The cartel episode 64


By nitefury
Episode 64
Leaving her car behind, she went out through the other

end of the lane and used a taxi to the restaurant.
Stopping over a a nearby hotel, she paid for a room
knowing they were likely to talk let into the night. Since
she had started dating the General, she had learnt to
keep to time and was already seated by exactly 8pm.
On his part as Jama drove to the venue of their
meeting, he couldn’t believe even after all these years
she still and that same effect on him. She still held him
spell bound with her radiant beauty that it took alot of
will power not to give her a bear hug back in the
hospital. He really wanted to seat next to her, look into
her eyes and confirm if the feelings were real.
The fact that they were hiding made it look like when
they hide their affair from her parents, especially her
mom. He knew they were messing with the General but
the wrongness made him want to be with her again.
Just a few days ago, he thought his life was going in
the right direction and he was happy with his marriage.
But here he was longing to be with another woman..
No, not just another woman, a part of him he once
thought he had lost forever.
Rather than the steering, he wished his hands were
holding her as he carëssed her soft skin. His lips
suddenly felt dry such that only a kiss from her could
quench his thirst. Then he noticed his d–k twitch,
screaming to be inside her p—y while his ears began
to remember how she called out his name when he
made love to her. He wanted to experience all that
again. Suddenly he had forgotten all the questions he
wanted to ask. He just wanted to be inside her right
now and to hear her call his name.
She wished she still had the gowns he bought for her.
She wanted to appear exactly like he had known her.
But since she didn’t, she wore a very sexy and low cut
blue dress that went up to her neck but left the upper
part of her back exposed. Her boöbs though well
covered, were well accentuated by the tight dress. Her
hair packed behind with her nerdy glasses. She waited
patiently for him wondering what he would say or how
he would react when he saw her.
Arriving at ten past 8pm, she saw him come into the
private restaurant and was directed by an attendant to
where she sat. She had already told them she was
expecting him. He looked so handsome in his stripped
polo short neatly tucked in like some pro golfer. He
walked confidently towards the table as she stood up
to welcome him. Speechless they starred into each
others eyes for a second or two before he finally
smiled saying “I’ve missed you my love” he said
That was all she needed to hear before she literally
jumped into his arms, embracing him as their lips met
in what was a hot but passionate French kiss. Holding
her up by her a-s, they remained in that position
forgetting they weren’t in a hotel room. The noise made
by a female waiter clearing her throat made them jolt
back to reality as they separated themselves.
Fortunately it was an almost empty restaurant with
about three couples at different ends of the hall. And
the many huge flower vases provided some form of
privacy to the different tables. Giggling like some love
struck sixteen years old, they took their seats and
placed orders.
“My God, I can’t believe after all these years I’ll get to
see you again Jama” She began “You look so
handsome, like I’ve always known and still haven’t
grown facial hairs” She teased him
“You stopped replying my letters and you’re still not
fat.. Well except your boöbs are bigger” He teased her
Dinner and drinks were served and they ate and talked
about nothing in particular. Though they were smiling,
they both didn’t know how to proceed with the main
questions that needed to be talked about. Done with
dinner, the table was cleared leaving them with their
wine and glasses. When they had exhausted all the
petty things there was to talk about, they both became
“You stopped replying my letters” Jama suddenly
repeated the question he had asked earlier.
“I stopped getting them” She replied holding and
looking into her wine glass.
“I only stopped writing after about four letters were not
replied” He said resting his back on the back rest of the
“You should have returned to check up on me when
you didn’t get the reply. But you didn’t Jama” She said
with her voice becoming teary. “You said you loved
me, but let me go through all that alone” She added still
fighting back tears
“I don’t understand what you are saying my love” He
replied confused. “I only stopped writing because I felt
you moved on…”
“Did you say moved on? Just like that?” She asked
cutting him short. “How can you ever think that way?”
She shut back at him
“I don’t get you! What happened when…” He began
again but was cut short
“I got pregnant when you left and was thrown out of
the house” She bloated out sobbing. “Please can we
talk about it later. I don’t wanna ruin this night Jama.
Just happy to see you” She said amidst tears and
Shocked at pregnant part of what she just said, he
moved over and knelt before her saying “Don’t worry
my love. I’m here now and you can tell me whenever
you feel better talking about it” While giving her a hug
with his hand running through her back.
