Must read: How I started stealing pot on fire episode 15

A Story written by @iamsynord … (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…


As i was moving, various christian and islamic messages warning against evil doers blasted from various speakers across the streets but i turn a deaf ear…..
The first house i got to which i knew they would be Cooking by that time seemed to have beefed up security…..
I have not even entered the surronding when someone started asking who i was…
I had to leave……….. The second and third house i do visit were cooking yam and rice and left it unguarded but it was beans i was targeting..
It was just like a spell…. All this while , the time was now around 1pm under hot sun….
I finally got to where my desired meal was being cooked and acquainted a little girl….
I quickly scoped her to tell me the name of any guy living in the building after i formed a name and said i was looking for the person…
Is it broda tolu…..
Yes tolu, is he around
no but he will soon be back,
ok, i will wait…..
I said as i started scanning for an escape route … I greeted all the women in the compound and even cracked jokes with them while i watched as the beans was going to its last stage of preparation…
Immediately i noticed the food was done, the woman cooking it placed the food on the table outside and went to buy detergent which i presumed is to wash the plates…
On sighting this , i set to action
To Be Continued…


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