Compiled by Gideon Tosin Adebukola Opayemi
That night he did not even come home at all, he has chosen to use that one as a way to attack me following his mother’s death so that our love for each other die.

He didn’t come home any more after that. Sometime when I return from work I can see that cupboard have been touched he has returned to take some more stuff..

I don’t longer wish to call him, the initial desire to explain everything to him vanished, I lived alone, I went for medical check up alone, my heart  break again and again every time I see a guy carefully helped his wife during the physical examination in the hospital,

my office colleague hinted me to abort the baby I told her no, I will not, I insisted of having the baby, perhaps its my way to repaying mother for causing her death..

One day I came home and I saw my husband sitting in the living room, the whole house was full with cigarette smoke, on the office table I saw a piece of paper, I know what is all about without even look at it, in the 2 month plus of living alone I gradually learn to find  peace within my self
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