*Dressing today has gone far beyond its primary aim of covering nakedness.*

First of all what is dressing?
Dressing is the act of putting on cloth,fibre or textile materials that is put or wear on the body.

And one of the primary aims of putting on cloth is cover our nakedness which most of our men and women have taken advantage of this opportunity

The wearing of clothing is mostly restricted to human beings and is a feature of nearly all human societies. The amount and type of clothing worn depends on physical, social and geographic considerations. Some clothing types can be gender specific.

Physically, clothing serves many purposes: it can serve as protection from the elements, and can enhance safety during hazardous activities such as hiking and cooking.

Frankly speaking,human being especially most ladies of this 21st century wear cloth to entice we men


This how how ladies used to dress then, and it's not that they are not educative but they dressed with decency

There are 5 reasons why we wear clothing.
1. Adornment: Added decoration or
2. Protection: Clothing that provides physical
safeguards to the body, preventing harm
from climate and environment.
3. Identification: Establishing who someone
is or what they do.
4. Modesty: Covering the body according to
the code of decency established by
5. Status: One’s position or rank in
comparison to others.

Let’s not confuse modesty with wearing more
clothes. This is a skimpy definition.
The connection between modesty and humility gives us a clue.

There is virtue in not advertising
ourselves—whether it’s my reputation, my talents, or my incredible hair—as objects of worship. Just writing “my incredible hair” probably proved my point.

That wasn’t a very modest line, now was it?!
Modesty gives us a word to talk about our
responsibility toward others. Modesty also
challenges us to let others enjoy our bodies
without assuming they will lust for us as bed
fellows. And the rules of modesty clothing are
not black and white

The way you dressed you will be addressed’ as the usual saying goes.

Categorically speaking,if you dress like a whore or proustite, you will be address as one and if you also dress like  CEO of a company you will also be address like that

Finally,We must dress to honour God and to serves as a pure role models to our children and other people out there.


Dressing speaks much about our wellbeing
People always says first impressions count
We live in a judgemental world ,we are quick to make assumptions and to categorise individuals on what we see

The way we dress is the way you will be approved
Dressing goes beyond the qualification you have or the post you have acquired
Its really promotes self-respect
Make good impression
Boost Confidence
Getting Compliments
The dress you wear expresses
mood, style .
It will help you stand out.

Good dressing draws the right kind of attention u deserves

Its a step to overall self-improvement

Putting effort into what u wear and how u look will make positive effects on our overall lifestyle and wellbeing dressing to impress gives you a competitive edge.

Not just for finding a job, it can also help you drum up new business or help close on a potential sale.

A strong first impression leaves a lasting
impression. When you dress well, it
shows a greater part of one’s life

By putting time and effort into how you’re
dressed with matching accessories it can
show your potential  attention to detail.

How can this be an advantage? If you take pride in how you look then you will also take pride in the work you do.

It also demonstrates that you can stand behind your work, which could give you an edge in any job opportunity.

Dressing kips u productive.
It’s easy to become comfortable wearing
sport trousers and a t-shirt, however,
once you are in your comfort zone that is
when you’re the laziest. But when you are
dressed to impress, you look well, feel
good and you’ll be more motivated to get
things done and in turn be more

If there’s a big day ahead of you then why not dress sharply, you won’t be able to help yourself from getting out and showing off

Modesty in dress sends a message of purity
and honor. It puts an emphasis on and values
the inner person over outward attractiveness.
It says that a person is worth far more than
what meets the eye. There is a depth of
character that rises above beauty or charm.

When we dress modestly, we are saying that
we posses inner qualities for which we should gain appropriate attention and value from others.

if we choose to dress in a provocative
way, we send a message that we believe our
value comes from our looks rather than from
our heart.

                       KEEPING IT REAL


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