Ex game season 3 episode 10


“Your father would be
ashamed of you if he knew what you were doing.” I grabbed
ahold of her wrist and pulled her hand away from me.
“You’re disgracing the family name.” “What do I care?” She
looked at me with anger in her eyes. “They didn’t care about
me when they pawned me off to you.” “I’ve tried to help
you.” “Because you love me.” Her voice softened and her
eyes looked at me adoringly. “You’ve taken me in because
you love me.” She rested her head against my chest and I
stood there, immobile. I hadn’t counted on Maria trying to
make this difficult. I decided to save my breakup talk for the
next day; I couldn’t afford for Maria to go rogue on me—not
now. Not when everything was still so precarious with Katie.
If Maria really knew everything, then I was in big trouble.
She would have the power to topple my deck of cards and
have everything come crumbling down around me. “I have
to go out.” I extricated myself from her embrace and quickly
left the study. Maria was going to make this difficult—very
difficult indeed. “Wait.” She grabbed my arm. “Kiss me
before you go.” “Maria,” My voice was stern as I pulled
away from her. “Go and get your bags packed.” “Why?” “I
think it’s time for you to move.” I cleared my throat. “It’s
been nice having you here, but it is time for you to move
on.” “You told my father you would look after me.” “I’ve
given you a roof over your head. I’ve protected you as best
as I can, but enough is enough.” “It’s because of that whore,
isn’t it? Maria spat out with hatred in her eyes. “It’s time for
you to go.” I turned around and walked out of the room
before I did or said something I would regret. “You’ll never
have her, you know!” Maria called out. “Not by the time I’m
done. You two will never have a relationship. Not when she
knows the truth.” “Maria, I’m warning you.” I took a step
away from her, hatred burning in me. “I know about the
whores, you know.” Her eyes danced with evil joy as she
studied me. “And I know about the files. I wonder if
innocent little Katie knows. There’s quite a lot she doesn’t
know, isn’t there?” She grabbed my hand and placed it on
her breast. “Just make love to me, Brandon. Just make love
to me so we can make a brother or sister for Harry. Then I
won’t tell. I won’t tell Katie.” “Don’t threaten me.” My voice
was cold and deadly as I pulled my hand away. “You do not
want to mess with me, Maria.” “I think it’s you that
shouldn’t mess with me, dear Brandon.” She smiled and
took a step back. “Where’s Harry? I want to go and read him
a story.” “He’s gone to my dad’s house.” I felt myself
thanking God for getting my dad and his new girlfriend to
pick up Harry for the rest of the week. I’d had a feeling that
shit was going to hit the fan, and I knew Maria would try to
involve him. “You didn’t ask me.” She glared at me. “I didn’t
need to ask you.” “He’s my son!” she screamed, her eyes
blazing. “No, Maria.” I shook my head and looked into her
eyes. “He’s never been your son.” “She’s never going to
take you back, you know.” Her eyes looked at me with a
bitter glee. “Not once she knows everything.” I turned away
from her abruptly and left the house. I didn’t hit women, but
I had come mighty close to slapping her. But I wasn’t even
mad at Maria; I was mad at myself. About thirty minutes
later, I found myself outside of Katie’s apartment. I needed
to see her. I needed to feel her. I called her phone and
waited for her to answer. “Hello?” “You answered.” “What
do you want, Brandon?” “Can I see you?” “No.” “Can I come
over?” “No.” Her voice was firm. “I’m having an early night.
I’m going to bed now.” “I can be there within five minutes.”
“Sorry. No.” And then she hung up on me again. I stood
there outside her front door, wanting to just open it up and
go inside. No one told me no. But I didn’t. I knew I couldn’t
invade her privacy like that. What if she moved out? I
couldn’t risk losing every connection I had with her. I started
walking down the stairs when the phone rang. I grabbed it
eagerly, thinking it was Katie. “You changed your mind?”
“Mr. Hastings?” Matt’s voice sounded surprised. “What is it,
Matt?” —————


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