Six Golden Rules Every Man Needs To Know


1. When you meet a girl, don’t think of sex
don’t ask for sex. Even if you are hot in
pretend that you are a monk for some time.
2. Don’t go searching for a virgin, if you are
not a
virgin yourself. All the girls you have
who will marry them. Besides, there no
that virgins make better wives or are more
in marriage.

3. If you are a “modern man,” don’t look for
“village girl that knows nothing.” Soon you
will start
complaining that she is too local to fit into
circle of enlightened friends. Besides, a
village girl
may “wise up” and trouble will start in your

4. Don’t look for a girl that is afraid of you: A
you can always intimidate. Fear is not

5. Don’t be carried away by a
girl’s physical features: beauty, height,
complexion, shape, breast shape, size
and firmness, etc. They matter but they are
critical. In the long run, child- bearing and
affect these features. Besides, when you
have married a woman for some years,
her physical features stop “turning your
head.” At
that time, what will attract you to her will be
what is
inside of her: intelligence, wisdom, self-
control, patience, peace, gentleness, etc.

6. Don’t be interested in a girl because of
her wealth or her parents’ wealth. Even if she is richer than you or her parents are richer, make it clear from the beginning that you will take care of your marriage yourself or that both of you will take care of your marriage together.

Don’t accept your in- laws taking care of
your family responsibilitie s. Let them allow you to build your own home. After all, many of them were poorer than you are now when they got married.
If they want you to upgrade to their level, let
them support your business, e.g by
supplying their goods to you to sell
and make your OWN money..


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