By Chinco balogun
I  and yetunde finally has settled in school we are both  doing well in our academics we are known as the best of friends, and known to always be together at all times.

Yetunde: ore mi (my friend) you see something has been bothering me for sometime now.

Temmy: what is it?

Yetunde: it’s my brother Adeleke, he has been disturbing me for some time now about you.

Temmy: huh, disturb?

Yetunde: he says he loves you, and I know truly his feelings for you are genuine after all you are no more a kid and it’s time you got yourself a boyfriend, him been my brother will make him treat you right.

Temmy: I don’t want any complications for my life now, I still have a long way to go, my mother will kill me if anything should disrupt my education, tell your brother I appreciate it but am not interested.

Yetunde: grow up girlfriend after all your mates are all into it, even I your best friend have a boyfriend so it’s nothing, just have a careful thought about it.

Temmy: thank you am not interested.

Later that night I began to think about what yetty told me, I wanted to feel among to feel like a big girl that I am now, but the advise of my mom keep ringing in my brain, I later concluded that I will just be friends with Adeleke not knowing that that decision will cause me what am about to tell you.

Hope you are enjoying my story… Sit back relax get a glass of water and let’s continue with the journey..

Yetunde: (the next morning)  since you have decided to be a big girl now you will see that your life will never remain the same, my big bro will take good care of you, all that you lack he will provide.

Temmy: I just hope am making the right decision here, I don’t want to disappoint my mother.

Yetunde: MY dear you won’t, my brother is coming today to take you out after lectures, make sure you dress beautiful am sure you will have the fun of your life.

Temmy:( with smiles) OK girlfriend I will bring you something

Yetunde: you better do else I will find a prettier lady for my bro…TBC


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