Must read: The cartel season 2 episode 20

Written by Nite fury
The semester examination lasted for four weeks, with various departments and levels starting and finishing theirs at different days during the four weeks.


Although she had been away from school for two weeks prior to the exams, she had spent most of her time in Abuja preparing for it having been prohibited from leaving the house. Not like she actually had to read, there was just nothing else to do to kill time and she wasn’t a TV person.

Her frat members working with the local newspaper that published the story of her attacked had done what she had told them to do. Word had also gotten back to her on who her attackers were and it was reported (although not confirmed) that they were Kodo’s boys. She decided to forestall any immediate action until the new semester when things must have calmed down and people forgotten about the incident.

While she planned her counter attack, weighing all options, thoughts of Fury and the Colonel occupied her mind. The Colonel got pissed and sent back home, Fury’s professing love, freaked her out and sent her outta of the house. Although she believed the act saved her life because the attack was obviously planned for her apartment. And talking about the Col, there was the Ima and Jane angle too.

So much issues to sort out but she decided to triage her priorities, focusing only on the approaching examinations.

Getting back to Calabar, she decided to pay Fury a visit that evening as soon as she got the opportunity of sneaking out of the house. Her intention was to tell Fury that as much as she appreciated his warning about her attack (which possibly might have been a coincidence), they couldn’t be in a relationship because of who she was. While she had no intention of telling him who she really was, she was going to tell him he could become a collateral damage.

But getting to his door, she didn’t realize how much she had missed him until he opened his door and stood trying to be angry at her. She knew he couldn’t stay mad at her, a fact she had always used to her advantage.

At that point she realized she also truly had a soft spot (she wouldn’t call it love) for him. Hence she couldn’t resist forcing him into a hot quickie and love making session.

At the end of it while they both stared into each others eyes, she decided she wasn’t going to tell him anything that would affect his psyche. Because she could yell with the way he made love to her that evening and how he looked into her eyes, he truly loved her. So when he asked her what happened again, she decided not to tell him anything until after the examinations in order not to put him into panic mode.

Done with their examination, students had begun to leave school and Calabar for the almost two months long summer vacation. A few students and most final year students rounding up their project courses were the ones still hanging around school.

During this period, she again cut contact with everyone (being the one doing the calling) in a bid to maintain a low profile. Her car’s shattered windscreen had already been fixed, but she didn’t step out with it.

Finally she called at their apartment a day after his last paper. After asking about each others examinations and whatnots, she began to talk.

“Please I need you to listen carefully to all I have to say. Try not to interrupt me and you can ask all your questions when I’m done.” She said before asking him to take a seat opposite her while she sat on the bed.

“Sure. Please go ahead.. Long overdue if I may add” He said grabbing his reading stool.
“You see growing up in a wealthy family, I’ve never lacked anything. Better phrased, I got almost all I wanted. I and my siblings had everything we wanted but I turned out to be the only rebellious child. Coincidentally, I was also the favorite, probably by virtue of being the last child and also the only girl out of four boys.

Another point to note is that my immediate elder brother has eight years on me. Probably dad and mom had wanted just the four of them, but perhaps I was conceived after a drunk after party car s-x.”

She couldn’t help but smile as the naughty thought of how her dad must had shagged her mom behind the steering wheel of his old Peugeot when she was ovulating the night she was conceived. Perhaps he had promised her he was going to withdraw. No wonder he has refused to get rid of that car. Her mom only told her her that car packed there played a role in her conception

Obviously with the boys always inside the house, it was a perfect place for a getaway s-x. Her mom was a screamer.
“You’re smiling with yourself Vivi!” Fury said bringing her out of her reverie
“Sorry..” she said smiling at him

“Fond memories of growing up?” He asked calmly to which she nodded before continuing.
“Being the last child and only girl, everyone stood up for me. But Dad and I have always had a special bond. Initially I enjoyed the attention, but as I grew up, I wanted to do something for myself. I was getting pissed at everyone picking gifts and outfits for me.

Making decisions for me because they love and know me more than myself. So I grew up with this feeling of inadequacy, more like I was wasn’t quite good at enough to do things for myself. And there arose the desire for me to proof everyone that I was actually bigger, smarter, brighter and tougher than they think.

I think this was what made me become dad favorite and not just that I was the last kid to leave the house. While all my brothers are medical doctors, taking after him because that was what he wanted, I chose law because I’ve always wanted to be different from his pack of yes men.

So in my formative years, I rebelled against every law in the house and got away with it. I took this habit to school and right from my primary school days, I was involved in every known vice and trouble a kid could ever get into in school. Before I realized what’s up, I was already a first class bully”
At this point Fury chuckled making her ask “Because of my small body abi?”
“Something like that” He said
“I no blame you. Just know say no be by body size” She replied him wishing he knew who or what she really is all these while they’ve known each other.

“You see Fury, I’ve done quite a good number of awful and despicable things in these my short life on earth. These are predominantly things for which I can never be forgiven except of course by Divine powers.

From gravely betraying friends, to turning my back on people close to me and if I may, murder, I’ve always known that a day would come when my turpitude or transgressions would find me. Even the good books says no sin goes unpunished” She paused to look at Fury who suddenly adjusted in his seat when she mentioned murder, swallowing saliva or the question he wanted to ask.

“He’s scared already” She said in her head and smiled wryly as she went on
“You see, there are days and periods I just seat and wish I could take back everything or change things, but the truth is that it remains a wish. I chose to live like this, I think it’s only fair I face the consequences. Though your heads up might have saved me, the truth is every time I celebrate my birthday, I think of it as my last” At these point he was paying her full attention and she noticed he was breathing heavily now. She was sure he wouldn’t ask any question for now so she proceeded

“With what I’ve done, I’ll say I’ve been alive for far too long. But maybe not for long again with you falling in love with me” At this point she looked away from him, fighting to control her emotion while rubbing her palms. God she was in love with him too and she couldn’t believe. All of a sudden she realized she had never felt anything like this for someone or cared about anyone this much.

“I don’t want to lose you to something you have no idea about Fury” She said still looking down and now sobbing.
“Lose me?” Fury repeated sounding confused
“There’s a war coming and there’s a chance I won’t have you for long because I now worry about you. You’ll be used as collateral to get to me if they can’t get me. You shouldn’t have told me you love me Fury cos I realized I love you too and I can’t pretend anymore”

“Vivi You’re not going to lose me. I’m here and I’m staying with you, but please I’m lost. Which war is coming? Who exactly attacked you and why?” He asked confused as he walked over to where she sat and held up her face.
“Babe please talk to me?” He said staring into her eyes. “What are you talking about?”
She heaved a deep sigh, before calmly saying “I’m Milady”
****To be continued****


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