Ex game season 3 episode 9


My blood boiled over at his comment. I knew
that he was sending me a warning, not just idly joking. But
he had no idea who he was messing with. “Matt, just get me
the information.” I hung up the phone and rubbed my
temples. That was the problem with having too many people
in your business. Will was the only other person who knew
what had gone down with Denise and me that night. And
now it seemed that Matt knew as well. I knew then and
there that it was over for him as well as for Maria. I’d done
as much as I could to help them and honor their father’s
wishes, but I could take them no further. I didn’t care how
cruel I had to be. I called Katie’s number and waited with
bated breath to see if she was going to answer. “Hello?”
Her voice was standoffish, but she answered after one ring.
“Sorry I had to leave early this morning.” “You did?” Her
voice faked surprise. “I didn’t even notice you weren’t here
when I woke up.” “I didn’t want to leave.” I wished my
words could convey the depth of my feelings for her.
“Whatever. You hit it and quit it. That’s your usual M.O.”
Her voice sounded harsh. “Nothing unusual.” “Katie.” I was
getting angry. “That’s not what happened.” “What do you
want, Brandon?” she sighed. “To talk,” I said softly, though I
really wanted to say, “You. I want you.” “Well, talk then.”
She sounded irritated. “I have to go.” “Don’t quit.” “Maybe
you shouldn’t have hired your fiancée’s brother to date me.”
She was angry. “And what exactly does his dad do for you?”
“I don’t want to talk about it. I told you. Not now.” I gripped
the phone. I hadn’t been completely honest with Katie when
she had asked how I knew Matt. I’d been in shock when she
asked me, on the point of orgasm, and my brain wasn’t able
to comprehend the depth of how scared I had been. If she’d
stayed around to hear more of Matt’s conversation with me,
she would have figured out that he was now working for me
instead of his dad. There was silence on the phone and my
heart dropped. “Katie.” I talked into the phone, but I knew
she had hung up on me. I called her back, but this time she
didn’t answer. I wanted to throw the phone into the wall
when I heard the call go to voicemail. I was so angry and
worried. What if I had lost her? After everything that had
happened, I knew there was a high possibility that she was
done with me. And what did I expect? I was forty-two, and
she was twenty-five. I’d always wanted to give her space so
she could make her own decisions. I’d always known it was
a risk and that things might not work out as I hoped. But it
had been seven years. I’d sacrificed everything for this
moment and opportunity, and it looked like my worst fears
were coming true. “Dad, you coming?” Harry shouted from
the living room, and I put my phone in my pocket. I’d try
calling Katie again later. Now I needed to be with my son.
*** “I was thinking we should set a date.” Maria walked into
my study with a tight smile. She had asked me to talk while
Harry and I were playing Mario Kart, and I’d told her to come
and see me later. Now I wished that I hadn’t. “A date?” I
looked up at her blankly. “For the wedding.” She walked
behind the desk and sat on my lap. “Silly.” “What are you
talking about?” I sat back, uncomfortable with the way she
was moving against me. “I’m ready to get married and make
this real.” She leaned in toward me and I jumped up. “This
isn’t real, Maria.” I shook my head as I felt my heart
pounding. “It wasn’t at first, but now now it is.” She stood
up and grabbed my shirt. “I know at first you only started
dating me as a favor to my dad, but we’re in love now.”
“Maria, we never dated.” I tried to keep my voice gentle, as I
knew how fragile she was. “And we aren’t in love.” “I love
you, Brandon.” Her eyes looked upset. “We’re a family.”
“We’re not a family, Maria.” I shook my head, fear forming
in my stomach. “I spoke to Matt last night.” Her voice
changed. “I know that Katie’s done with you. She’s quitting
and wants nothing to do with you. It’s time to move on now,
Brandon,” she pleaded with me and her fingers ran down
my arm. “It’s time to give that dream up.” “That’s none of
your business, Maria.” My voice was hard. “I’ll tell her the
truth if you don’t marry me.” Maria looked up at me with ice
in her blue eyes. “I will tell her the truth and that would ruin
everything.” “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” I
called her bluff. “My dad told me everything that he did for
you.” Her fingers ran down the front of my pants, but my
cock remained frozen and still. “I know everything.” She
tilted her head and looked up at me. “What time of year
would you like the wedding to take place?”


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