The cartel episode 57


Written by NITEFURY
“Put down the gun or I shoot you!!! I repeat put down
now” The officer thundered at the top of his voice while
immediately corking and pointing his rifle at Ima. He
saw his boss lying motionless on the couch while the
girl held a pistol pointing down with both hands. She
was leaning against the desk and was crying while
looking at the body of the DPO. His heart was racing at
the probability of him getting to shoot the girl if she
dared to lift the pistol up.
Ima in her part after shooting the DPO couldn’t bring
herself to end her own life. While she was still scared
and crying, an officer had ran in and was barking
orders to her. When she eventually dropped the pistol
on the floor she didn’t know, but she was certain it
wasn’t because the officer told her to do so. Rather it
was because she couldn’t take her own life. She had
missed the first shot because her hands were shaking
but had gotten the second shot when he immediately
tried to charge at her.
Almost immediately she dropped the gun, two other
officers on duty ran in. By then the first officer had
moved closer to her while pushing the pistol away with
his right foot. One of the officer immediately checked
the DPO,and discovered he was still breathing. Upon
closer examination he discovered the bullet met his
right collar bone while the other missed its mark by
entering the couch.
Just then 5 other officers including the first officer who
brought her ran in. It was at this point one of the
officers charged at her and was about to physically
assault her but was quickly stopped by the first officer.
“Leave her.. Nobody should touch her again to avoid
trouble. You, take her back to her cell. You get the
pickup ready.. You, apply pressure on the wound…” He
began to give out orders as per the most senior officer
She was literally dragged back to her cell as she could
barely walk properly. They two Unilag girls looked
worried when she was pushed in with the cuffs still on
her hands. They were both surprised at the fact that
she was putting on a different gown. Saying nothing to
either of them, she lay on the floor and slept off while
the noise and occasional call by other police officers to
their cell door went on.
It was the next morning the girls who from the gossip
from the officer had picked up the news that she shot
the DPO were able to properly see the bruises on her
body and the blood stains on her gown. She had been
beating and raped the inferred. But how did she get a
She was eventually woken up that morning when one
officer came shouting down the hall “Where she dey?
Where that Calabar girl dey?”
Getting to their cell door, he began to shout and curse
“You don die you hear me so ba?.. You get mind wan
kill my oga after you already don kill person husband..
Your life don finish..”
He kept on shouting until the DCO of the station came
and ordered him out of the cell area. The while cell area
including the ever full and noisy male section remained
quiet as everyone wondered what really happened and
how the girl was able to pull that off. Some minutes
later, Ima sat silently staring at her outstretched legs
when she heard the voice of one of the girls being
directed at her. She looked up slowly with a blank
“Hi.. Hi.. Are you ok?” The girl asked her to which she
nodded affirmatively before resuming her blank stare
at her feet.
Next she felt the girl move and sat next to her. “What
did they do to you last night?” The girl then asked.
Without looking away from her legs, she replied calmly
“They beat me and raped me. I saw his gun and I shot
Somehow the girl remained next to her. The next thing
she felt was the girl passing an arm over her shoulders
and pulling her head to her chest while saying “It will
be okay my dear..”.
Ima herself was surprised by the fact that she wasn’t
already crying as she usually did. Instead she jus told
the girl “I’m hungry and tired”.
Mrs Margaret later in the day came to the station to
check on the Ima again. Probably to mock and torment
her but was refused the chance to see the girl. She was
told what happened and immediately began to beg to
be allowed to see her.. After much plea, the officers at
the counter allowed her passage. And when he eyes
fell on Ima’s sleeping body, she began to cry. Her
crying woke the girl up who just starred blankly at her.
Guilt and pity overwhelmed her and she quietly left the
station because the girl kept on looking at her like she
never knew her.
She would later instruct Uduak to bring food for the
girl. But by then Unilag girls had been bailed and had
gotten food and water for her.
They both continued visiting her daily for the next
month and would go on to get her a lawyer.
By the third week of her arrest, Ima,was down with
fever and threw up once. She realized she was
pregnant for Micheal.
Mrs. Margaret after learning of the fact that Ima had a
lawyer and realizing the police really wanted to pin her
with murder and attempted murder, decided to leave
Lagos. Using Michael’s funeral as alibi, she had
travelled with Faith and Emem. She realized the lawyer
might want to ask how she met Ima and the events
leading up to Ima moving in with the late Michael. This
she feared, might pin her son, so she stayed back in
her village after the funeral.
5 weeks later, Trial day..
A doctor from the hospital Micheal died was on hand to
give his report which claimed he died of multiple organ
failure after probably consuming a poisoned food item
or drink.
The DPO (in bandages), inspector Onoriode, the officer
who rushed in, where they to give their prearranged
And the Judge who was a personal friend of the DPO
delivered his judgment.
“After listened to both the defense and prosecuting
counsels, and having examined the evidences tabled
before me, I find you guilty of murder and attempted
murder. By the powers vested upon me by the FGN, I
hereby sentence you to life imprisonment for murder
and 10 years imprisonment for attempted murder with
hard labor.” After which he hit the gravel..
While the Unilag girls and a few of their friends who
had come broke down in tears, Ima starred blankly as
she was led out of the courtroom to begin life at the
As much as the girls wanted to appeal, they could not
afford to pay for a defense counsel again.
Just a short update.. Got alot on my hands right now
else would have gone further. My apologies.


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