Must read: The cartel season 2 episode 19

Written by Nite fury

She pushed me inside while I also pulled her body towards me as we were now locked in what was a fierce kissing battle. I tried to say something, but only muffled sounds came out of my mouth into hers as she attacked my mouth with her tongue aggressively.


Without looking back, she used her legs to close the door while at the same time holding my face with both hands as she kissed me. I tried to keep up with her, but she acted like one suddenly possessed by several demons or one who had taken an overdose of an aphrodisiac.

“Why… (Kiss kiss) Why… (Kiss Kiss kiss) Why did you do that to me (Kissing continued)?” I struggled and finally succeeded to ask her even as she wouldn’t stop kissing me. I had to hold her hands with which she held my head in place. As much as I wanted answers. I still couldn’t get enough of her lips

“I’m… (Kiss kiss) I’m sorry (Kissing continues)” She said, offering no further explanation for her actions.

“Two weeks Vivi?” I said now the one holding her head and looking into her eyes. In it, I saw a wet desire for s-x and nothing else.
Having seized her hand from my face, rather than answer my question, she dropped her hands to my waistline and started working on the lace of the jogging trouser I wore. “Please not now Fury” She said pleadingly as she successfully loosen the lace and proceeded to push me backward towards the bed.

At this point I didn’t bother stopping her but went all the way till my foot hit the bed and I sat while falling. She still pushed me backward again with force and mounted me as my back hit the mattress. At this point I reached for the button of her jean trouser, unbuckled it before unzipping it.

While I did this she also struggled to get my hoodie over my head. But because my hands were simultaneously engaged with her trouser, she stopped and proceeded to assist me in pulling down her jean.

Pulling the jean down wasn’t successful with her sitting on me so she had to stand over me on the bed. At this point her blue lacy panties caught my attention and I lost it. Having a strong fetish for panties, I sat up and pulled her back down unto the bed and over my body.

Without being told, she knew the effect her undergarment had on me, hence didn’t bother struggling. I cupped and massaged her m—d through the lacy material with my left hand as I noticed she was already leaking female juice.

Her jean trouser which was rather very tight and would ordinarily need tact to be removed, got stocked by her thighs because of our struggling. But at this point I couldn’t bare the urge to stick my d–k in her again. It felt like my d–k wanted to explode, and I wanted it to explode in the safety of her p—y walls.

Perhaps she felt the same urgency like I did and immediately climbed off me, getting on all fours by my side on the bed. I quickly pushed down my trouser and boxers halfway and knelt behind her. Holding my painfully erect d–k in my right hand, I pushed the panties aside with my free hand and immediately slammed my length into her. Probably because of the jean trouser holding her thighs together or the fact that it’s been two weeks since she had s-x (like me), her p—y walls were fvcking tight. Tighter than I’d ever felt them around my d–k before.

She moaned softly as my length intruded and filled her p—y. “Yea… Mmmmm Ahhh… Mmmmm. F–k me like you hate me Fury” She whispered pushing back at my intruding length. This dirty talk coupled with the view of her panties rubbing my d–k, drove me insane and I began to bang with all my strength. Being two week since I last had s-x (with Dera), I knew I wouldn’t last long but didn’t care.

She suddenly changed her position from all fours, to kneeling upright with me still slamming her a-s. Passing her right hand behind my neck, she pulled her head closer and turned to kiss me whispering “Kiss me like you miss me”. Because of the position we were in and her obstructing jeans, the kiss didn’t last long but we kept staring into each others eyes for a while as I pounded.

Then my hands automatically left her hips, with the right hand going underneath her shirt and then northwards, grabbing and squeezing her boöbs through her bra. My left hand held unto her pubic region, pushing her back to my d–k.

When I couldn’t get the proper feel of her boöbs because of the bra, I slowed down my thrusting and without seeing it, I expertly unhooked her bra. Then I returned my hand forward, pulled the bra down before cupping and squeezing her boöbs just as I noticed her nipplès were firm like pencil erasers.

