Must read: Corpers Lodge Episode 4

Written by @iamolabep
Im off to bed immediately after our discussion that night feeling like a king; at least I would have to see more of her Fresh lap, since She Choose to entertain me with it for free.


My mum came to wake me up for school on Friday morning, I got dress very early, on my way out, my mum wrote the driver number in a sheet of paper she told me to give Corper Rita, that she should call the driver after school Hour to move her things in,

Throughout my stay in school that day am feeling so fly, I did not see Corper Rita throughout, is this how devil work.
During long break time I went to peep into the staff room, I saw her bag but she wasnt on seat, I check after closing hour again, thank God I meet her.

I gave her the driver number, she talk with the driver on phone she described the Corpers lodge for the driver and told him to meet us there in the next two hours.  I ask her why two hours after dropping the call.

Rita: I have to arrange my stuff and I have a special package for you too.
Me: Package? I asked with puzzle look. You want to take me out?
Rita: No Jhor, Wait till we get home.

We leave the school premises around 1pm.
We got to the Lodge around Fifteen minutes past One.

**************UNDER 18 KEEP OFF EXPLICIT CONTENT**************

I was shocked when Corper Rita pull off her gown in front of me immediately we are indoor, is this the special package I ask myself licking my lips, no wonder she locked the door behind I recites silently in my Mind.

She catwalk to where I am standing with just her Pant and bra, she instruct me to drop my school bag I obliged without thinking twice, she pull off my school uniform seductively kissing me and twisting like a snake in the process.

It took like almost 10 minutes before she could finally unclad me, because if she loose one button she kiss me for A minute. 
After undressing me she told me to unhook her bra too and pull and strip her of her pant. 
After doing that Corper Rita drag me to the bed, we kissed and smooched for like 20 minutes before she reach for condom inside her purse she tore it and crown my prick.

We kiss for like five more minutes before the real Show got underway. 
We started with missionary style we banged in that position for like ten minutes before she suggest we switched into doggy style, it did not take up too five minutes before we both reach organism.

We relaxed for about fifteen minutes cuddling and kissing before Corper Rita make move for the second round this second time we go raw, no protection, I mean no condom, and she was in control this time around, the cow girl position, she was banging the hell ouuta my prick, I cupped her boobs in my hand, I was fondling with her nipples and sucking on em at interval.

After she reach organism the second time that day, she suggest we switch position again, I had lay her on the bed and her leg up my shoulder, when I heard a knock, I want to go check who is at the door but she has drop her leg from my shoulder and clasp it to my back, after like two minutes the knock came very loud, I try to push her away but she slap me, telling me to continue and ignore the intruder.

I try hitting her back, but instead my hand hit her reading lamp, I felt a sharp pain in my head, that was when I woke up, so its even a dream I ask myself, the knock sound came immediately again.
I am coming, I reach for my phone to check the time and its past 8 so have been sleeping since five, only to open my door and meet our house help.  Whats it I asked frowning because she should have at least let me finish the job in my dream, I would have finished the job with her but she is damn ugly.

She told me she bring my food for me, i told her am not eating, I ask her if my mum is back, she told she travelled and wont be back till Monday.. I angrily go back to bed maybe I can continue from where I stop but nah the sleep did not even come
The end.


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