“Lets go somewhere private. I booked a room” She
whispered into his ears
“Ok. Lets go” He said standing and helping her up.
While she grabbed her purse, he went on the pay their
bills before walking back to join her. Holding her hand,
he led her out of the restaurant which now had more
guests than when he came in about an hour ago.
Opening the car door for her, he closed it when she got
in and went around to the driver’s side. “Where?” He
Walking down the lonely hotel hallway, he simply
picked her up in his arms like a little girl while she held
on to his neck for support as their lips met. He kissed
her all the way down the end of the hallway where her
room was located before putting her down. Reaching
for the keys from her purse, she handed it over to him.
Once inside, she stood and waited while he turned and
locked the door before lifting her up again. Exactly
what she wanted at that moment.
They resumed kissing as he took her to the bed and
placed her gently like an egg on a rock. He made to
stand up but she quickly help onto him, pulling his back
back down on her as she begged “Please don’t let go.
Make love to me Jama” with teary eyes and voice.
“I’m never leaving you again my love” He said
reassuringly to her while leaning back down to kiss
her. Seconds later his other leg joined them on the bed
from the floor as their kiss picked up momentum. Their
tongues fought and rubbed against one another same
way their hands began to travel all over their bodies.
While his was on her boöbs, hers hand found their way
to her belt as she began to unhook it, pulling his
trouser down a little before returning to lift his shirt and
vest off his head simultaneously.
He had to kneel upright temporarily while also breaking
the kiss so she could lift the shirt and vest off. She was
suddenly acting like she was possessed as she
immediately reached for his head and pulled him back
into a kiss while she collapsed back into the bed. Back
down she grabbed his hands and placed them on her
boöbs before returning downward to pull his trouser
and boxers further down. It wasn’t long before she had
reached her price and began to massage the once
familiar rod which tore her maiden head.
It was as if he had never felt anything like that before
when her familiar soft hands began to stroke his d–k.
He then broke the kiss and began to kiss all over her
face. From the tip of her nose, through her chin,
cheeks, ears and then her neck. Reaching for her neck,
he pulled the straps of the dress from around her neck
and began to tug the material down until her priced
assets were displayed before him. She had no bra on
just a strapless camisole which had been pulled down
with the top of the dress.
He returned to kissing her shoulders, and then leaving
bite marks as he found his way to her boöbs. He kissed
the organ, licked around the areolas, s—-d and bit one
nipplë, while also föndling the free and tweaking the
free one. Then his hand found a way to her crotch as
he began to massage her panty clad p—y.
She wanted more than what he was doing to her body
at the moment. She was going nuts as she struggled to
breathe and talk at the same time because her body
was on fire. “Jama” She tried to call him amidst
panting but he didn’t hear her faint voice. The next
thing she did was to lift her waist off the bed while
pulling the end of her dress up as Jama engrossed
himself in sucking her boöbs. Then she began to pull
her panties down and by the time she got it to her
knees, he knelt up and helped her pull it completely
down. His trouser and boxers halfway down, he just
returned to her now spread legs as she immediately
reached for his d–k and guided it into her hot orifice.
Though she had been with different men and felt
different d–k sizes, her p—y still recognized Jama’s
d–k. It welcomed him home, welcomed him into her.
Like a biochemical reaction, his d–k (ligand) was
immediately recognized by her p—y (receptor) thereby
triggering series of reactions leading to the release of
electrical charges all over her body.
“Fvck me please” She begged through clenched teeth
no longer interested in love making.
Hearing her say those words, he pushed his whole
length inside her p—y just in time for her to wrap her
legs around his waist as he began to dig in and out of
her as fast as he could with his halfway trouser and
boxers acting as a hindrance. Not minding, he
continued thrusting into her as she began to call his
name with a voice of a twelve years old girl “Jama…
Jama.. Jama”
Looking at her face, her eyes where shut tight but her
facial expression and tongue showed she was clearly
loving every second on his pounding. He was doing it
hard, but she seemed to want it harder. This seemed to
spur him on when he passed his right hand under her
neck and held her head with his left hand, while
increasing his pace.
