Must read: Corpers Lodge Episode two

Corpers Lodge Episode TWO.

Good evening I manage to say after some minutes of blackout reminiscing about what happen yesterday at the Corpers Lodge.


You so lost that I even feel you are not going to greet me, she fire at me almost immediately after saying my greeting.

I am trying to convince her that I am not lost in thought that Im just taking my time to greet her, when I heard mum scream my name.
I dash inside to meet her.

Me: Mum Am here.
Mummy: Make sure see Rita off.
Ok ma I replied before I zoom off.

Immediately we step outta the compound, I was planning to back off after few steps, but we have not rake up to five steps, when corper Rita fire at me, why are you lost in thought when you saw me with your mum??

Me: erm erm I stammered,
C. Rita: You thought I came to report what happen yesterday??
Me: yes, I reply her boldly this time.

Oh, she smiled, before she ask the third question of the night, but wait who is at fault?
I dont know where the courage fly from when I reply her its you now.
She was surprise with my reply, she was caught off guard I guess.

I knew you were trying to seduce me yesterday, The only fault I had was falling for your seduction, Had it been my foolish eye was not enjoying the view of the lap, my leg could have at least walked me out to save me of the shock I received when I saw you today. 
I pour out my mind without looking at her face.

Am sorry was all she could say before silent took over, immediately we got to the next junction.

I killed the silence by saying good night ma flashing my cute young boy smile. Good night dear she reply waving her hands towards me because I left immediately I said my goodnight.

Let me quickly brief you who Corper Rita is.
She is a Corper from the East, serving in my school, she should be in her early twenties 22 or 23  and at the same time she is my lesson teacher.
I was in her lodge for my daily evening tutorial/lesson yesterday evening.
We have 20 minutes left to round-up, when I notice her legs part a little bit, giving me some access to view her unclad Preek Grave/Kitty, after about five minutes she had parted the legs a bit wider giving my eye balls access to view dem fresh Laps too, I keep watching the free live show My Tutor is airing for me, she told me to stand up, I guess she notice the show is having some good effect on me, because down south am rock hard, my Kitty digger is alert.
Me: For what ma?? I question her, I would have stand up, but I was just playing the scene in my head, how will I stand in front of my lesson teacher with my Kitty Digger doing the standing ovation.
I did not stand up, I keep questioning her till my, at alert Kitty Digger lose focus and was pointing the ground. 
I guess she was damn angry when I finally stood up after my Kitty Digger she wants to see is pointing to the ground; she chased me out telling me I disobey her.
She told to see in school the following day by 10, God so good, immediately I got home thinking of what to do to boycott school tomorrow, when it dawn on me, she wont come to school the following day being Thursday.
I am sure she we have no memory of the incident on Friday, not until she showed up in my house with my mum.

I hit the road after waving back at her and watching her bike zoom off into thin air.
Oh my bad, I did not even ask her why she show up with mum at my house.
I took my mind of it and lock up that I we ask my mum when I get up, if my mum tells me GOODLUCK and if she didnt EBELE.

The gate has been locked from the inside. I hit like 709 times before mum came to open it for me, what took you so long to come back?? Mum ask immediately she open the gate for me.
Me: She told me to see her off to the junction, I lied.


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