A story Written by Towoju oluwande
I was sleeping when I heard a light tap on the
bedroom window. When I stood up to check I
discovered that Halima was the one at the
window. I quickly and quietly opened the door
for her. When she entered, I discovered that
she just put on an oversize top without bra and
panties. As soon as she entered, we started
kissing each other and I was smooching her.
She removed her top and wow….her Weapon of
Mass Defence was bam. I attacked it and
started sucking it real bad. She was running
her hands all over my head and shoulder.
Afterwards, I traced a straight line from her
Weapon of Mass Defence to her neck then I
gently gave her a “vampire bite” at her neck.
She had to bite her lips so as not to make
sounds. Then I traced my finger down her spine
and she fell to the bed. I went to the freezer to
pick up some ice cubes. I placed some of them
to the Holiest Gate as soon as the cubes got
there, she had to take the pillow and used it to
cover her mouth. I started sucking her and I
tongue – bleeped her. She had a staggering
orga3m and she was convulsing. She rested a
bit and said
Halima: Collins, you have killed me
Me: when I no get weapon or cutlass.
Halima: if the mouth can bring me to orga3m,
how much more when your OPA – MOSE is
Me: I can’t be good as your boyfriend.
Halima: hmmm……but if I test it nko
Me: you wan taste am?
Instead of her answering me she went straight
to OPA – MOSE and started sucking it like
lollipop. She was sucking it and at the same
time caressing the balls. I almost spake in
tongue but quickly I had to control my voice.
She sucked me real bad and I almost exploded.
After putting on my CD I entered her and I
started spooning her. We were like that but I
noticed that she was pulling my OPA-MOSE
closer with her laps. Then we changed to
wheelbarrow style. We had to keep quiet
because the style wanted her to be moaning
loudly. We continued like that for some minutes
before we changed to canine style. I had to
stop because she wanted to be screaming. We
later reverted to the missionary style that’s
when I released. We had to disengage and she
had to return quietly to their own apartment



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