Ex game season 3 episode 13


“I knew you didn’t like
him!” Meg exclaimed. “What?” “He just never really looked

like your type. I mean, he was nice and all, but he wasn’t
really exciting, and you guys never really seemed to have
chemistry.” “Yeah, well, get this. So I became friendly with
him to try and get more information on Brandon, but…” “Oh
my God, but what?” Meg looked at me with excitement on
her face. I knew that she was loving every minute of this
scandalous conversation. “Matt”—I paused dramatically
—“is working for Brandon.” “WHAT?” Meg screamed as she
stared at me in shock. “Brandon Hastings? Are you telling
me that Matt, your boyfriend, works for Brandon, your ex?”
“Yup.” I nodded. “Crazy, right?” “What the fuck?” Meg shook
her head. “So was Matt working for Brandon when you met
him or more recently?” “No idea.” I bit my lower lip. “That’s
what I want to know as well.” “This is crazy. You played
someone, but maybe you were played from the beginning?”
“Yeah,” I sighed. “It’s so confusing.” “This is like a frigging
movie.” Meg jumped up. “I need a glass of wine. Want
one?” “Yeah, go on.” I sat back in the couch and waited for
Meg to come back with the wine. “Here you go.” She
handed me a glass and sat back down. “Okay, okay, so let
me get this straight. You tried to find Brandon ‘cause you
still missed him? Why didn’t you just go straight to one of
his offices or something?” “I wanted it to be an organic
meeting.” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t ask. At the time, I thought
it was a good idea to make it seem like a chance meeting.”
“So you bumped into Matt so you could get insider
information on Brandon. Which you got. You then got a job
at a company you knew he was buying so that you could
pretend to be worried when he was back in your life, but
really you were excited. You hooked up with him, hoping
that meant that he wanted you back, but instead he treated
you like shit again and you found out he had a fiancée and a
son. Then you slept with him again and he treated you like
shit again. And now you want to leave the job and forget
any of this ever happened.” “I guess that’s why you’re the
lawyer.” I gave her a half smile. “You got it all in one
paragraph.” “Well, I’m no longer employed as a lawyer.”
She made a face. “But this is one hell of a story.” “I know. I
feel like a bit of a psycho,” I muttered, thinking about
everything. “I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time on this
guy and he’s just an asshole.” “I agree that he’s an asshole,
but I think he deserves to know the truth,” Meg said softly,
and I looked up into her earnest eyes with a frown. “I know
it’s hard, Katie. And you probably try not to think about it,
but I think you need to tell him what happened. Maybe
that’s part of the reason why you can’t move on.” “It hurts
too much.” I bit my lower lip, desperately trying to forget
what I’d done. “But at least you know.” Meg leaned over
and rubbed my shoulder. “He doesn’t even know.” “Yeah, I
guess. I just never want to see him again,” I groaned. “Don’t
lie, Katie.” Meg laughed. “You love him. There’s nothing
wrong with that, but I do agree. It’s time to move on. I think
he’s being an asshole and he’s cheating on his fiancée.
He’s not a nice guy. Yeah, he has a son and seems to love
him, but why would he potentially ruin his family by sleeping
with you? He’s an egomaniac and a jerk. He likes the power
of taking whatever woman he feels like taking. He doesn’t
seem to care about you at all. I mean, why would he be
doing all of this?” “I just don’t get it. I know I lied when we
dated. I know I hurt him. But he hurt me too.” I sighed. “I
don’t know why he is still trying to hurt me.” “Maybe you
need to have an honest conversation with him. Tell him
everything and ask him to let you be. You need to move on,
Katie. Meet a new guy. A nice guy.” “I kinda met someone.”
I made a face. “Well, we kissed.” “What? You met someone
and didn’t tell me?” Meg looked at me, clearly hurt. “Just
recently. And I’m not really interested in him. He’s a
bartender at Getting Lucky’s. He kinda gave me a kiss and
hinted that he’d like to do more.” “Is he hot?” “He’s sexy and
hot.” I laughed and then sighed. “I just can’t think of anyone
else that way though.” “Katie, you need to stop letting this
guy ruin all your potential relationships. He is not worth it.”
Meg shook her head. “Have a final conversation with him.
End it. And move on.” “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I sipped
on my wine. “Someone has been texting me all night. Let
me see if it’s him.” “If it’s him, tell me what he said and I
will tell you what to text back.” “Argh, okay.” I laughed,
jumped up, and grabbed my phone. “Okay, here are his
texts. First one. ‘Hey Katie, I hope you’re enjoying your
night in. If you want company let me know.’” I laughed.
“Sure, Brandon. I’m going to text you right now.”


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