Then without warning, I felt my c-m rushing out and stiffened my body in a bid to hold back like one would when urinating. My attempt was futile as I shot my sperm deep in-between her squeezing and massaging p—y walls. At this point, I let go my grip on her boöbs and pubic region, pushing her flat unto the bed. I collapsed behind her and kept digging, though because of this angle and her jeans, my strokes weren’t that deep
“Fvck…. Vivi.. Oh shìt.. Ahh Ahh” I muttered and groaned as I came.
Perhaps my orgäsm triggered hers, as she then gripped the sheet with both hands firmly, locking her a-s cheeks around my d–k in the process. I couldn’t make up what she was saying as she tried to speak while bitting the duvet. Her clenched a-s cheeks made me to stop thrusting, but I realized my d–k was still rigidly erect and I also had the feeling my sperm tank wasn’t empty.

Obviously my trying to stop myself from cummìng initially paid off by ensuring my d–k was still hard. I was glad at this realization as I really wanted to fvck sense into this girl. My d–k was just wedged between her a-s cheeks and the head trapped inside her pulsating p—y.

I tried pulling my pulled my d–k out of her but she involuntarily clenched her a-s tighter around my d–k, unwilling to let it out. But I still pulled out with my d–k coated with a mixture of our fluids. At this point, she relaxed her a-s and remained in that position, obviously thinking I was sated. The sight of her c-m/p—y juice soiled panties hanging halfway over her a-s was everything, turning me on the more.

My blood was very hot, but thanks to the ac, I wasn’t sweating very much.
I rolled over next to her, lifted my legs up and removed my trouser and boxers completely. I then grabbed her trapped jean and began to tug from her feet, exactly the way such jeans are removed. She even lifted her legs up to aid me, I could tell she was glad more was coming. Jean finally out of the way, I rolled her over and got her lying on her back facing me.

“Seat up” I instructed as I grabbed the hem of her shirt. She sat up raising her hands up knowing I wanted to take her shirt off. Shirt off, her bra which had already been unclasped earlier gave way, revealing her cute boöbs and reddish nipplès I’ve come to love. Her panties was still trapped by her thighs, and that too unfortunately had to go. I wanted to fvck her in her birthday suit. Panties gone, I positioned myself between her legs just as my dangling d–k kept leaking pre c-m, coating hers and my thighs in the process.

Taking my hoodie off, we were now both in our birthday suits. I grabbed her hips with both hands and with her corporation, lifted her a-s up from the bed. With holding my d–k, I carefully directed in into her p—y and began what was the slowest fvck in our fvck lives history. But I couldn’t hold this position for too long, I wasn’t the gym type of guy with high endurance for weights. So I dropped her a-s back unto the bed, careful not to break the p—y-d–k bond between us.

Oh. How I love slim tall girl. She immediately wrapped her long legs over me as we continued our slow fvcking. We kissed and kissed, not getting enough as she caressëd my back lovingly, occasionally going down to pull my a-s cheeks downward, more than I’d have ordinarily gone. We broke the kiss, just as we stared into each others eyes. She brought her hand forward to clean the sweat forming on my forehead. That act made me feel so loved and wanted by her that I had to remove certain stands of her hair from her face before kissing her briefly. My d–k swimming in our combined fluids deep within her love orifice.

“Babe you’re tired”‘She suddenly said, having noticed my movement were suddenly pausing too frequently. It wasn’t a question as she was just stating a fact. I didn’t even realize it but I nodded my head in agreement with her.

“Roll over” She instructed which I did knowing what was coming next.
She kissed me briefly, sat up and passed her right leg over my body, sitting just on my pubic region with her back facing me. Grabbing my d–k, she stood up briefly, guided it into her welcoming p—y before sitting down. My d–k was now back to where it really belonged.

