The sound of the early morning call for prayer woke me the following day and I noticed that mum was also preparing for her daily hustle.


I came out from my room and helped her with little things. She then told me to take care of my self as she will be back later in the evening with my Lil sis.
Issokay…. **Í Said to her **

After she left, I went back to bed and later woke up around 7:30am. I tried to tidy up my room and later went outside our apartment for the daily hygiene.

I was sitted in front of our Batcher brushing my teeth when I saw some set of ladies coming out from different apartments for the morning sanitation, that was when I realized that the compound comprises various people from different ethnic groups.

I saw different categories of =yanriyan=.. (ladies) in that compound coming and going in and out, but was initially discouraged about their status because they were like Oscar formally Chelsea mid fielder to me.. But I later found out they are small body with big engine. 
I couldn’t talk to any of them because I was yet to understand their language.

Ọmọ I have to learn this language fast o, so I can sign all this players into my female team.
There was this Igbo lady that later came out from the apartment in front of our house…
Bros good morning.. She greeted. Thank God this one can speak pidgin oo..i said to myself.

Good morning how was your night… Í replied **
We chatted for like 10 minutes as she told me her name is amaka…
Waoh Amaka amaka as I repeated after her.
She later went inside and I also went in. I tidy the house and I prepared rice for breakfast. After eating, I planned on how to enter the ‘Honey pot’ of those babes, I slept off and a knock woke me, I came out and saw amaka with a bowl.

Amaka.. Bros good afternoon

Me…. Amaka amaka Good afternoon

Amaka.. (smiling)  I brought you food, should I come in?

ME.. (I was like, what I was planing for before!!) as I ushered her in. She came in with a bowl of tuwo and the soup I can’t even describe . She served the food as we both ate together but then, something happened…..
What happens next? find out in the next episode.
Written by Gideon Tosin Adebukola Opayemi.
All rights reserved ©the lover’s tear


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