As I placed my hand on her laps and made some lustful movement with my hand on her, I thought she would resist but she also put her hand on my hand…. ‘Ghen Ghen’ well play.


Everywhere was dark and those ‘Abokis’ inside the bus had joined their ancestors in another planet. I put the second hand across her shoulder and branched her weapon of mass defense which was very succulent as I was eager to ‘gbenusi’ (put mouth) like a mechanic sucking a carburetor,but I was afraid of the ‘Abokis’, if they noticed what I was practicing… Menh na to throw me through the bus window.

She also rested her head on my shoulder and placed her left hand on My chest…

**hope this won’t run me into trouble…
Or did someone sent her to me **

‘Orí ìyá mi óò…Wà kò mi yọ oo’ (head of my mother, Comma deliver me oo)
Those were what kept plundering through my mind as I noticed the driver reduced the speed of the bus. I quickly removed my hand from where it was working and I also allowed her to sit very well as we arrived at the check point of my oga at the top.

They glanced through our bus with their light and signaled to the driver to keep moving and then the journey continued.

I thank my head for not putting me into trouble. I let her be and I fake a sleep. Some hours later she tapped me again and requested for my phone with her body language like deaf and dumb.
I was like… Is like they really sent this Bae to me o…
I later gave it to her as she attempted to dial a number, I signaled to her that the keypads are not working…. Omoh see logic of requesting for number o**

I requested for her phone and saved my number on it, she also wrote her number in my diary
**Chai see writing like Kg2 pupil**

All these passed away as the bus was moving like we were not going to stop. Suddenly she placed her head on my laps like she wanted to sleep…. **Chai I don enter am today **

I got no choice than to play along, I removed her hijab with my hand and went down to her weapon of mass defense, I folded it gently as she made a soft sound…. **ah I don die, what if these people hear her sound? **

After I did some working on her… There was no space for me to taste it whether sweet or bitter. But what this girl did shocked me a lot, she zipped down my trouser and brought out my ‘ọ̀pá Oranmiyan’ that has been nodding like agama lizard that fell from 10 storey building.

Hope it’s not what I’m thinking…. I said to myself as this Bae gave me the first blow job of my life….
To be continue
Written by Gideon Tosin Adebukola
Edited by Abisola adedolapo.
All right reserved ©the lover’s tear



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