My encounter with Hausa babes episode 2

After gotten a pet coke and snacks, I returned to my sit beside this Hausa Bae, I paid no attention to her but I noticed she was stylishly looking me as I was eating and


drinking my snacks and coke respectively. She wanted to talk to me but she felt reluctant.

She later tapped me by my side and pointed to one hausa guy hawking bread.
You need bread? **……. Í asked her even though she didn’t understand what I asked but she signaled in a positive way by nodding her head like that of agama lizard that fell from a tall tree. Before I confirmed what she really want

The hausa guy was no where to be found.
So I decided to source for it as I came down form the bus, I bought her bread and one pet coke, she was happy as I handed over the stuff to her. She smiled to show some kind of appreciation. I saw lust in her face, I later faced my business.

After 20minutes our bus took off for a journey that lasted us for 4 hours. Immediately I make some calls to my mum and one Friends. I didn’t have a good phone the journey was kinda bored at the beginning but something make it a memorable journey for me.
The china Nokia phone with me have a big problem with the keypads than just to receive and make calls.

The journey started as the driver branched a petrol station and filled up D motor tank. Some thought came to my mind as the petrol was sold at the rate of 175# per litre. So we are enjoying at the south west of the country.

I placed my head on the next sit as I was tired of Sitting since 8am in the morning, I checked my palasa phone it was 6’O clock in the evening. Some minutes later I noticed this Bae was finding a way to talk to me, we were both ignorance of each other’s languages, So I bothered not.

The bus was moving fast and we can’t even see our  face  in the bus again because every where was dark.

After many failed attempts to talk to me, she placed her right hand on my lapse, I was like what’s wrong with this Bae, thank God we were at the last sit in the bus and I’m happy she make the move fast, she removed her hand as I didn’t respond to her move.
My heart was beating fast as I was about to reciprocate the move,i later placed my hand on her lapse.


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