As written by Gideon Tosin Adebukola Opayemi
Been a while on our lovely story (MAAP) was so busy in one way or the other. Oya let’s get it started.

Immediately I entered her room she locked the door… Many thought came into my mind but I have to play smart.
Her room was so portable but she got all social amenities. What I saw in her room amazed me that I didn’t know when I said waohhhh….
I sat down on a chair near her bed gazing all through her room.
She changed to something nice that busted my brain before she entered kitchen and brought me a chilled  lemon juice with a glass of cup.
We engaged in some conversation while she sat on her bed
Aminat : baby welcome to my small world

Me:small world indeed, this a nice place.

Aminat : that reminds me, thanks for yesterday

Me: it’s nothing. You are such a nice girl.

Amina: (smiling) thanks for the compliment, what should I offer you?

Me; anything……… (with a smiling face)

Aminat: anything like?? 

as she pointed to her weapon of mass defense and gave a flirting look.
We both laughed as she jumped up from bed and entered her kitchen.
My eyes traced her before she disappeared and realized she was completely made by God. Before I finally faced the TV screen displaying Hollywood movies.
I didn’t concentrate much on the movies as I received a call from my roommate that informed Jimmy was sick and cannot eat because of my absent. I spoke with her and we discussed and pet her to eat.

I was like this girl is enemy of progress, why calling me when I want to sign a new player into my team.

After some minutes Aminat came out with 2 flask and and a tray with plates and 2 spoons.

She apologized for been late as she dished out rice and stews that contained some aquatic species..
We both ate but I didn’t eat much,because my joy stick was eager to work. After eaten she sat beside me and we talked a lot, about life, school, family, and our relationship status..
Although she was into a distance relationship but she got some side dudes. I mistakenly touched her fresh laps as he also moved closer to me.  It as like a magnetic force as our lips met each other (they brought me my favourite).
After 10minutes of kissing like an hungry lion, I moved to her weapon of mass defense and went back to 2 years old.

In my mind, a new player signed to the club and pass medical test.

As I was about to take the next move, she whispered to my ear that
(baby, I’m having my visitor) my head sound like the church bell using to wake people for early morning service.

Immediately I hear this, my body calm down and very weak, i stood up and went into the bathroom, took my bath and dress up.
She apologized and promised to visit me in school, she gave  me an expensive wrist watch and collected my hand band, for remembrance. We snapped a lot of pix together before I late left her side, to the house of my brother that told me to check on him……..
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