Adventure with aunty Caro season 2 episode 2


Me.. hello goat
Lincoln.. dog, how far ?
Me.. Why you go call me dog ?
Lincoln.. no be you start am
Me.. shey goat no better dog ni ?
Lincoln.. mtcheew, where you dey ?
Me.. am at home.. “I lied”
Lincoln.. you not coming back today?
Me.. mumu, I am outside.
He dropped the call and show up outside immediately.. we exchange greatings before I dash indoor. Caro was watching film when I open the door she welcomed me, I also greeted her like nothing happened before my departure, I later join her and we watch the film together.. that week was a very good one for me, nothing silly happened during the week not until saturday.. let me save you the Saturday saga first, I started my coaching on Monday.. its 9 to 1.. but I do stay behind till around 4 before coming home, am doing this just to skip any problem that try to show up at home..
The coaching was a hit too, get new friends, in just five days I am fast becoming both students and tutors favourite.. lets skip the coaching story for another episode.
Me and Sharon too are now best of friends, a very big thank you to whatsapp and all other social medial, the girl is just too livel I am even starting to like her more than caro, but no string attach…
I repeat no string attach, The Problem have been avoiding since Sunday I came back did not last long before it erupt.. am chatting jejely on my own on Saturday morning when I ran out off sub.. my fast option to subscribing is doing online transaction or transfer some credits from caro phone.. but I think the Katter should be the best option because that’s not my first time of stealing and she never complain, but what happen that morning, see my brothers and sister, forever in my memory
To Be Continued…


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