His pace and intensity swept up on her unexpectedly
forcing her to open her eyes. She began to moan
“Mmm Mmm Mmm yeaa” in that little girl voice as she
began to feel her orgäsm build. This was what she had
always wanted but missed. Her body had yearned for
this man for years and now that he was plowing her
p—y, there was just no way she would orgäsm. Her
nails left a bloody trail on butt cheeks and back in her
bid to pull all of him into her. This whole session lasted
not mote than five minutes before she felt a jet stream
of c-m hitting her cervix as he poured his love into her.
She felt the hotel building shaking as what was an
intense orgäsm hit her, sending waves upon waves of
electrical currents through her body. The next thing
she did was to lock her teeth around his left colar
bone. That was all she could do in her bid to suppress
what was supposed to be a high pitched scream of joy.
To Ima, it was the hotel building that was shaking as a
quake must have hit Lagos. But Jama, with her teeth
locked painfully on his body, held her firmly as her
body vibrated and shook under him as but of them
experienced what was their best orgäsm in a long
About a minute later, she released the grip of her teeth
and began to cry. Pulling him down on, she said “Only
you complete me Jama, why did you leave me all
these years?” In that childish and teary voice I told you
guys about earlier.
“I’m here to stay now” He assured her cleaning her
eyes as they both caught their breaths.
“Promise never to leave again” She demanded
“I promise never to leave you again Ima” He said while
still lodged inside her p—y.
She then raised her head and kissed him for about a
minute before locking her arms around him as she felt
him start to harden inside her again.
Breaking the kiss suddenly, he told her “Lets clean up
first” And then pulled the almost eréct duck out of her
disappointed p—y.
Getting rid of their clothes properly, he lifted her up and
took her into the bathroom. Putting her down, he
opened the shower faucet and then began to lather her
up. He wash her boöbs, lifting them one after the other
as he lathered them. When he would move to another
part if her body, she said “I think there’re clean enough
for now” after which they both laughed and kissed. Her
proceeded to finish the rest of her body while spinning
her around.
Done, she collected the soap and lathered him up too
while paying special attention on jerking his d–k in the
name of cleaning it up. She then proceeded to lather
and rub his back before rinsing his body. It was at the
point of rinsing his chest that she noticed a little blood
flow and realized that she had bit him rather too hard.
Enough to draw blood. He flinched when she touched
the place saying “Awww. That hurts”
She then went forward and kissed her bite marks,
kissed his both nipplës, while taking them temporarily
in her mouth. Then kneeling down gently, she left her
hands on his chest as she kissed and licked his belly
button, his pubic region and then without any
assistance from her hand, took his eréct d–k in her
She s—-d for a few moments till he was about to grab
her head then she said. “I was just cleaning it up like
you suggested, wait until we get back to the room” and
then stood up. Kissing him she turned on the faucet
and rinsed their bodies for the last time. Moments after
toweling their bodies, he lifted her up carefully and took
her back into the room.
Placing her on the bed, he crawled up next to her as
she began to spread her legs. Kissing from her toes,
through the length of her leg, he kissed and licked her
thighs before finally facing her p—y.
After what was a passionate p—y eating session and
love making, they both cuddled up in a spooning
position with the duvet providing the much needed
warming their näked bodies needed. His hand still
föndling her boöbs, his spent d–k lodged firmly
between her a-s crack.
“My love, I’m sorry for all that happened to you” Jama
“Ssssh… We’ll talk tomorrow please. Just hold me and
don’t let go. Lemme spend the night with my love in
peace” She said already feeling sleepy after three
A morning love session first, then they had the talk they
so wanted it needed to talk about. She cried all through
as he narrated, stating the child died which made her
leave Calabar in search of him. She talked about major
events that finally led to their meeting on Saturday.
He also told her events that happened to him but when
he stated he was now married, she felt used and began
to cry again. She kept asking how could he. He pleaded
with her to understand. Finally all that she needed to
believe he truly and still loved her and would forever
stick with her was another love making session filled
with promises never to let her go. She was willing to
share with another.
Three weeks later, Gen Sal is being driven to the office
as he goes through several pictures of Jama and Ima
at different parts of Lagos loving up. Her sleeping with
another wasn’t the issue, after all he shares her with
associates at their parties. But doing it with his boy
and subordinate who know she belongs to him, was
simply unforgivable. But for now, he had a more
important business to take care of.
To be continued…
Last fight :mrgreen: ;D


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