This lasted for about 20 minutes as I erupted my heavy load to her mouth,it was a mixed feeling for me as this girl stood up and did as if nothing has happened.


Hope this Bae is not a witch? *** I whispered to myself, this was the negative thought running through my mind as I heard…….. **gboosssss* and my head hit the next sit.. I later found out our driver was sleeping and he lost his control. He hit the bus in front dat was waiting for the pass of the army in their check point…

Our bus was delayed by my oga at the top as they told the driver to do frog jump for about 20 minutes…
I fell in to deep thoughts after, we continued our journey…

Hope it’s not because of what just happened between this hausa Bae and I… **Was confused in thought. **

About an hour later, we finally got to the park, we all alighted and everybody went to their various destinations. I bothered not to talk to this Bae as God delivered me from sudden death…
In fact I have to give testimony in church the following Sunday…* I concluded *

I placed a call to my mum and she told me to take a bike to the address she sent as SMS to my phone. The first problem I encountered was the language again, there was no way to communicate with the bike man as the major languages here are French and hausa. I later called mum to speak with the bike man as he rode to the address described for him by mum.

It was a warm welcome from my mum and Lil sis including her housemates which 98percent were hausas and Fulanis. They helped me with my bag and carried it to the room they allocated to me.

I couldn’t see any face clearly though as some were on their hijab like oyo township masquerades.

I went into the rest room to ease myself and to take my bath. I was lost in thought as reminisced through all the events that happened from the past 17 hours of my journey. I finally erased it from my mind and went straight to my room after I had a cool shower.

I received a nice treatment, when I was served pounded Yam and vegetable soup, the last time I ate vegetable soup was when Wealth cooked vegetable soup for us during our visit but the amala she made was nothing to write home about. The amala was just like the stone that David used to kill Goliath,although she’s a good cook.
I ate my Pounded Yam like I won’t eat the next day.

I collected one tecno phone from my sister and surfed the
Internet. I changed the whatsap number, I couldn’t chat much because I was tired from my head to toe. I thought of calling this Bae but I couldn’t understand how she wrote,
because there was nothing like 090,080,081 etc I was later told by sister to put +227, the country code of Niger Republic. And besides how will I communicate with her ** this was what discouraged me of calling her. **

I had no strength to pray to God because I didn’t know what to tell HIM; maybe to ask for forgiveness or to thank HIM for saving my life and the journey mercy. I finally slept off after some minutes of deep thought.
Sorry the updates is short, the day was hectic.
To be continue
Written by Gideon Tosin Adebukola Opayemi
All rights reserved ©the lover’s tear


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