Ex game season 3 episode 14


“Read the rest.” “Okay,
number two. ‘Hey Katie, I sure hope you’re not doing
anything you’re going to regret right now.’” “What does that
mean?” Meg frowned. “No idea.” I shrugged. “Okay, number
three. ‘Katie, I need you to call me right now.’ Number four.
‘Katie, text me back or call now.’ Number five. ‘Katie, stop
playing games. Call me now.’ Number six. ‘Katie, I don’t
know what the fuck you’re doing, but call me now.’ What
the fuck is his problem?” I groaned, but inside I felt a secret
excitement that he wanted to talk to me so badly. “He is
sounding like a psycho.” Meg made a face. “What is his
problem? He is on such a power trip. Does he expect you to
drop everything for him just because he says so?” “I think
he does.” “Yet he can fuck other women and even marry
someone else.” Meg’s voice was passionate. “What an
arrogant asshole.” “He said he was going to dump Maria.” I
stared at her with my heart thudding as I remembered his
words. “He said she didn’t mean anything to him.” “Did he
dump her?” Meg bit her lip. “Not to be mean, but isn’t that
what they all say? Actions speak louder than words, and to
me, it looks like he’s just playing a game with you.” “I want
the truth.” I sighed. “And he also said Matt is Maria’s
brother.” “What the fuck?” Meg’s jaw dropped open. “That
cannot be a coincidence.” “I don’t know.” I sipped some
more wine. “He fell asleep after sex and then when I woke
up he was gone.” “Text him back and tell him you want to
see him, but only if he is going to prepare some answers.”
“Really?” I frowned. “Maybe I can ask him over the phone.”
“No.” She shook her head. “You’ll know if he’s telling the
truth by the look in his eyes.” “That’s true, I suppose.” “This
shit is crazy.” Meg yawned. “This is really crazy.” “I told
you.” I laughed, though I didn’t think it was funny. I was
about to text Brandon back when my phone rang. “Oh, shit.
It’s him. Should I answer?” “No.” She shook her head. “Let
him wait it out.” She smiled evilly. “And actually, don’t text
him until tomorrow. Let him stew a little bit.” “Oh, Meg.” I
put the phone on the table and sighed. “Why does life have
to be so complicated?” “Men make it that way.” She jumped
up and we both laughed as the phone started ringing again.
“Let’s go to bed. Leave the phone out here, so you aren’t
tempted to answer.” “Night, Meg.” I gave her a quick hug
before walking into my room and collapsing onto the bed. I
was exhausted, mentally and emotionally, and I fell into a
deep, uncomfortable sleep right away. *** I woke up late the
next day, momentarily forgetting that everything was not
right in my world. I stretched languorously in the bed and
yawned. Even though I’d slept for a long time, I was still
tired. “Katie.” Meg knocked on my door. “Are you awake?”
“Yeah,” I called out. “Come in.” Meg slowly opened the door
and walked into the room. She had a weird look on her face,
and I sat up to see what was going on. “What’s up?” “You
have a—” She started talking, but then Brandon suddenly
appeared behind her. “Good morning, Katie.” His voice was
gruff and his eyes looked at me manically. His hair was
scruffy and it looked like he hadn’t shaved in a couple of
days. “What are you doing here, Brandon?” “I thought I told
you to wait in the living room,” Meg said at the same time.
Brandon didn’t even acknowledge her question or mine as
he walked farther into the room and looked around. “I called
you.” His voice was accusing. “And I texted you. I told you
to call me back.” “I was in bed.” “Sure.” His eyes were
angry. “How was your early night?” “It was fine.” I blushed
and looked at Meg for support. It was so much easier to tell
myself to not give a shit, but now he was here in front of me
and all I wanted to do was kiss him and pull him down to
the bed. Meg spoke up. “You don’t own her. “You can’t just
barge in here and question her.” “Why? Because only
lawyers can question?” He looked back at Meg with a
sarcastic face. “Or can unemployed lawyers still question?”
“I—oh, you are so rude.” Meg glared at him and then at me
before striding out of the room. “Thanks for telling him my
business.” ——————————


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