The cartel season 2 episode 11(story)

Story written by Nitefury
The past month had been a really challenging one for her, especially with regards to the death of Kodo.


So much for leading a double life. The first thing she did was to go into her hiding mode the very day Kodo’s body was found.

Although she didn’t leave town, she
had kept away from school and any form of social gathering or outing for the first week. This was a common safety standard for frat members whenever there was a hit on (rival) members.

You don’t want to be hit or caught in a crossfire of some beef you had no
idea of. As undisputed queen of campus frat and drug world, Vibangs wasn’t one to run away or leave town when such a hit happens because she was too fortified or

But because kodo had recently crossed her
and had been a rival for the position she now handled with the Greenhorns, she knew she would be the prime suspect.

So she just had to keep off public places for a
few days to avoid being hit by his vengeful members as par tradition.

Though Kodo had successfully made more enemies than friends for himself (crossing just about any and everyone without knowing when to apply the brakes), it was immediately rumoured she ordered the hit just to
stamp her feet on the ground as campus leader of Greenhorns, because only he really could stand up to her.

From her hideout inside her father’s house, she carried out her own investigation into his death, but made no attempt at dispelling the rumours that she didn’t order the hit. It was actually a good PR for her reputation.

Some two weeks later, two related activities added a new twist into her investigation of Kodo’s death. The arrest and killing of two of her superiors respectively at the Greenhorns by the police gave her another course for alarm.

Somehow she was able to link kodo’s death
to these other cases and concluded the police did it.

After all, the police also wanted him out of the way because he was a nuisance and political killing tool. This believe was strengthen by a Communique she received from the top to order all frat members working for the Greenhorns to go low pending when
certain issues were sorter out with the cops.

For the past month, she was only able to see Jade twice at her place. Jade had moved back into her private hostel apartment, but still spent most time at her parents’.

Fury on the other hand was doing well,
fvcking Dera in her absence. As much as she didn’t care, she found it hard to believe or admit she was sort of jealous when they weren’t dating in the real sense.

Maybe because he was the closest thing to a boyfriend she had or probably the thought that she was his first and that she thought and aided him in his business gave her the impression she owned him.

She was preparing to go back home when nothing was happening in class when Jade called her up that she wanted to hang out with her and Fury. With no activity planned for the remainder of the day, she accepted and told her to pick them up at home. A good chance to unwind after the stress of the week.

The outing had begun perfectly well in the car with seizing an opportunity to tell Fury she was aware of their sexual tryst. And as expected whenever he’s caught red-handed, he couldn’t deny.

He’s just so bad at being bad she had laughed when he became speechless.
They were all seated, with their favorite meal during such outing served. Fury wasn’t eating but was going through a newspaper he had found on the table when he suddenly brought to their notice an article about kodo.

Her heart had missed a beat temporarily as she remembered this was her first social outing since the incident. She quickly made a survey of their surrounding, while Fury and Jade talked on.

Calming herself down, she wasn’t comfortable with the topic and dismissed it by saying non of them would end up

It was supposed to be a personal and silent
prayer for herself, but she had bloated it out when it was obvious she hadn’t made a comment since Fury brought the topic.

Minutes later Fury’s phone rang and he picked while notifying her it was the Colonel.
“Wow” she had said silently as a small smile shot through her face when memories of their last encounter flooded her head.

Somehow they had both lost contact and she was more than glad when Fury mentioned she here, which meant he had asked about

“So you still remember me?” She asked in her head as Fury handed the phone over to her.
They both talked for some minutes during which he told her he wallowing day like Fury had previously bloated out. “Planning something special for you.

So make sure you’re ready for the weekend” he had instructed her. “Yes Sir” She had responded in her professional sultry feline voice..

As soon as the call ended, she got back to talking with Fury but immediately noticed something had changed about Jades’ countenance. Minutes later, Jade asked
for Fury’s phone after fondling with hers.

She put a call to a number after some little discussion about airtime balance with Fury. She became with Fury. She became very observant of Jade and immediately
realized the girl was sad. There was no explanation why she had a sudden mood change because even her discussion and subsequently shouting on the phone to
their house help was obviously a transfer of

Then it made sense to her, Jade had realized she probably has just spoken with a client and was obviously jealous. Again,the glance Jade shot her before leaving them, saying goodbye to only Fury was pointer Jade was angry with her.

She remained speechless as Jade walked away. She knew Jade was aware she was sleeping with Fury also and had thought she was cool with the whole arrangement. It never occurred to her Jade had fallen
in love with her and wasn’t happy she was seeing other men.

Perhaps she wanted her to herself alone. She
concluded she’ll call and apologize to her and reassure she also loved her.
“Babe why is Jade angry na? Which kind mood swing be that?” Fury asked as soon as she left them.

“I think I know the problem” She replied
“Care to share?” He demanded with raised eyebrows “Not yet certain. But I’ll tell you later when I speak with her.

Meanwhile, lets go. We can’t be here any longer” She said as she got up and began to pick her things up.

Later in the evening as she lay in bed ready to sleep, she put a call to Jade who picked only after the third time she called.

“Hello” Jade asked from the other end sounding indifferent

“Mi love hi” She responded.

“Hi” she answered still sounding indifferent

“What happened? Why did you leave that way?  Is everything ok?” She asked all three questions at once

“I’m fine. I needed to get home” Jade responded

“Ok babe. No need pretending everything is ok. I know you’re upset with me. Look I’m sorry for that call.

It ruined the evening. You know I love you and wouldn’t wanna hurt you intentionally. I used to think you were cool with the fact that I’m Bi and I also slept with Fury.

The guy I talked to is an old time acquaintance..Babe please lets meet at my place tomorrow so I’ll tell you

Please don’t be mad at me please my
love..” She began explaining and ended halfway deciding it would be better she did it while Jade was
with her.

At least she’ll try to seduce her she thought

“Ok.” Jade answered before ending the call saying “Good night”

“Good night my love” Vibangs responded just before Jade ended the call..

“Wow” Vibangs exclaimed. “I said it. She’s not happy I’m fvcking another man aside Fury”. She added laughing..

“This weekend is gonna be fun filled”. She
told herself as she turned off her bed side lamp.
**To be continued**


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