your knees” he then instructed.
Watching he kneel down, he stood up from the desk
and with his right hand undid his fly. Pulling out what
was a big D–k, he looked at her in a way that made her
open her mouth, understanding what he wanted.
Pointing the gun on her head again, he pushed his
rising D–k into her mouth and said “You bite it, I put a
bullet in your head, understand?”
With tears flowing from her eyes and the D–k in her
mouth, she nodded affirmatively. He wasn’t as big as
Jama but due to her weak state, swollen jaw, she
found it difficult opening up her mouth wide enough to
contain the D–k which seamed to be getting bigger in
her mouth. At that point if felt like putting someone’s
fist in your mouth.
“Suck d–n it!” he howled
Her head movement was as slow as a slug that he had
to drop the pistol on the table, grab her head with both
hands and annoyingly began to ram his D–k into her
mouth. Although she tried not to, after about a minute
of his ramming and due to her weakness and mouth,
the muscles of her jaw caved in out of reflex. Her teeth
then locked around his eréction which ultimately ended
her another slap as he pulled out from her mouth. The
force of the slap made her hit her head on the edge of
the desk. She fell to the floor coughing strongly as she
cried while wishing she would just die. The pain and
torture was just too much and unbearable.
Reaching for her, he grabbed her by the shoulders,
moved behind her and pushed her into the big desk.
Her cuffed hands were under her body as her head
was placed to the side. Lifting her gown up and placing
it on her waist, her a-s and p—y became exposed to
him. Using his middle and index fingers, he rubbed her
p—y opening while using legs to spread hers apart.
His D–k was still coated with her saliva from the
forced head she had given him. With his right hand, he
undid his belt which made his trouser fall into a hip
around his feet.
Pulling his boxers down, he then grabbed and guided
his D–k into her unwilling and dry p—y and began
pounding right away. She was too weak to scream
despite the pains but kept on groaning in pains with
tears flowing from her eyes. When it seemed his
trouser and boxers by his feet were hindering his
thrusting, he paused temporarily to kick the clothes
away. Then holding her hips with both hands, he
resumed his pounding. While he cared less about the
fact that she was in pains and her hands were trapped
under her, he was particularly glad she wasn’t
screaming. Exactly as he had hoped when he
instructed his boys to beat her up and weaken her
This went on for about 5 minutes after which his pace
began to slow down. At this point her body began to
respond and without her control, her p—y began to
wet. Although it was embarrassing, it reduced the
pains she felt having been dry initially. Then he slowed
down almost completely and she felt he was finally
spent when she felt a finger rubbing around her butt
hole. The horror she felt was enough to make her try to
rise up from the desk but was stopped by a slap on her
back. Back on, the table, she could only whisper
“Please…. Don’t”.
“Shut up!” The man responded as he withdrew his
finger, licked it (in a bid to use his saliva as lube) and
slowly pressed it into her butt hole until it went past her
sphincter. All the while his D–k was still lodged in her
p—y. Slowly he resumed thrusting back into her p—y
while also twisting his finger in and out of her butt hole.
At this stage, she didn’t know which pain was greater,
the beatings she received earlier, the ongoing vaginal
assault or the finger probing her a-s. Well, what
followed next made her realize she was actually yet to
experience real pains.
He continued thrusting into her p—y while trying to get
her a-s ready for about three minutes. When he was
certain he could try penetrating her a-s, he pulled out
of her now wet and slippery p—y. Holding his ever
eréct D–k on his right hand with his left pressed on her
back, he lined up his D–k head which was coated with
her fluid by her backdoor.
The only time she heard about backdoor s-x was
during bible classes about Sodom and Gomorrah. She
had always been disgusted at that idea that gays exited
and wondered how it was possible to achieve such feat
and pleasure. Mortified by the thought of what he
wanted to do, she again tried to resist by standing up
with whatever strength left in her weak knees. But
unfortunately his rather large and firm hand was
pressed on her back. She was only able to change the
position of her head. Initially she had placed her head
on the side with her left ear pinned to the desk, but her
new position placed her chin on the desk. She shut her
eyes tight while grinning her face as she awaited what
was to come next.
With an unrelenting force and pressure, he began to
push his D–k into her butt hole. Her mouth dropped
open as she tried to scream but realized she was
barely audible. The pressure and burning sensation she
felt went on for about a minute until she felt his ball on
her a-s cheeks. He was finally in she realized. She felt
a pestle had been shoved up her a-s when he pulled
out a little and stabbed his D–k back in.
At this point Ima gave up fighting, no need crying
again. She new her life was over. There was no
explanation as to why she was going through all these.
She had cried continuously since the beatings started
and realized she was just weak to cry again. But there
was no pain in the world that could be compared to
what she was feeling right now. Not even during the
birth of her Idara… Oh Idara, she recalled her
daughter’s name. If she had stayed back in Calabar all
these wouldn’t be happening to her. The thought that
she was obviously being punished by God for dumping
her child was what finally made her begin to cry.
Opening her eyes to cry and let the tears flow out, she
caught sight of the man’s pistol right in front of her
face. Seeing this, she was immediately filled with a
new power. The power to end this all. The power to
stop people from hurting her. “This would be the last
time anyone would hurt me” She told herself. “I’ll put
and end to my miserable life… But first, he’ll go with
me”. She was surprised by the realization that she just
Suddenly he realized she wasn’t struggling again and
the muscles around her a-s had relaxed. It wasn’t
difficult again for him though it remained tight. Then he
heard her begin the grunt “Ugh…. ugh…. ugh….” faintly
with each of his stabbing motion. With his brain cells
dissolved in alcohol and thinking only with his D–k, he
felt she was now enjoying his assault and began to
cheer her on..
“Yea…. That’s it Omo Calabar… Take it all… You’re so
sweet” He praised her at relaxing.
“ugh… ugh.. ugh” She continued grunting with eyes
fixed on the gun in front of her. She had forgotten
completely about the pains because she was about to
end it all.
Her tightness finally overwhelmed him as he felt his
ball begin to chun. By now her stubborn rectal muscles
had finally relaxed at it seemed just like a tight p—y to
him. Realizing he was about to shoot, he pick up the
bottle from the table and began to drink directly from it
with his right hand on her a-s as his pace increased.
“hmmmm.. Hmmm…” he began breathing
heavily as he drank. She knew he was as good as done
when he started to shake. Seconds later she felt him
empty what would be his last release inside her anäl
Dropping the bottle back on the table, he collapsed on
her back and waited for a few seconds. Satisfied he
said “Yea.. Good girl” and pulled out of her.
He was weak in his knees after what to him was an
exciting experience and decided to collapse on the
couch behind them. Picking up the bottle from the
table, he walk back and collapsed on the couch. “Omo
Calabar, come here” he instructed while touching the
space next to him, indicating he wanted her to come
seat next to him. After which he took a sip from the
Putting the bottle back down, he looked up towards her
direction and immediately the alcohol and post-
orgasmic bliss cleared from his eyes and brain.
The officer outside the building was the first to run
inside the DPO’s office after he heard two gun shots..
So did she kill him?????? What do you think guys?
By the way, rape has remained stigmatizing for it’s
victim here in Nigeria. Is there any help in sight?
Pastors, Imams, Lecturers, Landlords, Fathers etc
have all been in the news for the past two weeks.
What’s your opinion about rape?


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