Adventure with aunty Caro part 34


Caro had left before I get up the following morning, I
sat on the bed reminiscing everything that had happen
in the past few weeks, Tania call brought me back to
life.. She called five time I did not the call.. I dash to
the bathroom after the fifth call.. I took my bath and
brush my teeth, dressed up and dash to the kitchen
afterwards.. I finished eating some minutes past Eight,
since I had promised caro, that I will be at her
department by ten am… I still have a lotta time, I
muttered to myself..
I move out room, I checked on lincoln, he is not indoor
Since there is still enough time I decided to trek, am
five building away from caro lodge when I saw the lady
that slapped me yesterday, she was about mounting a
bike, thank God she was backing.. I continue my
journey my headset was glued to my head blasting
Wizkid Holla at your boy.. I get to the school gate at
9:45am, I enter a shuttle going to obanla(the school
north gate).. Headed to caro department immediately
after alighting.. Its ten minutes past ten already, I sent
an Sms to remind her of our appointment.. Fifteen
minutes gone, no reply.. Its thirty five minutes already…
I felt a tap on my back, standing before that day was
Caro Smiling.. She put on a White Shirt and black Skirt.
ME.. Waiting for the past fifty minutes..
CARO.. Am sorry.. The man came late, and he insist on
using the 2hours schedule for the class..
ME.. Its no problem..
CARO.. So whats up ?
ME.. Nothing jhor..
CARO.. My next class is 1, it wont make sense staying
here all through.
ME.. So, what you suggesting ?
CARO.. Suggesting we go catch some fun at the school
zoo, from then we go to the cafeteria and from there
we come back for my class..
ME.. Alright.. Lets get going then.
We headed to the zoo, from zoo to cafeteria not
savannah cafeteria though, and then to her
department,the lecturer came in some minutes past
one, caro was sitting at the first two row. I sat the back
of the lecture room.. Not long after the lecturer came
in, tania also came in with the lady that headed to the
hostel yesterday, she came through the back door, dont
know how she locate me, she came to sit beside me, I
did not look her throughout the class, I was not even
listening to the man sermon.. All am concern about is
he should just spit out his Sh*t and get out of the
We get home around 4, I dashed out to check on lincoln
after freshening up, Trust me guy, he don get match… I
switched on my data, I replied all my pending chats…
Everyone attached to me had drop message.. No time
to type the conversion.. The week was going on
smoothly not until Friday night when caro revealed to
me that tomorrow Saturday is tania birthday, and she is
throwing up a beach party… i gave her that ‘whats my
own look’ we are going together.. No problem I
Immediately after saying no problem, my pentium 62
brain alerted me that if I attend that birthday party,
there we be problem, that was when I remember shola
and tania are friend, so this how tania want to treat my
bleep up.. Never!!!!! It wont work.. I quickly sent an
sms to mum that I will be coming home tomorrow,
stating to her that since am going to start the post
utme coaching next week, I might not be able to see
her till after exam… Thank God caro was with tania,
She called back immediately asking if I had informed
my aunt I told no, she asked why, I told I wont her to
help me act like she is the one that request I come
home. Thank God she agreed.. She later inform me
through sms that she had informed her. I called back to
thank her, caro show up twenty minutes later
informimg me that mum wants me at home tomorrow, I
replied her she just called me too.. I we miss you dear I
said to her, she move closer and hugged me.. We are
already on bed, smooching real hard when tania barge
in…   Am sorry she muttered and leave the room…
To Be Continued…


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