Writen by Adebukola (09037513579)

Something  around 2 o clock in the midnight, it started raining heavily, this brought the atmosphere in the room to be cold, what

happened next, dolly moved closer to me on bed and put her head on my chest, she started caress my chest, and playing with my nipples, after 5 minutes I wake up but was surprised, I didn’t know what to do, but I resisted to all her trick, she immediately got back to her sense when I tapped her and move away from her… Her face look Sober and remorse, I left the bed and sat on the chair to update my brain prior the morning examination because I love reading in the midnight, she couldn’t join me as usual. She latter slept off and wake up with that  same look, I asked her what’s wrong….

Me :mummy what’s wrong with you early in the morning

Dolly : I’m fine (not smiling)

Me: but  you look dull

Dolly ; immm, I’m mm (stammering) I’m sorry for what happened in the mid night, I’m…

Me (I cut in)…. You are not serious dolly, I understand, common let’s prepare for school, you know we get exam early this morning, and I’m sure you haven’t read..

Dolly ; (Smile) you’ve forgotten I will sit beside you…

We both laughed and prepared for school, we are not used to eating in the morning during exam period.
Exam come and gone, we were all grouped to our practical station (siwes), I was not grouped with dolly thou… But I enjoyed my siwes program to the fullest.

I sat for one lady in our school entrance exam, although I was scared but thank God, it was successful, she was introduced to me by one of my club past president (1993}to God be the glory she was second on the list and she was given admission to study the course she put in for. *

After my practical program, we met the fresher in the school, running up and down for their registration.. As I was roaming about the school Compound with my friend, catching fun with old pals, as they were looking for new players that will sign for their team.. Suddenly somebody jumped into my neck from the back.. Only God saved me I will have fall down, I got angry before I later realized it was the bae I helped with The entrance exam. She happily hug me and put all her weapon of defense on me.
She appreciated me and introduced her sister
Anike :enny I’m very grateful for the help, in fact I dnt know how to appreciate u.

Me ; it’s nothing, let’s give glory unto God
. Anike ; meet my sister, also admitted into our department.

Me :waoh that’s nice

I exchanged greetings with her sister, who was only Smiling and staring at me. Not a bad girl thou, she no too get front, but her back is something like olumo rock.
They invited me to their hostel.. But I was not chanced to pay them a visit that day..
I havnt see dolly, I checked her in her hostel, I met her door locked. I called her her line but switched off, I later went to my hostel and slept off immediately.
The week was  not eventful, because it was lecture free and didn’t bother for school.
Dolly later called me when she was around 5 days later and I paid her a visit, she bought me a new phone (Asha 200) which was the latest phone then at the rate of 15thousand, I was so happy and later left her side after a plate roof semo and vegetable soup.
The following week was the preparation of our annual provost cup.we always train early in the morning and 5 o’clock in the evening, I was occupied that through out the week, I hardly checked on dolly and this two bae were disturbing to come to their hostel..
The day I checked on them o didn’t met them at home, I was so happy because I no want any attachment, or distraction in the upcoming provost cup. During this period I and girlfriend no dey in good term, we hardly call or text each other…but I do call once in a while to checked on her..

On the last time of provost cup training, some of the fresher were discussing me, they didn’t know I’m the one,

First babe: was told by my sister, that their is one guy call Enny.

Second babe ; what about him??

First babe ; she said, he is magician on field, that he can dribble 3 people at a time

Third babe :really, I will like to know him

First babe : don’t worry I will ask my sister to show me the guy… She even said, he is a shy type……
They continue their discussion, as I left the premises with Smile, suddenly a lady called my name, who was the person anike Introduced to me. Which I later found out her name is jumoke.
. Jummy : bro enny, it’s unfair (with a frown but flirt face)

Me:, I’m so sorry, Its because of the provost cup preparation

Jummy ; uhnnn.. No problem, I even heard you be okocha on field.

Me :who told you that?

Jummy.. Dnt worry about that.. Yes before I forget, I want you to be tutoring me about the last year courses, so I will be able to move ahead my course mate..
. Me :{Chai which kind problem be this again)… Waoh no problem after the provost cup..
We later departed as I found my way to dolly hostel.

The provost cup was fabulous, everybody came to watch enny both the Stalite and d fresher were shouting my name from different a angle, even those who were not from my department… I performed brilliantly as my department won the Gold medal both the female and male team. I received different type of gifts from my department and others department… They started collecting my number…
Which began another episode of my life… To be continue..


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