Vacation in obudu chapter 38


Writen by Nitefury
The she stopped moaning as she continued kissing me
while I worked my fingers in and around her pvssy.
Seconds later she started laughing into my mouth,
Prompting me to open my eyes. I saw her staring at my
face and I was compelled to ask “what’s making you
laugh this time around?”
“you need to see your face, like you are eating bitter
kola and you’re caught between enjoying it or enduing
it” she said after which she licked my chin up to my
nose tip quickly.
“you seem to have forgotten you just bit my tongue?” I
asked her raising my head up to kiss her. Smiling into
my mouth as she kissed me back, I added “only
possessed people open their eyes when kissing”
This made her chuckle all the more as she talked into
my mouth “I was just curios, didn’t intend bitting you
that hard, so I just had to see your facial expression. I
hope you are okay?” She asked pulling her mouth away
from me. All the while my fingers remained in her
“I’m sure I’ll live,” I replied her smiling, bringing out one
of my hand from her pvssy as i grabbed and pulled the
back of her head down for another kissing session.
Then again she broke the kiss just as I noticed two
different long strands of saliva linking our lips. One of
the strand broke halfway making her giggle as she
came back down for another quick kiss before taking a
sitting position on my thighs. It was at this point I
pulled my other from her pvssy.
Then holding my nipplës, she tweaked them before
bending down to take them in her mouth, licked them
before sucking on them in a slow and manner
interchangeably as her hand found its way into my
boxers grabbing fury. On my on part, the nipplë tease
was something else to me as it seems her mouth via
her tongue was conducting electric charges into my
body. I kept Moving my upper body in a way that
showed how much what she was doing was getting to
At this point there was nothing I could do but to run my
hands around the sides of her body and her back.
Seconds later, she sat back up rubbing her hand across
my bare chest before asking “you liked that, didn’t
you?” Moving my hands upward, I cupped her boöbs,
squeezed, föndled and tweaked her nipplës before
answering saying “not as much as I enjoy having yours
in my mouth” after which I sat up and took one the the
girls in my mouth and began to suckle.
Having paid both girls adequate attention and with one
of the nipplës in my mouth, I lifted her, turned and
placed her on the bed without breaking the mouth-
nipplë contact. When she was now seated on the bed, I
moved my hands down to the hem of her leggings and
began to pull it off her. I deliberately left her panties on
and she let me do what I wanted but helped me in
getting rid of the leggings. Then taking position between
her legs, I spread her legs while I also resumed kissing
her again. The kiss on her lips was brief as I moved
over to her chin, her cheeks then down to her neck.
Then going back up to her ear, I licked, nibbled as well
as planted kisses here and there before I finally began
to go back down through her neck.
Getting back to the twin girls, i wasted no time on them
as i just licked the areolas, circling her nipplës and
ignoring them on purpose. Unpredictability was my
watch word and how effective it was as she actually
arched her chest up hoping I would take the nipplës in
my mouth. With my eyes transfixed on her to see how
frustrated she looked, I planted a kiss on her tummy
just right over her belle button. I kissed around, down
to her sides before finally returning to kiss the navel
itself. Then I began to kiss my way down until I got to
the top of her panties. Spreading her legs further apart
for me, I kissed her mound through her panties top
down to the wet spot, her pvssy opening.
How impatient she was because she immediately lifted
her as§ of the bed saying “take it off”. But she was in
no place to give me orders, so I refused to oblige.
Pushing her as§ back into the bed, I instead did what I
had in mind. I simply pulled the panties aside and
stared briefly at her swollen and glistening pvssy lips
with the red panties on one, making it appear bigger
than the other lip.
Then wrapping my hands around her thighs, I spread
her slit open and bringing my nose closer, I inhaled
deeply same way a goat would as I took in her scent.
Holding the air for a few seconds, I then exhaled my
hot breath, making sure it was felt all over her pvssy.
Doing this must have sent electric waves across her
body as could be seen in the way she clenched the
sheets tightly. On my part, I immediately followed that
up with one long lick from down to top, applying
pressure when my tongue got to her clitöris. As i did
this, i noticed her inhale deeply before she exhaled and
then relaxed. But still, her slow breathing was irregular.
My intention was just to end it like that, but when my
lips brushed her pvssy lips, she quickly held the back of
my head and pulled me in. I had no choice but to
proceed with the mouth action. I licked her lips
interchangeably. Then sticking my tongue inside her
vagee, I lapped at her sticky pvssy juice which just kept
flowing out in great supply. Mixed with my saliva, I
could feel her juice smearing my entire face. Perhaps it
now dawn on her I wasn’t gonna do want she expected
hence. She pulled my head a little upward in a bid to
position my mouth on her clitöris, where the main
attention was needed.
But instead, I just spread her pvssy lip to have a clear
shot at her clitoral hood. I licked around the sides in an
up and down manner, as she kept grinding her clit into
my mouth. But when I finally took her clitöris in mouth,
she heaved a sigh of relief “yeaaaaa” as she began to
stroke my hair gently while her other hand immediately
fell on her boöbs. With crazy ideas running in my head,
I sucked hard pulling the cl!t out of its hood. Flicking it
gently with my tongue, i noticed as her breathing and
moaning became Fay-like in nature i.e very loud.
Though the rain wasn’t as heavy as when it just started,
the noise of raindrops on the roof was just enough to
suppress her voice. At this stage, I decided to add a
finger or two to the game. Licking my middle finger, I
inserted it gently onto her pvssy until I found that
spongy tissue and massaged it briefly. Then adding the
ring finger to the fray, I pulled my mouth off her clitöris.
I finger fvcked her furiously with the fingers of my right
hand inside her pvssy, while I rubbed her clitöris with
my free left thumb
“ahhh ahhh ahhh Mmm,. ahhh ahhh…” she kept
screaming and pausing to moan as she thrashed about
in the bed like the possessed girl she was. It wasn’t up
to two minutes of doing this that she screamed out
loudly “yessssssss” just as her body simultaneously
stiffened, with her thighs shutting and locking my
fingers in her pvssy as she climäxed.
I just quietly pulled my hand out of her pvssy and
reached for the spot where I placed my shuttle bag’s
content a picked the strip of condoms. Cutting one
sachet from the strip, I returned to kneel on the bed.
Just as I pulled my boxers, I looked to see her eyes still
shut as she came down from her heavenly high. I tore
open the condom removing the rubber and placing it at
the tip of my Joystick. Rolling it through my length, I
could feel how rigid fury was.
Moving forward, i just held her legs and asked her to
turn around. Drowsily she turned on her belle and then
began to kneel slowly while her head was still placed
on the bed. When,she was finally in position, i knelt
behind her and spread her legs apart to a position i
would be comfortable penetrating. Mehn, tell you what,
the sight was just breath taking. Added to the thrill was
the red panties she still had on.
Pulling the panties aside, i ran my Joystick up and
down her slit before i began to press slightly into her
before pausing. I then changed my position by kneeling
on just knee as i held her waist closer for my intruding
Joystick. “are you ok” i paused and asked her when i
was finally ready to start slamming the living lights out
of her pvssy.
Drowsily she replied “I’m ok” as she adjusted herself
too, propping her as§ and ready for my pumping. “you
Not allowing her complete the statement, i just
slammed in completely with her shouting “ahhhhhh”
while clenching the pillow her face was buried into


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