The cartel season 2 episode 6


A story written by Nitefury
“Do you know who you’re messing with” He growled at
her once he recognized her voice as that of the same
girl he had met earlier for what was now obviously a
sham meeting. He saw three guys standing quietly with
one holding an AK 47 rifle, (the type given to him by
politicians during the last election), the other held a
pistol and the last a machete. They all had a mask
except her.
Jade pulled a stool and sat opposite him as he looked
angrily at her. “Yes I do. You’re name is Kodo. Leader
of the XYZ fraternity in Calabar. Your reign has seen
your gang metamorphose into a criminal gang involved
in much of the drug trade and related violence that has
plagued this city for some time now. You lost out to
Milady for a position with the Greenhorns but with an
extensive network of foot soldiers was able to quickly
switch allegiance when crack and pills replaced
marijuana as the favorite drug choice by doing
business with us”.
She paused and looked into his eyes through her
glasses as he tried so had to see if he could recognize
her. But with the wig, fringe, her glasses and the way
she talked, she knew he wouldn’t even come close.
Not even her boys could perfectly identify her if she
got rid if her disguise. After looking into his blood shot
eyes without betraying any emotion, she continued
“Now Mr Kodo, the question should be, do you know
who you messed with?” She waited for a reply and
when he said nothing, continued talking.
“I give it to you, you’ve been very successful in being
elusive repeatedly from the several people wanting
your head. But the effort that was put in getting you to
sit before me like this is the pointer you need to know
you overestimated yourself when you decided to
withhold my boss’s money”. With that she picked the
pistol from the table and cocked it. At that instant,
Kodo tried to feel if his rings were still on his fingers.
“Don’t worry, while you slept, We took them off, so
when I point this gun to your head and pull the trigger,
the bullet would go right in and come out through the
back” She said interrupting his thoughts. Those rings
made him immune from bullet wounds, axe and
machete cuts. This where the common weapon used in
the cultism business. And as common with such
powers, they were rules in their usage. One of the rules
was never to take the rings off. So for the first time in
a long while, Kodo became genuinely afraid to his
“Who are you?” He asked defeated
“I’m the Goddaughter” She said before adding “Don’t
bother asking how we got you to sleep or why your
failed to sense and respond to signs. It all has to do
with our difference from your other business
associates” She suddenly said faking a smile.
“Now back to the main reason why you’re tired up
here. You see Kodo, My Boss and myself have little or
no worry about the police. Instead, we’re weary of
crooks like you who can bolt with our money or drug at
any time. Hence we’re most times at the mercy of
being ripped off by scoundrels like you because we
can’t report to the police. So you see, when you held
back the one million naira, a small amount actually, we
couldn’t just get you arrested because we’ll also have
serious explanations to do. So how then do we get
what is ours back and prevent further occurrences and
arm twisting from ambitious felons like you? Simple,
we play to the gallery, give you what you want, get
what is ours back and then make example out of them.
I’m very glad to tell you that, you’ll be that example”
Done talking to a visibility scared Kodo, she snapped
her fingers and two of the guys came forward and held
Kodo firmly in place in his sit. His hands were then
unbound from behind him and then tired firmly to the
arm rest of the chair by the third who then proceeded
to stuff his mouth. She on her own part, stood up and
went closer to the table where she dropped the gun and
picked up forceps which were part of her dad’s first aid
kit back at home. She made sure he saw what she
picked as she brought it up close to her face and
examined it closely before addressing him
“There was this book a was reading just the other day
about how witches were punished in the medieval
times. Denailing them used to be the least form of
punishment when being asked to confess. Of course
you’re a final year student, actually you’re supposed to
have graduated by now, so you definitely don’t need
me to explain what denailing means right? Oh, sorry,
you can’t answer right now, but you know you can
nod” She said sarcastically with a smile
Putting on safety gloves, she continued “I can assure
you that without any form of anesthesia, this is a very
effective torture method. But don’t worry, the wound
would heal quickly”. As she said this grabbed his left
index finger while the boys held him firmly as he
struggled and said incoherent words with stuffed
Jade forcefully pulled out the finger nail using the
forceps. The screams of agony that kodo gave would
have been enough to make birds fly away from their
perch in a forest, but unfortunately for him his mouth
was stuffed with a rag before the torture session
begun. It took her only twenty minutes to get rid of all
the fingers in his hands. Blood was everywhere and
even the boys holding kodo were somewhat scared of
Jade at that point. Well, it all worked to her favour
because even as a rookie, she knew the importance of
being feared which was an important factor in this
drug business if one desires success.
