It is  not a shame
No one should stand to blame
It may be seen in every creature
There lies very good life in nature


Hardly some one remains untouched
Inner soul is always searched
It emanates some pulses in one direction
That has been clearly scene in action

You may not speak a single word
Still you will trust and look forward
You may expect some miracle
You may air  concern in circle

Everybody may laugh at you
Thought it may be very true
No one needs clear proof
As you have to share only one roof

It does not matter who dominates whom?
It is seen how it does or comes from?
it may matter less or hardly leave any trace
you may boost to many with very bright face

It chooses its natural course
it may face blind turns of course
you have only to welcome its force
There is nothing for you to curse

Love is like single molecule from one force
It originates but rushed with mad course
It has to accept any fold that might come across
Not to divert here and there even if to contact cross

Love reflects many kinds but with one language
It has to bring an end to sufferings and to assuage
If there is any ill feeling or eagerness
It has to shape new destiny with fineness

It makes way and helps you to lead
we only have to concentrate and simply heed
The simple life to be spent with  love and affection
That is only left in as true human action

love for all and bitterness to none
finding favor always with some one
who knows where the road will meet?
Why not mix with all and greet?

Loveless life is not a mission
Hatred, bitterness and inclusion of so many as an admission
Colorless rainbow as natural displeasure
How dark patches can grant us pleasure?

Love to rule and love to last
Nothing to come as steps last
It is natural and must impose
Time to act for trust to repose

It will be better to fall in  love stream
You can think  clearly in dream
You want the  sun to directly beam
All heavenly bodies to help you as team

It is desire of every human being
It may be same with poor or king
Love can be celebrated in  palace or field
It does depend on you how clearly you held


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