She started slowly for about a minute after which she picked up pace, fvcking me reverse cowgirl style, racing me to another orgäsm in the process. Before long I felt my second orgäsm build with my toes curling and my legs shaking. Knowing me very well when I climaxed, she bent forward and grabbed my feet, massaging my toes in the process also. With the new position, her a-s had to be raised higher, giving me a wonderful view of my d–k length smeared with p—y juice going in and out of her p—y.

“Vivi I’m close” I said breathing very hard and fast. Not like the warning was necessary, I just felt I should let her know she had done a good job.

“Yeahhh. C-m for me babe” She said in a sultry feline voice, sending me overboard in the process. Sitting up, I held her tummy with my left hand and cuppëd her boöbs with my right hand. Moaning loudly as my c-m emptied inside her, I squeezed her b—-t very had like I was holding unto it for my dear life. It was as if my d–k head was growing bigger inside her p—y and would explode.

Some fifteen seconds later, it was all over. My breathing was still heavy but descending, I felt completely exhausted but very satisfied. I that wanted to fvck her senseless, ended up being senselessly fvcked by her.

Seconds later, she stood up with my limp d–k coming out followed by a stream of my sperm mixed with her juice. The mixture landed on my pubes, while my d–k also remained coated with the mixture. She turned towards me and came up for a kiss which I eagerly returned.
I thought I had seen enough, but she did the most erotïc thing ever when she picked up her panties, held my d–k with one hand and cleaned it with the lacy material.

If it were possible, I would have climaxed again because of that, but unfortunately only females can experience multiple orgäsms seconds apart. She then cleaned my pubic region before finally cleaning her p—y. Then tossing the panties on the floor, she collapsed back unto the bed, next to me. We kissed while staring into each others eyes.

Then I turned my body to face her and asked in a whisper “Who are you Vivi?. Why were you attacked?”. Agreed that we just had a good fvck, I still needed her to answer my questions. The only thing the fvck did was to calm me down.

“I’ll tell you everything you need to know after the exams. But for now, I just want you to hold me” She said pushing her näked body into mine.

If there was anything Vivian was good at which I had admitted long ago, it was her ability to manipulate me. Not like I didn’t know what she was doing, but I just didn’t want to spoil our mood.

Holding and pulling her by her a-s closer for a brief kiss, I said “You left me in the dark for two weeks!. You didn’t think I’ll be worried?”
“That’s why I’m here to say I’m back. And I’ve missed you alot. I came in this morning with the first flight” She replied
“But you didn’t call? And you text that I should leave the house! How comforting of you?” I mocked her “missing me” claims
“Everything is fine now. We’ll talk about it later and I’ll answer all your questions”. She said

“But why…” I wanted to why she couldn’t talk to me now when she cut me short.
Pressing her lips against mine for about five seconds, she then said “Fury no more questions”. I had to admit she had won.
“Okay ma” I replied with a smile kissing her this time around.

Standing up from the bed, she said “I’ve got to get back home. Wasn’t supposed to leave the house according to my dad, but rules are meant to be broken”

She picked her clothes from the bed and her panties from the floor and ran into my bathroom. Seconds later I could hear the shower running as I stood up and wore my boxers and jogging trouser. Picking up the remote control of my home theater system, I pressed play, resuming the music I had been playing before I started reading.

10 minutes later she was out, all dressed up and smelling fresh. She went over to my wardrobe and used my body spray before saying “I’ll be seeing you in school till exams are over”
“Alright. But are you not even going into work your room for a second?” I replied before asking
“Didn’t come with the key. I was just by the gate when I got the opportunity to run out. Didn’t want to risk going back into the house” She said taking one more look at her image in the mirror

“But I have your spare key?” I reminded her
“Na you I come see o Fury” She said heading towards the door. “Come and walk me. I no wan answer questions alone” She said in reference to our hostel mates
“Where you pass come here?” I mocked her
“Guy lets go jare. When I passed them see me, but Dem go don form click outside the wait for me now” She defended herself.


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