Picking up bottle of methylated spirit, she opened the
bottle an emptied most of the contents on fresh
wounds. The pain kodo felt and his subsequent
reaction can be safely compared to that a pig feels
when a red hot rod is driven into it’s heart before it is
eventually killed.
“That would make the wound heel quickly” She mocked
him as she closed the bottle, placed it back on the table
and got rid of her safety gloves. Then she picked up
her pistol and faced him as his breathing became
“Do you love history Kodo?” She asked him and
answered the question herself. “Nah.. I bet you don’t.
Have you finished reading your lecture notes to talk
about reading history books? In fact you don’t even
read at all” She mocked him while deep down his heart,
he was swearing to kill her whole family should he
survive this.
“Well, during the 60s, Northern Ireland experienced
certain political unrest and crisis across the country
with different paramilitary groups considering
themselves law enforcers in their own regions. I
somehow stumbled upon an article about these law
enforcers and their operational methods. Kneecapping
was their favorite method of punishment for criminals
like you and certain kind of people whose behaviour
they considered to be unacceptable. Since we deem
your actions as unacceptable, I was mandated to
kneecap you. But hey, don’t worry orthopedics are now
very good at putting knees back together” As soon as
she said that she fired a shot in his left knee.
Kodo screamed and fell on the floor with the chair
behind him as he groaned in pains. Somehow Jade
remained calm and added “Kodo, your reign of terror
has gone on long enough, in fact so long you never
saw this coming. Actually I was mandated to retrieve
my boss’s money before doing what ever I want to do
with you. And for the package you received earlier,
we’ll also get them back latest tomorrow morning”.
“Now I need your help on something I’m working on,
can you help me kodo?” She asked him in a
surprisingly pleading voice while squatting next to his
“Hmmmmm” He nodded in agreement but she
removed the gag saying “Sorry, i forgot you got this in
your mouth”
“Please.. Goddaughter, I’ll do whatever you want” He
said, begging for his life.
“Thanks. I just wanted you to give me permission to
take your life” With that she stood up and fired the
second shot of the night into his forehead as he looked
up to her in shock. Because of the closeness of the gun
from his head, the bullet ripped open his skull behind,
spilling grey matter and blood.
The room remained dead silent as the guys were
shocked to their marrow. Why on God’s good earth will
someone ask for her victims permission to end his life
they all wondered silently. She on her part went back to
the table, picked up her bag and brought out bundles of
naira notes totaling N300k and gave to the three boys
with the instructions of where to dump his body. That
amount was from her own account
The next morning students and residents woke up to
see the body of the most violent and dreaded cultist in
a while lying lifeless on the road leading to the main
gate of the University of Calabar.
“Jew” Students, rival cultist and the city’s residents
generally heaved sighs of relief and were thankful to
whoever eventually succeeded in killing him after many
failed attempts. But his gang mourned and began
digging for his murderers and who ordered the hit.
Grapevine sources began to spread rumors that Milady
ordered/carried out the successful hit.
Though the news was shocking to (Milady) Vibangs
herself, she made no effort to deny having anything to
do with it but was was more than happy to take the
credit for the murder.
Two weeks later, a top ranking member of the
Greenhorns was arrested at home when a team of
drugs agents invaded his residence and found different
hard of drugs.
Another top member was gunned down when he pull
out a pistol from his bedside and aimed at the first
officer who entered his room later that same night.
Both were top men living in Calabar and their arrest
and death respectively put a lid (temporarily) over
Kodo’s death in the underworld.
– why did Jade kill Kodo?
– Why is Vibangs taking credit for what she didn’t do?
What do you think guys?


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